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Heart Rate Monitors

Heart rate monitors offer a unique insight into what goes on below the hood. You’ll have better understanding of progression, how to time intense circuits, and ultimately improve performance. Below is a list of the best heart rate monitors on Amazon, carefully curated by our team of fitness enthusiasts. You’ll find the timeless Garmin and Polar heart rate monitors, and more affordable varieties as well. We also included monitors for iPhone and Android, as well as other heart rate monitors for sale, and fitness trackers commonly searched together.

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Why would you need Heart Rate Monitors?

For those of us who are pushing the envelope, paying attention to heart rate is rather important. And this is especially true if you are new to fitness and largely unaware of your limitations and how your own body reacts. They are an excellent tool for tracking progress and keeping an eye on cardiovascular strain. They can help you in your fitness journey, allowing you to observe patterns, through data such as speed, distance, and beats per minute.

Heart rate monitors of today are stylish and sleek, with dozens of features ahead of their previous models. Most are waterproof, with detailed tracking and synchronization options available.

For those of you who are just starting out, detailed tracking can provide valuable insight on how and when to push yourself forward. They are an excellent gift for someone who is a fitness enthusiast, be that cycling, running, bodyweight workouts or cross-fit.

We at Lifestyle Updated strongly  believe that what gets measured ultimately gets improved, so do not hesitate to find one you like and read our description or review where available.

The single most common mistake people make when buying a heart rate monitor, is obsessively checking the stats even during their workout session. You’ll have to, therefore, learn to let go, and after the initial excitement to test your body in relation to the monitor, develop a more mature approach to using it. You can check your device two or three times during the workout, and observe what happens when you take a break, but anything more than that and it easily turns into a compulsion. Thankfully, some of the best heart rate monitors allow for retrospective observation, where you download and observe the data afterwards.

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