The Best Fitness Photos of 2018!

With 2018 almost out of the way, we’ve decided to take a retrospective look at the best photos of fitness. These are the pieces of content that kept millions of people motivated, inspired and striving to improve. They celebrate health, the human body, its health, strength, flexibility and balance.

Dedicating a full week from our schedule, the four of us have shuffled through hundreds of Instagram accounts and tens of thousands of photos. Leveraging different tools, snippets of code and what seems to be a year’s worth of scrolling, we are still having flashbacks of toned bodies, vibrant colors and yoga poses that bend the mind.

Best fitness photos

Rules for selecting

Applying a number of criteria, we’ve picked the best 160 photos. It was a particularly hard task, since there is no shortage of jaw-dropping visual to look at. The rules were:

  • If a tree falls down in the forest, but there is nobody with an Instagram account lurking by, how on Earth would we know about it? The first rule was simple – find the picture on Instagram.
  • High number of likes and comments. A good post will always hit the surface on Instagram, so unless photos had 1 thousand likes we kept scrolling. The more likes and comments, the better. However, accounts with millions of followers can post a picture of a flexed muscle and get more attention than expected. For this purpose, we made sure to apply another rule.
  • Engagement – or what percentage of followers actually liked or commented on the photo. This gave smaller accounts a fighting chance.
  • We weren’t looking at the accounts of currently active athletes in popular sports. Although tempting, it would have meant spending hundreds of times more on the project, and essentially pushing everybody else out of the contest. There are so many different sports, and so many competing athletes… However, this being the fitness contest, we’ve decided to include CrossFit athletes, power lifters and bikini models.
  • No accounts with less than 20,000 followers. The logic was that if you have one of the best photos of the year, you definitely produce great content, and thus enjoy a large following. Besides, we had to apply some filters, or you’d be now looking at the best 13,000 photos of 2018.
  • Photos that vent viral
  • Photos that marked important events in the fitness industry. So basically everything like controversy, comebacks, and the ones likely to be remembered.
  • Photos that are not easily copied! We were also looking for uniqueness, the difficulty of the pose, aesthetics and framing.
  • Photos that communicate; ones that make you laugh or think.
  • Lighting and composition were often taken into consideration as well. However, given the main goal of fitness content – which is to inspire and motive – we made sure not to make this a professional photography competition!
  • Some Instagram posts have a great motivational message that goes side by side with the photo. Wherever it made sense, we took notice.
  • No more than 4 photos per account!
  • Accounts should to be somewhat related to fitness, health and wellbeing.

Holy patience Batman! Loading these 160 Instagram images can really slow down the speed of a browser. We’ve embedded each post in its entirety and the list itself is massive, so allow us to offer some apologies upfront!

In general, we were looking at the fit lifestyle. Workouts, selfies, difficult moves, awe inspiring shots… Although modeling and posing in front of the mirror weren’t given much priority, we had to include some of these wherever it made sense. If half a million people loved the shot, who are we to disagree?

So, with the drumrolls rolling a minute and a half already, it’s time to actually see the content. Listed by without any order whatsoever, here are the best fitness photos of 2018!

Best Fitness Photos of 2018

If you want visual content that is both art and fitness inspiration at the same time, Sjana Elise is the right person to follow. Four of her pictures have found their way on the list.

The one and only – Frank Medrano! This guy is tough as nails, but poses and moves with incredible elegance.

People say that you have to exit your comfort zone in order to become fit, but Cassey Ho doesn’t buy that! Why not get fit from within your zone of comfort?

Massy can do whatever she wants, and her photos show just that! Want to be a woman warrior? Follow her!

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If you want to succeed, you’ll have to keep moving forward even when circumstances weigh heavy on your shoulders. It is in fact, a matter of who is persistent enough to not get discouraged when their world is holding them back. One of the reasons people give up so fast is because instead of looking at how far they have come, they are still sabotaging themselves with how far they still have to go. If you are persistent enough, you will reach it. But it will take consistency to maintain it. Even when you find yourself at a point in your life where you have reached your goals, it will take a relentless person to keep it going. Be tougher than the challenges life throws at you, because you won’t get much done in your life, if you only work hard when everything is going in your favor. Fight. ? @simonneedhamphotography #mawarrior #ma30day #childofGod ________________________________________________ Si quieres tener éxito, tendrás que seguir avanzando incluso si tus circunstancias pesan mucho sobre tus hombros. De hecho, se trata de quién es tan persistente como para no desanimarse cuando su mundo los está reteniendo. Una de las razones por las cuales las personas se dan por vencidas tan rápido es porque en vez de mirar qué tan lejos han llegado, todavía se están saboteando con lo lejos que todavía tienen que ir. Si eres lo suficientemente persistente, lo alcanzarás. Pero se necesitará consistencia para mantenerlo. Incluso, cuando hayas llegado a un punto en tú vida en el que hayas alcanzado tus objetivos, necesitarás ser implacable para mantenerlo. Sé más duro que los desafíos que te plantea la vida, porque no conseguirás mucho en tu vida, si solo trabajas duro cuando todo va a tu favor. Lucha. Vamos a aplastarlo mañana. ? @simonneedhamphotography #hijadecristo

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Nobody loves weights more than Emily Skye! If you want to get strong, just follow this powerful and gentle mama for daily inspiration.

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I LOVE what lifting weights does for me; the strength it gives me, and the shape it gives my body. ?? I love that it gives me stronger glutes than @recdedmond ?? and I also love that I can eat a LOT because of how much I burn! ? But what I love most of all is how it makes me feel and the mental strength it gives me. The best benefits of lifting weights can’t be seen – they’re felt! That’s why they’re a big part of my FIT Program. They make us strong, confident and happy. ?? These are the reasons I started lifting a decade ago, and why I created my FIT Program; I want others to feel this way too! ??? . ? Trial my FIT APP for 7 days free – link in bio! . . ??‍♂️ @emilyskyefitness ?? . #fitfam #emilyskye #11monthspostpartum #fitmum #strongmama

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More than two million people like this flag – Which makes it the official flag of the Vin Diesel nation. Salute!

