Inspirational weight loss movies for body transformation

It doesn’t matter if you are a man or a woman, movies have always been the biggest inspiration for weight loss or body transformation. We watch these movies, we connect with the characters and suddenly, in the blink of an eye, we want to be exactly like them. We unlock something inside of us, something hidden that we weren’t aware that it existed and now all we want to do is make this inner feeling a reality.

Weight Loss Movies

How many people do you know that have become professional dancers, basketball players or bodybuilders because of their favourite movies or actors? Let’s take Arnold Schwarzenegger for example. Millions of people have joined the gym after watching a movie or two where he is playing a buff, muscular hero. He is an inspiration to all those who want to build the body of their dreams. And to all those who want to become exactly like them. The same goes for celebrities like Brad Pitt in Troy, Jason Statham in any action movie you can think off, and dozens of female models who frequently get their appearance in every possible blockbuster.

It’s magical, if you think about it – the amazing influence movies have on us. So, if you are planning to make a movie marathon with your friends or loved ones, here’s an amazing weight loss movies list that will inspire you to transform your body into the body of your dreams.

Weight loss movies

There are a lot of weight loss movies out there that can be a real inspiration for workout when you need one. Be warned though, because we’ll talk about movies that make you want to get in shape! After you’ll watch them, you’ll be so hyped that you’ll probably renew your gym membership, take a dancing class or maybe even start playing a sport. Whatever you do, don’t forget about diet – it is always equally important, if not more, than sweating day in and day out.

Here’s a list of body transformation movies by Lifestyle Updated:

1. Take the Lead (2006)

Weight Loss Movies Take The Lead

I’ll start with this movie because for me, it was the one that opened the door to ballroom and Latin dancing. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been dancing my entire life so this wasn’t something unusual for me, but I have always been moving somewhere along the line of contemporary and jazz dancing without even thinking I might have other options. After watching this movie, ballroom and Latin dancing became my new passion.

This movie is based on a true story about a teacher that helped troubled high schoolers with music and dancing. It has a powerful message about the role that teachers play in kids’ lives. But, you will also learn that dancing is probably one of the best ways to work through anger, and every other problem in your life. Also, after seeing how Morgan (Katya Virshilas) looks while dancing tango with Pierre Dulaine (Antonio Banderas), you will be instantly inspired to lose weight and transform your body through dancing!

2. The Next Karate Kid (1994)

Workout Movies The Next Karate Kid

For me personally, the Karate Kid movie with Hilary Swank was the best one (maybe because I connect better with female lead characters). Most of you will disagree, so feel free to choose your favorite part of the franchise in order to get inspired. Or, you can make a movie marathon with all of them! At least that’s what I’ll be doing this weekend.

The most important message this movie sends is that you can get your head right by teaching your body what to do. Full control over your body means full control over your mind as well. You will learn that through balance, coordination, awareness and respect for all life you’ll gain the power to transform your body into a temple of strength and health.

The best possible way to start moving is to simply switch channels and get the ball rolling. Try, for example, a workout program from Beachbody on Demand, and never leave the comfort of your own living room. Strike while the iron is hot! At least that’s my way of thinking. You can use your hype and motivation from the movie, and channel everything into your workout.

3. Without Limits (1998)

Workout Movies Without Limits

Without Limits is all about running, making it one of the best inspirational fitness movies ever. It’s an inspiring true story about the famous runner Steve Prefontaine who lived in the 70s. In short, we have the chance to experience his youth, his training, his performance at the Munich Olympics of 1972, and his early, tragic death at the age of 24.

There is no doubt that Steve Prefontaine was a truly inspiring man. He was so passionate about running that it was almost contagious. Watching this brilliant man testing the limits of his body and heart will inspire you to finally get up on your feet and start running yourself. It’s one of the most powerful workout movies ever made. That’s the reason why it’s also one of the best weight loss movies to this date.

4. Million Dollar Baby (2004)

Weight Loss Movies Million Dollar Baby

Another movie with Hilary Swank that deserves to be on this list. You all know the story – a young woman, incredibly talented amateur boxer, is trying to succeed in a men’s world and fulfill her dream of becoming a professional. She encounters a lot of obstacles on her path, but with sheer will and open heart, she is going to prevail!

How this amazing movie inspires weight loss? First of all, it teaches us how to believe in ourselves, and if we are willing to put in blood, sweat and tears – not even the sky is our limit! Secondly, it shows how a physical activity (in this case boxing), can help a person heal emotionally and spiritually. And last but not least, through Maggie Fitzgerald’s experience you’ll feel the effects of having a toned and strong body. This will inspire you to transform your body and become stronger than ever.

5. Rocky (1976)

Weight Loss Movies Rocky 3

Oh, the good old Rocky! His training and fighting are part of the greatest piece of inspiration for weight loss you have ever had the chance of watching on the big screen. It’s probably on the top of the list for the best gym motivational movies of all times. The soundtrack alone is enough to boost your inner heavyweight champion and pump you up. While you watch Rocky get into shape, you can’t help but wonder if your body can do the same.

The only logical next step is to grab your smartphone, put the rocky theme on loop and get some weights into your hands. It might take you awhile until you can reach his level of fitness, but you’ll be so inspired to transform your body (and mind) that you won’t even notice how fast time flies. So, if you are looking for inspiring movies to get fit, Rocky is the no. 1 choice for you!

While you work out listening to the Rocky theme, distraction will set in, and you won’t exert mental energy trying to stay on track. You might want to try some basic gadgetry, like fitness trackers or maybe a quality heart rate monitor, in order to measure your momentum. This will help you progress much faster, but knowing where you are – remember, what gets measured, gets improved! Rocky would definitely agree.

6. Lbs. (2004)

Weight Loss Movies Lbs

The last movie on our list for today is not about metaphorical but rather literal weight loss! It’s also quite an interesting story. A heavily overweight writer, Carmine Famiglietti, decides to make a movie about himself losing weight. The movie is his way to motivate himself to actually reach his goal.

Lbs. is a real story that shows us all the stages from being obese to getting healthy. It’s a great way to experience in advance everything you’ll encounter on your path to losing weight and getting into shape.

So there you go, 6 excellent weight loss movies that will inspire you to get in shape. All you have to do now is make yourself a healthy smoothie, sit on your comfortable couch and press play! It doesn’t matter what movie you’ll choose, in just a couple of hours you’ll find yourself in the nearest gym, or in front of your TV doing push-ups! You are welcome.

You can also search for weight loss documentaries on Netflix, delving deeper into the science of weight loss and sustainable fitness transformation.

What’s your favourite weight loss movie and how did you get inspired to finally get in shape?

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