Maxing out – new training method from Insanity Max 30

Many people who are new to fitness discover, sooner rather than later, that what is best for achieving results is actually stepping out of your comfort zone. For the seasoned weight lifter that is cardio and interval training, and for the endurance athlete some resistance exercises.


In fact, most beginners notice huge improvement after training outside of their comfort zone. The new workout from Beachbody- Insanity Max 30 adopts this notion and sets it up as the main concept of the program- training just outside your comfort zone.

The new and quite revolutionary method of training is called maxing out, and is basically a train till failure strategy. Or, as Shaun T says it himself- go as hard as you can for as much as you can until your lungs feel like sandpaper, and your muscles are starting to quit on you. Read more about the Insanity Max 30 workout in the Insanity Max 30 review we recently published.

Why is maxing out so efficient?

First of all, training without breaks for as long as you can makes you burn more calories. Your body craves for oxygen, and it starts to deplete fat tissue faster than with anything else.

Another thing that makes maxing out so efficient as a method of training is the fact that you are pushing yourself very hard, stressing the muscle tissue way more than usual- hence, every next repair, makes the tissue stronger, bigger, denser.

The cardiovascular system fights bigger challenges as well, and you are noticing huge spikes in performance improvement.

How is Insanity Max 30 different than The Insanity workout?

You’ve probably heard about the original Insanity workout. So how is this any different than before?

Entirely, actually.

Instead of max intervals, that are similar to HIIT training, here you are doing a train till failure sets. As much as you can with each following set. That’s it.

The workouts are all new and different, and there are modifiers that you can use if you are still struggling with some of the moves.

The train-till-you-fail principle

Unlike other training methods where you are counting sets and reps or time on and time off, here you are tracking a single metric only- how far did you go this time?

The more you can endure the stress, the better the results will be. The body knows its limits the best, so it is really pointless to concern over whether you might injure yourself or leave yourself without breath.

Many athletes train using the same principle, including Olympic medalist Michael Phelps- All out for as long as you can; NBA coaches force their players to endure similar sessions as well.

Movie starts like Brad Pitt and Ryan Reynolds report using this same method of training- sets of weight lifting till they cannot repeat a single one more.

What happens in the body is that you are starting to burn more calories, and straining the muscles way more than usual. In order to keep up and deliver to the demand, the muscle tissue needs to become denser, the cardiovascular system improved. Hence maxing out, aside from burning more calories, will carve leaner muscle, make your performance that much better.

So, if you would love a challenge for this upcoming year, and are ready to endure hard training sessions five days per week for two months ahead, then this is by all means the best workout you are about to try. It is the hardest and most fun as well, and one that will make you to curse your mouth off. Don’t mind Shaun T though, he is here to improve your looks and performance, give him a slack.

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