Mathew – always ready to get through the mud. Follow this warrior if you like hardcore fitness.

She entered the fitness world via her YouTube channel, and now she is a legend – the one and only, Adriene Louise!

Come on Zac, three million people are cheering you up! This guy is never afraid to climb to the top. Follow him for some outdoor fitness inspiration.

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Happy Friday— Let’s go!???

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Evelina is the fitness lifestyle embodied. Style, elegance, strength and grace – she has it all!

The chiseled body of Mr. AthleanX – Jeff is a true fitness inspiration and rumor has it that you’ll get into shape just by scrolling through his photos!

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I will always remember my first time I ever stepped foot in a commercial gym (USA Gym in Milford CT) and had my "introductory" meeting with the club owner. He was about 280lbs, juiced to the gills, wore zubaz pants and was inseparable from his gallon of water. He said "dude, you're not big but you've got the makeup to be shredded. So since you'll never be huge you might as well be cut." To this day, I think it was a compliment but I'm not sure, lol! But instead of choosing one or the other (or training for either individually)…I just trained to be an athlete. I wanted to jump high, run fast, be strong for my weight. Aesthetically I wanted to look like @officialslystallone from Rocky IV. I picked up my first dumbbells, fell in love with the process and never looked back. 29 years later… #lovewhatyoudo #lovewhatyoulift #setgoals #bedetermined #havearolemodel #sylvesterstallone #trainyoureverlovingassoff #jeffcavaliere #teamathlean #athleanx

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Sjana Elise once again, flexing and balancing under the Oahu rainbow.

The fitness goddess Alexia Clark! You too can be strong, elegant and beautiful.

Greg has transformed more people into the Hollywood physique than hundreds of personal trainers together. Follow Mr. Kinobody for daily inspiration, strength, and style.

Bar none, this is the venom mask of the year. Kudos to Frank and @Lexx_fx

Jacquelyn does yoga with style. This is perhaps the best picture taken on Manhattan Beach, California in 2018.

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My favorite quote EVERRRR! “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, 'Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?' Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It's not just in some of us; it's in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.” – Marianne Williamson __________ Comment below if this quote resonates with you!! __________ Thank you @laseraway for allowing me to comfortably hang out in leotards ?‍♀️. ____________ ? @karmacaptures ?

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Massy does it again. Where is that hose, because this girl is on fire!

The most adorable tandem ever! He is the family guy who is a true embodiment of the fit lifestyle.

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Caption this? ? #moment #rippeddaddy #jystyle

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Lauren Findley – cute and stylish, but just as tough as the rock wall behind her back!

One stare and you are convinced to tie your shoes and get to work. Keep up with Jessica and you’ll become elite.

The yoga goddess of Instagram! She’s taking yoga inside the galleries one photo at a time.

Jason Statham, circa summer 2018. As fit as ever!

Does the thought of lifting weights scare you? Well, Anna Victoria definitely has to say something about that.

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“Aren’t you worried about looking too manly?” is a question I got recently. Anyone else been asked this before? . I want to tell you girls something I’ve never shared before. About a month before I first started working out, a friend of mine told me she was entering a bikini competition. I gasped. My mind went THERE… “but you’re going to look manly!” My friend laughed and said nooo I won’t. She was already familiar with fitness/working out/just how hard it is for women to gain muscle. I wasn’t. . Fast forward a few months to when I first started working out, shedding fat, and I was gaining an all new appreciation for gaining muscle. It’s hard!! I quickly realized a few things: . ? “Bulky” muscle doesn’t exist. Having muscle with a layer of fat on top is what makes people think muscle is bulky. ? Muscle is what tones, tightens and sculpts our bodies (the treadmill doesn’t) ? Since gaining muscle is no easy feat for women, when you do gain it, you become so PROUD because it’s a result of your hard work and dedication ? The reason why it’s so hard for women to gain muscle in comparison to men is because women don’t have the testosterone levels men do to promote rapid muscle gain. . Don’t let people’s lack of understanding about fitness discourage you from going after your goals. Don’t take offense, don’t get upset, just DO YOU. ? #fbggirls #bodylovebabes

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Arizona never had more style!

We cannot tell what you’ve been up to for the better part of 2018. But we sure as heck know about Casey – he’s been running. If this guy cannot inspire you to tie your shoes, nobody can!

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love running here. happy 4th???

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Just a fitness angel in a heavenly field of flowers.

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Good morning! ?‍♀️Love this ?

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Sunday is for rest, but you shouldn’t forget to stretch regardless of where you are.

Nude Yoga Girl Meaghan Jarensky, New York.

The legendary 3/4 back pose. Two giants on the stage!

Follow her for beauty, follow her for strength, follow her for inspiration – the one and only Cassandra Martin.

Balance in nature at the crack of dawn. This is how you welcome the morning.

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I woke up at the buttcrack of dawn to take this picture, so you better double tap it! . . Wanna practice with me this year? Here’s where you can find me in 2018: COCONUT CREEK – June 4-7 @evolutionyogacc WASHINGTON DC – June 30-July 1 @flowyogacenter LAKE BARCROFT, VA – July 1-6 *Lake Yoga Retreat!* ALEXANDRIA, VA – July 13-15 @532yoga NEW YORK CITY – July 17-18 @alonewyork BOSTON – July 20-22 @downunderyoga SAN FRANCISCO – July 26-29 @astayoga LOS ANGELES – August 3 @alolosangeles (the Grove) and August 4-5 @loveyogaspace SAN DIEGO – August 10-12 @trilogysanctuary DENVER – August 17-18 @bigpoweryogadenver LONGMONT – August 19 @yogapodlongmont BOULDER – August 25 @bodhimovement PINE – September 1-7 *Mountain Yoga Retreat* BRECKENRIDGE – September 7-9 @bhavayogaco ZURICH – September 21-23 DUBLIN – September 24-26 @hotyogadundrum MILAN – September 28-30 @_._christiane_._ RICHMOND – October 3-7 @theyogadojo VIRGINIA BEACH – October 10-14 @studiobamboo ANN ARBOR – October 24-28 @tinybuddhayoga TOLEDO – October 29-30 @toledoasanaroom COLUMBUS – November 1-4 @riseyogaohio WOOSTER – November 7-11 @flexyogawooster MILWAUKEE – November 14-18 @urbanommke LA QUINTA – November 24-26 @yogacentralrocks SCOTTSDALE – November 30 – December 2 @modern_yoga_scottsdale Don’t see your city on the list? Leave me a comment / DM and let’s get the ball rolling. ? . . Sign up for everything on my website . . ?: @eyecbeauty ?: @aloyoga

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Santa was asking for a younger, stronger, and more stylish replacement for years – did he get the job?

Ever read the Art of Expressing the Human Body? – Her picture should definitely be in it!

One word – style!

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Morning Vegas

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Mama Yoga Girl saluting the sun…

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Light dwellers??✨??⚡️☀️ . If you listen to my podcasts and watch my instagram stories you are already aware of this, but I have some truly badass stuff to share! Here goes: You will be seeing some very obvious ads and marketing on this platform over the coming months… WHAAAAAT!? The number 1 anti ad person is going to start posting ads on Instagram?! Hehe. DAMN STRAIGHT! I’m calling it #GoodKarmaMarketing and I am truly hoping this is something that catches on. I am launching a huge new foundation this year dedicated to children in need and our first initiative will be helping abused children in Aruba. A big issue here is that the orphanage is always full and they often send kids back to their homes even though their parents have been deemed unfit. My dream is to open a second facility, an orphanage or a foster home, but it’s too early to decide how this exact project will look. Right now we are busy manifesting a shit ton of money so we can help communities EVERYWHERE – Aruba is just the beginning. I want to redefine how business is done, how we view entrepreneurship and how social media is being used as a whole (stay tuned for something epic launching later this year)?? One of the first changes I am making myself is beginning to use this platform for some very selective marketing so we can use the funds generated to be of service. It just felt ridiculous to continue turning down money every month when we are struggling to raise what’s needed for the launch. More details will follow but what I need from you all is this: if you ever see an ad on here (it will be rare) – ENGAGE WITH IT! Like it, comment on it and support the brand that’s connecting with us and thereby doing marketing with PURPOSE. I’ll be able to share at the end of each month exactly how much money we were able to generate for non-profit projects through this new online marketing initiative (but I won’t always be able to say so within every post – it depends on the brand guidelines of the company I’m promoting). For now… Trust that I’m only sharing epic shit. And stay tuned for MEGA MAGIC??❤️? . . . #GoodKarmaMarketing #Seva #Service #ConsciousAds #YogaGirl

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One of our favorite photos for 2018! Freedom, blue skies, fun and the scent of the ocean…

This is how you wear a one piece Baywatch in red.

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Always wanted to wear a Baywatch red one piece ? found it on @the.bikini.collective which has such a huge range of swimmers !! I wear a medium! . Home time tomorrow but #bali we have LOVED YOU and will be back and as much as so many mums have scared me off before to bring Taj especially because he’s HIGHLY allergic to mozzies – I think if im prepared he will love Bali living ? . Looking forward to being home with my boys , routine , my own bed and back to healthy eating, I’ve definitely over indulged ? Thinking of setting myself up for an 8 week challenge stay tuned for my plan on Snapchat ? ashybines1 . PS if you need a villa I highly recommend @the_layar #thelayar @elitehavens #elitehavens

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Nobody trains harder than the Rock. But not because he is super strong and invincible (which he is!) but because he is the only guy he’s comparing himself against. Never forget that!

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Finish your week strong. It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs, who comes short again and again, because there is no effort without error and shortcoming; but who does actually strive to do the deeds; who knows great enthusiasms, the great devotions; who spends himself in a worthy cause; who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat. And after the man leaves the arena, he will then pour fine tequila ? on his oatmeal and brown sugar because he’s also kinda f*cking crazy and finds that concoction delicious. Excerpt from one of my favorite speeches from one of my favorite Presidents. I may or may not have made up the last sentence.. ??? it’s conjecture at this point. #ManInTheArena #Roosevelt26 #DareGreatly #AndGetToWork

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Surrender to love, and shine as bright as ever!

Hours before hitting Vegas – she is on fire! J Lo, radiant as always.

Good – even this couple knows how to rest! A truly rare picture of Shaun T relaxing next to a hammock – if he can take a rest, so can you!

You earn your body by always looking forward! What’s the next challenge?

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Always look forward #teamlima / ?: @ysaperez

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Nothing can stop Kaisa! There will always be resistance, but what are you going to do – Give up?

Become strong as these guys, but have your confidence as tall as those buildings behind.

The way she moves is pure art. Follow Sarah for some incredible photos that celebrate the human body in motion.

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It’s easy to compare yourself to other people and feel like your not where you ‘should’ be. People often start with a disclaimer when they say how long they’ve been pole dancing as a reason to explain their level – don’t feel like the length of time should define your expertise- as the awesome thing about pole is that there aren’t really any levels that we have to abide by in any time restriction – embrace that! People will always excel in different areas – spins/combos/dance/strength/flow/flexibility/flips etc so try to remember that everyone is on their own path and I’m grateful to have found pole in the first place – even if you have the odd day of wondering why you didn’t have pushy parents… – #gymnasticswouldcomeinhandy #polelife #Ihonestlydontknowwhatmugglesdowiththeirtime #polesitforthewin #thisshitishard #notreally #goodlighting #goodphotographer – ?: @theimagecella

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Blending together cuteness and strength.

This is what happens when you try to live by the words of JP Sears.

If you have to describe the fit lifestyle with a single photo, this one definitely does the job.

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♡ ? @ohrangutang @cristinapilo

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What you do with your body will ultimately reflect what your body looks like.

Your body can be art that is more attractive than the pyramid of Louvre. Here is the proof.

A true embodiment of the healthy lifestyle, Pamela has a lot to say about nurturing your body, soul, and mind. Follow her for daily fitness motivation.

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Skinny, thick or fit? Well, nothing’s better! ??‍♀️ since happiness is the key to everything you should go for whatever makes you most happy. And IDEALLY you should have a base of happiness in whatever state you’re in. Because your body is a beautiful place. It works day and night to keep you alive & those few extra pounds should not make you hate it. Same goes for being „too“ skinny. Everyone has insecurities – and so do I. But I loved my body & I felt confident in every shape I was in. More curvy, more muscular or more shredded. I might be too slim for some right now but should I be insecure about myself until I gained some weight? The answer is a clear „no“ to me. I appreciate my body all the time. That’s a mindset. And I work out because I love my body, not because I hate it or want to change it. Live in peace with your body and leave the house with confidence. Show a little more appreciation to what you have – that’s what you really deserve ♥️ #wortzumsonntag #goodnight

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It takes a strong woman to hold everything together.

Can you be strong, elegant and vulnerable at the same time? Yes you can!

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You’re STRONG! ? ? @samuellathrop

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Jordan hitting 500k followers! Here is to infinitely more!

The gym can definitely be your fortress!

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After I started working out, I quickly realized how much it started to help my mental health. At that time in my life… I played victim, felt sorry for myself, was heartbroken, hardly left bed. I was miserable. The gym quickly became my mental escape. It helped me grow physically but most importantly, mentally This year I really lost touch with the why. Why do I choose to workout even when it’s the last thing I want to do ? why do I choose to live a healthy lifestyle. And simply put… it saved me. I workout because I love it. It makes me happy. It helped me out of the dark place I was residing in and I know it’s done the same for so many of you So I hope you don’t lose touch of that. Do what you love. Take care of yourself. It’s a beautiful day to be alive?

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This is how you hit the beach!

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I had soooo much fun training at the beach with my one of favourite badasses who doesn’t rely on gyms just like meeeeee @michaelcvazquez ? ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ I was watching @redtabletalk the other day and Jada, Willow, and Gam brought up a great topic. They were supposed to give a list on the things they love about themselves, but found it much easier to give a list on what they don’t love. I can totally relate to that because the “world” seems to think that everything about me is perfect or sooo great… and to me – it just isn’t. I can easily come up with an entire essay on things I don’t like about myself. ? I was actually going to give you a guys a list, but then I decided to ditch that list and instead list everything I love. ♥️ I had to ask for help with this one.. isn’t that crazy? ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Here’s what I love: ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ 1. My ability to inspire. 2. My desire to win, my ambition. 3. My inner and outer strength. 4. My skin colour. 5. My ability to block out negativity. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ In the comments, I want you to tell me what you♥️ LOVE♥️ about yourself. ??? ?: @dustinhayungs

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Santa only rewards those who’ve been working hard!

This one is most definitely one of our favorite photos for 2018!

The magic of Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta and Rosanna Cordoba. What a picture!

This guy doesn’t know what ageing means. The one and only, Tony Horton! He will tell you to always do your best and forget about the rest. You better listen.

Another one of our favorite photos for 2018!

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Bury sacred treasures in clean dirt . A nourishing delight like none other to be found. And maybe one day in that sweet future of ours it will be known like the letter A as a good old regular reliable table fact that sitting in our birthday suits on clean dirt can help to restore the health, sensitivity and general genius functions of our sexual organs, and all others . Until that day, consider just doing it anyway for the bliss of the experiment of it and let me know what you discover… possibly a new passion…a unique sensational delight… or a deep healing like not too many others cept for yoni sun gazing and sea water skinny dipped breast stroke meow meooow . Dirt heals for reals . @dee_compress @supersoulyoga I love you sister. So freaking much. Thanks for organizing another amazing New Years retreat and for being such a dear friend. I love you to the ? . And the rest of you, Love you Naked as you came . ? @dee_compress . #free #loveeverymoment #earthing #nakedaswecame #selflove #urgefulfillmentprocess #earthlingearthing #yonihealth #dirtheals #yonisungazing #bali #keepearthsdirtclean #selfloveritual . Ps. Summertime 2018 European retreat, soon to be announced! ??????????

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The deeper you go, the messier it becomes. But you still push forward because it’s so much fun.

Definitely the most adorable picture of the year!

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GIVEAWAY ALERT! As summer slowly approaches I am getting more and more excited about the prospect of being about to play with Adler outdoors (minus the fact it snowed several inches overnight)! Join me this summer in Sydenham, Ontario for an intimate gathering at the @thegroovegathering June 22-24th 2018. The great news I have for you is that I’m giving away two free weekend passes!! How could you not want to join!? To enter it’s simple, you must: 1️⃣ Follow @thegroovegathering and @mackenzieyoga 2️⃣ Tag a friend you’re excited to play with this summer 3️⃣ Bonus: to be entered twice repost this image using the hashtag #thegroovegatheringontario. Your account must be public to be able to see your post and be entered twice. You have until Sunday April 15th at 9pm EST to enter. The winners will be chosen at random. The winners will be announced on my Instagram Story Monday April 16th at 12pm EST. Photo by @griff_j at @codyapp. Wearing @aloyoga.

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Jennifer Lopez feeling strong, happy and grateful.

Another one of our favorite photos for 2018. If you had to follow one person in 2019, and download the entire fit lifestyle into your mindset, there is no better pick than Nara Marques!

Can one picture describe you in thousand words? Yes it can – here is one of Kaisa: colorful, sharp, vibrant, alive, strong…

Wanna become fit? Wanna stay motivated? Well, you have to follow Amanda.

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The outfit doesn’t matter, you must always be prepared!

When art and fitness are blended together – this is what you get.

The Instagram home of fitness and style. Wanna enter? Just follow Hannah.

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I swear all the pulsing helps with twerking ?

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Can we just download a bunch of her photos and call it a day? No? Well then, how about this one?

She is truly a goddess. So light, elegant, and strong.

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Living alone for the first time in 6 years has at times been a difficult adjustment. ? It’s made me aware of the ways that I haven’t been putting myself out there socially for a long time. ? At my last 2 places, at any given time there were at least 3 people living in the house with me (sometimes up to 6! ?). I could afford to not leave the house very often, but still feel like I was being social, because there were always so many people around. ?‍♀️ Since I’ve been living alone on a different side of town, I see that I don’t actually get very many invites to do things with friends. I think it’s because I said “no” too many times to too many people, and they stopped asking. ??‍♀️ I used to run into several people a day without even leaving, but now it’s just me and my dog and my cat all day. ?? I threw myself a pity party for a few days, looked for attention from the wrong person, and then woke up and realized it doesn’t have to be this way. I don’t have to feel lonely or alone. ?? I may have been socially lazy before and turned into a bit of a hermit, but that’s over. I’m smoking less weed and being more social, 2 things I should have been doing long ago. ?? Now every time I talk to a friend, I invite them to do something with me, and let them know that even though I’ve said no to a lot of invites, I’m ready to say yes now. ? It feels weird (uncomfortable) to be so open and vulnerable, as to admit to people I admire that I’m feeling lonely and need some friends, but the alternative is not one that I’m okay with, so I keep opening up and reaching out. ? If you’re feeling lost or lonely in your life, don’t be afraid to reach out to the people you know, even if you haven’t seen or spoken to them in what feels like an inappropriately long time, and let them know how you’re feeling. They care about you, I promise. ? I care about you too, and I want to remind you that no matter what, you are loved, and your presence here matters! ? . Thanks @acrowithjon for coming over yesterday and being such a good friend. You’ve been there for me in the good times, the bad times, and the weird times, and I’m so grateful for you. ?? . Both rocking @aloyoga ?

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If you don’t sweat a bucket it doesn’t count.

Looking for a photographer! Skills needed: Strong balance, Yoga…

I’ve been talking with my wife about where she wants to be when we both hit 40 – she said “I don’t know where I want to be, but I know how I want to look like!”

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43 that was fuuuuun! ?44 let’s get it poppin!!!!! ?❤️Happy Birthday to all my fellow #Virgos Thank-you to everyone for the birthday wishes, flowers ?, kind words & messages. ❤️I'm so grateful for all of your love & positive energy! ❤️My wish is for each & every one of you to recognize the gift you are given with your mind, body & spirit! God gives you one body, your temple, so take care of this incredible gift!❤️If you are good to your body, your body will be good to you! ❤️Thank-you again for all of your LOVE! Here's to many more years of jumping around in lycra, sweating to the beat?? & positive vibrations!❤️#HealthIsWealth #VirgoSeason #ItsMyBirthday

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You are at the spring of energy, always…

The Buff Dudes always know how to train! Follow them on YouTube for some crazy stunts and challenges!

This girl again… If the fit lifestyle had a picture description, she’d be in it.

Looking for some fitness motivation, style and authenticity – she is the one to follow!

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Ok I’m ready to get Christmassy after a testing and challenging few months…? The last three weeks have been the best of my life ✨ Not only because we were in The Maldives, because Cory and I had a big ahhaa moment ? Something big just clicked between us and I’ve never been happier. When I’m going though difficult times I don’t share on social media, I only share when I’ve got through it and found the solution ?? That way I can bring value to you! ? It was honestly a little rocky for a while, touch and go at one point and I had to be honest with how I felt even though it wasn’t easy. Two people often need very different things (look up the love languages) and when you understand that you are able to be a much better partner?? . COMMUNICATION is everything! I used to let my emotions and feelings boil up and then explode! Cory would be like, what just happened to you, who are you and it would end in an argument ? Believe it or not, The Maldives was the first trip I didn’t cry (ok only once, but I quickly got over it) and it was because we both had serious conversations with each other about what needed to change a few weeks prior. We have actually had these conversations before, something was different this time. Those changes we promised were IMPLEMENTED! ??‍♀️ I’m so glad we got through the tough times because we are so much stronger for it. I knew there wasn’t anyone else for me, I just knew we had to iron a few things out. TALKING it out and being able to UNDERSTAND the other persons point of view is incredibly important in having a successful outcome ? Value your partners feelings, have sympathy and work it through to find the solution. Oh year and make lots of cups of tea! I love you @coryscottfitness and thank you for growing with me! ? #relationships #lovelanguage . have you ever had a close breakup with someone, how did you get through it?

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Robert always knows how to capture the true potential of the human body in one picture! Kudos to @lizcorwin as well!

Autumn, fitness, and a crown of flowers…

The super powerful girl from Sweden – maximum beauty and maximum strength!

Balancing at the top of the world…

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When I originally took this picture i wanted to write a bit about the sensationalism of everything. The fantastic surrealism that we are all constantly creating with our participation in modern society, but as I sat down looking at the shot and preparing to write about how I would never actually do a full practice on the top of a mountain ledge, the more my mind went back to the moment and how I appreciated being able to share it with someone else. At this point we have taken tons of yoga pose related photos in surreal locations, and on this day we were having a laugh during the whole bit as we stared in awe at the amazing mountains and how funny they must see our little poses to be. I remember the moments shared more than the ones alone, I cherish the laughs, smiles, and tears that come with compromise in creating meaningful connection with others. Each experience I look back on reminds me of how over the course of my life so many unique people have helped shaped my path through kindness and criticism. Modern minds are easily tied to the narrative of how we are doing it alone, that we are self made, that our hard work and dedication is the reason for all of our success or failure. we have sensationalized our own actions to the point of forgetting how many people we know directly and indirectly that constantly support us. Taking ownership for oneself is incredibly important, so is being grateful to the many people who have helped you. No matter how hard anyone works, I don’t believe anyone is solely self made. Inspiration is everywhere! If there is an underlying beauty in all this technology it is how easy we can all connect to one another. You can reach out into the vastness of all this bio-digital-jazz and find people who believe in you, who you can share a laugh with, or who will give you a bit of information that was needed. Use it. Appreciate it. Rely on yourself too. Put in the work. But be grateful for others. Appreciate the collective knowledge & beautiful experiences we all share at a whim, sometimes without even noticing. #begrateful #yogalove #yogachallenge

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Talia is an artistic soul inside of a strong and flexible body.

True art! One of our favorite photos for 2018!

Style and power inside one body – Hannah Bronfman ladies and gents!

Loving and celebrating the human body for the art it really is.

This guy again – you cannot move your eyes away!

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It’s about sensation, never about destination.

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Sandra is another woman warrior that you just have to follow for daily inspiration.

Talia doing some artistic expression with her body.

The colors of Kaisa – the fit lifestyle can be a rainbow of colors, and all of them collide together once you start moving your body.

What does the sun represent to you?

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In terms of many of the different Yoga schools, the sun represents the eternal Seer – the Purusha or Atman – that shines eternally in the hearts of all beings. Everything else is known as Prakriti – nature/matter – that is an ever changing play of the three Gunas – Sattva, Rajas and Tamas (illumination, action, inertia). The goal and the path of Yoga is to reduce the effects of rajas and tamas so that the sattvic nature of the mind can recognise the Purusha within us, and so that the Sun can be reflected in the clear mirror of the mind. Ultimately though, this metaphor can only point us in the right direction, because after all, just as we know that we must release this mortal coil, we know that even the sun will die. What is eternal and what shall remain and what is our True Nature will forever be shrouded in mystery. . . . @sigismondiphotography

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Strength, balance and some serious determination!

Whatever comes next, just make sure to hit it hard!

She is one with nature, always…

You think it’s hard? Try doing it on sand!

Excuses are nothing!

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Someone messaged me and said “if I had your life I’d be able to be in great shape too. I just don’t have the time to workout all day.” . I had to laugh, not in a mean way, because I understand how you can perceive that I have it easy. In a lot of ways I do. I make good money, I have people around that help with certain things like keeping the house clean but I assure you life is not easy. I work 24/7, I love what I do so that makes it fun but it doesn’t make it easy. . We have to stop making excuses, stop assuming that if someone’s doing well it came easy or was handed to them. 9 times out of 10 if someone is doing well it’s because they were the first one to show up and the last one to leave, they work with a relentless pursuit of greatness. They make the hard choices, the choices to work while others play, to say yes when others might say no. When they get knocked down they get back up. So don’t wish for someone else’s “easy” life. Go out, work your ass off and make YOUR life look easy when really you’re working around the clock to make it great. #Fridayfact #autumncalabrese #teamac #80dayobsession #hardwork

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When the floor is your wind tunnel…

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// Type 1 Diabetes // – A question I get a ton is “what’s that white thing on your side?” – It’s an insulin pump or a continuous glucose monitor. My body doesn’t make insulin and so I need to give myself insulin in order to survive:) – After a crossfit competition back in February of 2013 I wasn’t feeling right. Two weeks after the competition I had dropped 15 pounds, was unable to sleep at night because I was urinating so frequently, felt incredibly fatigued, my vision started to get blurry and I started become disoriented – I drove myself to the emergency room on March 11, 2013. They tested my blood sugar and it was so high it wouldn’t read on a meter. That’s when I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at age 28. My vision was so blurry at this point I couldn’t make things out that were 6 feet in front of me. It was definitely one of the scariest days I’ve experienced in my life – Initially I was terrified that I wouldn’t be able to workout like I used to and do the things I wanted to do in my life. Quickly I realized this wasn’t the case. Since then, my life has taken on new meaning. Not only was I able to workout again but I ended becoming stronger then ever before. That was about the time I started an Instagram account and started posting. I never would have imagined that 5 years later I would be able to inspire and reach so many people around the world by sharing what I’m passionate about. I’m beyond blessed and my gratitude runs deep – We all have a choice in how we handle the difficult times in our lives. It’s a choice. I’ve chosen to rise above and attack life and make my dreams a reality despite having type 1 diabetes and other hardships in my life. No matter what your going through keep pushing forward – #type1diabetes

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Casually amazing! This is how you do gymnastics yoga with style.

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This post is for all you single ladies! I have to admit, very vulnerably, that in years past when I was single on Valentine’s Day, I would absolutely dread the day. As though it publicly marked my failure as a woman for being by herself, not validated by a man. Today though, is the first valentines that I feel perfectly perfect for where my life is – regardless of my relationship status. I LOVE my life. I love my friends, my family, my roommates, my house, my career, my body, my mind, MYSELF! In years past I was attached to the idea of being validated by a man. And what I didn’t realize was that the only validation I should have been searching for was the validation from within, to love myself wholeheartedly and unconditionally! After looking deep within myself, today I feel freer, happier, more loved, and more excited today than I ever have. So if you’re a single girl today feeling down as you scroll through Instagram seeing everybody coupled up – don’t go out desperately looking for it. Reach inside you and create love. Meditate (Link in bio for a self-love meditation), workout, go on a hike, meet up with a girlfriend, treat yourself to a manicure… You are worthy. You are love. You get to be you and you get to love you. Don’t sellout on yourself. I love you! ? #happyvalentinesday _______ Thank you to my buddy @fitflexjuli for effortlessly lifting me up like a boss so that I may radiate like a graceful goddess ☺️ ?even though it hurt like hell to be held just by your thigh and hip muscles but i managed to still smile ? and Thank you to @acrowithjon for spotting us! I fell about 5-6 times before we got the shot. And thank you @griff_j for snapping the photo! ? _______ P.S. Click the link in my bio for a Guided Meditation for Self Love! ??‍♀️?

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Train hard and you’ll look just like her – better yet, she’ll show you how!

Wherever there’s nature…

Power and elegance blend again.

Move. Always. With grace, intention, and control…

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I’ve been loving how much you guys have been sharing on my posts lately. Let’s keep it up. ?? Being Monday and the beginning of the week I want to set the tone of this week right. I want you to share one goal or intention you have for this week. Mine is to slow down and create space. In the New Year I’ve taken on teaching 3 classes a week, have several doctors appointments weekly between Adler and I as well as social get togethers. I enjoy it all minus the doctors appointments but I haven’t had time to focus on moving my body. Wait, let me rephrase that. I haven’t made time to move my body. I know how good I feel when I do yet I’ve been majorly procrastinating. Why?!? I’m in a movement funk. Can any of you relate? I’m posting this @jasperyoga photo with this post because it was a time I felt incredibly empowered in my body unlike I am right now. If I’m able to slow down then I’ll find a few minutes each day to move because something is better than nothing. ❤️ I look forward to hearing how you all are starting your week. I gain so much inspiration from your shares, so thank you in advance. ??

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Definitely one of the most impressive photos of the year!

Buff Dude Hudson broke his ankle. But he’d never quit! Here is to a speedy and buff recovery!

A true embodiment of the fit mama lifestyle. We cannot get enough of this photo!

Gymshark represent!

Sandy beaches, style and incredible shots – here is Nara once again.

Strength and balance, cause you cannot go anywhere without both!

As toned as it gets! These two are as tough as nails.

Bending the mind once again!

Her photos are jaw-dropping and ultra-cute! If you want to follow the fit Hawaiian lifestyle, there is no better account to follow!

One and only, Simeon Panda!

You can transform too! It is what you are underneath that defines you.

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Sign up is still open so get your spot while you still can! ? My Mid Fall Slim & Build Challenge starts in 4 days – what are you waiting for? ? See link in my bio for details ?? I’ve now personally helped thousands of men & women attain their body goals ?? If you're going to do a challenge, take someone's advice & ask them for help – why not do it with a NASM certified personal trainer, Registered Nurse who’s had a transformation of her own & can relate to you? ? Many of you have asked what my workouts are, what do I eat, how often do I train and etc… this is your chance to workout just like I do. This 6 week transformation challenge starting 10/7/18 with limited availability and the winners takes home $5,000 in CASH & prizes to the top 10 people. Contestants get the following: ?Meal plan designed by me ?Workouts modeled after my own ?Custom Macro & Calorie calculation ?Facebook Support group access ?Weekly Facebook Live Q&A with me ?Photos & Videos of workouts ?Live Chat via Messenger ?Weekly Check-Ins with me ?Win $1,250, $1000, $750 & more ?Ability to ask me questions ?Your own transformation ?Worldwide entry! ?Male & Female plans ?Vegetarian, Vegan, Fish & Keto options ?At Home workout guide ?Weekly Progress Report To enter simply go to the link in my bio:

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Never constant, always changing, always moving… Art can be still, but life is all about motion.

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I find the phrase ‘you’ve changed’ so interesting. Shouldn’t change be the standard? Most of the time, when I hear it – it’s paired with a sad, confused or demeaning tone. Although it’s so refreshing when someone is noticing your change and encouraging you for it. Getting back to a few days ago when I was chatting about the deadliness of being stagnant. Of never changing. I sure hope I’m not the same person I was 2, 5, 10 and even 15 years ago. I hope I’m not that same person in 5 years from now. I hope I’ve lived hundreds of different lives by the time I’m old and grey. When you hear those words come from someone’s mouth I believe it’s a direct reflection of HOW insecure they currently are with their life. Because they probably haven’t changed. They are stuck, and they don’t know how to find movement. So instead of asking for help they project all of their hurt or anger or fear or bitterness onto you. Remember, you’ve done nothing wrong. Keep dancing with your movement and finding compassion in your veins. PC: @keoniglory, and @melmof_ on deck to make me feel like a ballerina. ✨

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Follow Michelle for her jaw-dropping body, style, elegance, and most of all positive energy.

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Same same. But different.

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Levitation unlocked! Now go and do some art.

Be proud and grateful for your body. Always!

Captivating as always…

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To fly high you must first dare to let go and actually try.

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You cannot break a woman who knows her worth. Who loves herself. Who is unapologetically fearless! This world will try to break you and make you doubt yourself, if you don’t believe deep down that you were put on this earth to shine. So what if some people had better starting points in life? You can either fall under your circumstances, or continue making a path with what you have available. Break the stereotype! It takes someone who doesn’t fear failure. It takes putting you ego to the side, to want to work on becoming a better a better human. It takes resilience to not lose your integrity or change your plan when things get tough. You were meant to flourish. I’m not telling you this because I want to be cliché. I am telling you this because I am a living breathing testimony of this. Are you going to live a life wondering what you could have been? You my tribe, are destined for greatness! #childofGod ______________________________________________________ No puedes romper a una mujer que sabe lo que ella vale. Quién se ama a sí misma, y no se arrepiente de ser intrépida. Este mundo intentará romperte y hacerte dudar de ti mismo, si no crees que fuiste puesto en esta tierra para brillar. Entonces, ¿qué importa si algunas personas tienen mejores puntos de partida en la vida? O caes bajo a tus circunstancias, o continuas haciendo un camino con lo que tienes disponible. ¡Rompe el estereotipo! Se necesita a alguien que no tema el fracaso. Se necesita poner tu ego a un lado para querer convertirte en un mejor ser humano. Se necesita ser implacable para no perder tu integridad o cambiar tu plan cuando las cosas se ponen difíciles. Tú estás destinado a florecer. No te estoy diciendo esto porque quiero ser un cliché. Te lo digo porque soy un testimonio en vida de esto. ¿Vas a vivir una vida preguntándote qué podrías haber sido? ¡Ustedes mi tribu, están destinados a ser grandes! #hijadecristo

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The barbell is your friend!

Super strong and super graceful. Never forget to move, lift, jump, and run with ease. One of our favorite photos for 2018!

Follow Sophia for some daily dose of inspiration.

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Aktuelle Form heute Morgen direkt nach dem aufstehen.. ??? Über den Urlaub hinweg habe ich ca. 1,6kg abgenommen und wiege gerade aktuell 67,4kg auf 172cm Größe (wobei mir das aber eigentlich relativ egal ist…) ??‍♀️? Mir war schon immer das körperliche Wohlbefinden, der Spaß an Training/gesunder Ernährung und der Blick in den Spiegel vieeel wichtiger als eine Zahl auf der Waage.. ???? Zur Zeit bereite ich mich auf wichtige Shootings und Dreharbeiten vor und bin schon gespannt, was ihr zu den Ergebnissen sagen werdet! ✨??? Haha und was sagt ihr zu meiner tollen Glühbirne und dem NOCH kleinen Saustall im Hintergrund? ?????‍♀️ #currentshape #morningface #nomakeup #newhome #almostfinished #sweatingbeauties

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Always be yourself – strip everything else and accept whatever remains!

The stronger you are the more graceful you become!

Getting back into the game after 8 months! We’ve missed you. Here is to new videos and new challenges!

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‪Filming a workout for the first time in 8 months. Nervous?‬ ‪I’m a beginner again guys. I’ve actually had to work really hard this past year to be a “beginner” again. But it doesn’t matter. I’m still excited to be where I’m at. I’m sure I look a bit different after a year without HIIT or lifting, and I know that I am capable of less right now, but none of those things matter. Literally the only thing I have my eyes set on is good health. A body that carries me though a life I enjoy. That’s all I want. I haven’t given up & that’s all that matters. Excited to say “workout complete” to you guys through the screen. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to try and film that new workout, pretending that I’m talking to you all instead of the camera :) ?Kelli‬ PS these performance Workout Complete leggings are going fast @! @fb_workoutcomplete @fitnessblender @kellisegars #fitnessblender #workoutcomplete #selfcare #gratitude #fbfamily

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Once again, a true art from and one of the most exceptional photos of 2018!

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Beauty is beauty because we choose to see it as beautiful. It is completely subjective to its seer. Great artist find the beauty in everything, the mundane, the grungy, the offbeat, the pristine and the stunning. When you view everything and everyone as beautiful, everything in your life will be beautiful. The same is true of the opposite. . Beauty is a choice of how you label it not a condition of the object, place or person. When you really start to see everything as beautiful is when you release that it has nothing to do with what it is that you're seeing but that everything is a reflection of the heart. . making beautiful shapes with @meliniseri while wearing @aloyoga . ? by @sfreneenyc Thanks for your eye for finding beauty where most don’t

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Never tired of looking at this picture!

Transforming your body takes effort, patience, and willpower.

The world is your pole! There is never a shortage of opportunities to move and use your body in order to create art.

Hard work pays off. But you always have to keep working!

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// Supplements // . . Before we get into this post the little white thing is a continuous glucose monitor. It’s the @dexcom G6. I have type 1 diabetes. I was diagnosed 5 1/2 years ago. Now let’s talk supplements . . I’ve gone different phases throughout my 12 year training career. I’ve had times where I took a ton of different supplements and powders. Things like BCCA’s, glutamine, creatine, protein, fish oils and pre workouts. I found these supplements to be helpful but honestly it just got to be too much. To many things to take and too many things to drink . . I’m in a place now in my life (I’m 33 years old) where I just try to minimize the crap that I put in my body. I try and stay away from the things that have a million ingredients which most of them I can’t even pronounce and have never heard of. I try to get most of what my body needs through food. With that being said I still take a couple of things to help with my performance and recovery . . Probably 75% off the time I take some BCAA’s before a workout. That’s what I like to do. There’s a lot of different studies out there that say you should take them before or after and some that say both. I’m not here to debate any of it. I also on occasion will take some pre workout when I’m feeling really sluggish but try to avoid that as much a possible . . I also do a post working protein shake to aid in muscle recovery. I don’t take any gainers or anything like that. Just a low carb low sugar protein shake. That’s it. Those two things are the two things I stick to . . There’s no magic pill or powder. These things can definitely help but aren’t the thing that’s going to change the game in my opinion. The reality is that real sustainable results take a long time and a lot of hard work. I feel like people reach out to me looking for my secrets. There aren’t any. I’ve just worked really hard for a long time. Try not to get to wrapped up in trying to take shortcuts. Just put your head down and work. Enjoy the process of it all?? . . . . #functionaltraining #bodybuilding #calisthenics

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The fit lifestyle is also about elegance, beauty, and love.