Fitness can Help Through any Transition in Your Life

Whatever transition we are going through in our life, we tend to experience it rather dramatically. Choosing our line of work, looking for a job, starting or ending relationships, changing our belief systems… And it is not like worrying is absent from the whole picture. It is rather a pertaining part of it and one cornerstone figure for that matter. So how do we make it obsolete?

Fitness can Help Through any Transition

What do we need to do in order not to be constantly under pressure, making analogies and connections between our transition and everything else in life? How do we separate our time while still being able to focus on the task at hand?

Believe it or not, fitness in any form whatsoever can come really handy. And this is not because fitness is the new black in terms of being embedded by society into our way of life, but simply because it distracts just enough as to balance our life and make the transition unable to influence other areas of it.

Kettle, meet pot.

The Benefits of Using Fitness as a Distraction

You can choose your exit from reality in a myriad of ways. Some of them less legit than others if you prefer. But at the end of the day it all comes down to feeling good about yourself.

And here is how fitness helps. Fitness is, you see, an undeniable form of activity pertaining the Flow. And the flow characterizes with the effect it has upon your state of mind- total clarity from distraction, living and enjoying the moment, simply being content.

Other people find it easier to play an instrument thus trying to obtain the same result. But what is unique with fitness is the fact that it is rather more complex in terms of diversity of results. If the one aspect of it is only psychological with helping the flow and making you more relaxed and content, the flip side which is physical is surprisingly beneficial as well.

Not only that you make an overall progress with your health and appearance, but your body releases a chain of chemical processes directly influencing the mood, thus helping the transition in whatever aspect of life you are going through.

Don’t let the Transition Limit Your Life

Whenever we are faced with some difficulty and trying to overcome it, we unintentionally make our quality of life as redundant as it can be.

People looking for a job are likely to feel disheartened doing anything else, and people going through a rough relationship or a brake tend not to live other aspects of life at all.

We are all like that. Focusing on the transition, we spread this mindset on all other segments of living. And it spreads like wildfire.

And it is soon before we realize that no matter the outcome of our transition, we lost some precious time not living our life.

So why Fitness?

Putting the obvious aside which is that it is very beneficial to your mood and health, as well as a cheap and legal way of escaping the clutter caused by your transition, there are some other things to mention too.

  • Don’t constantly remind yourself of the transition you are going through. There is a great quote which I took form a lecture that Srinivas Rao, online marketer and personal development blogger, held, and it goes like this:

“Despite what anybody tells you, when you are going through an extended period of unemployment, the worst possible thing you can do with your time is to spend all of it looking for a job. Because it’s depressing, it’s demoralizing, it’s a constant remainder on daily basis that you are not where you want to be in your life. So I recommend finding something to get you through this phase. For me that thing was surfing…”

Now Srinivas refers to unemployment, but this pattern of conducting your life can really relate to any sort of transition you are getting yourself through. Try to diversify things in order to not be constantly reminding yourself of the transition that you are living. Thinking about it excessively never helps too. You need to find a sort of an escape capsule- Enters fitness.

  • Conditioning your mind to perceive progress, it gets easier to go through your transition. And fitness depends on constant progress. Both in overall appearance and health, as well as clarity of mind and improved mood.
  • Living in the moment, focusing on one thing only, focusing on your movements and letting the flow happen, you enter somewhat of a meditative state of mind. This dramatically influences your decisions later on in times when they really count.

I’m a long time fitness advocate, and strongly stay behind the notion that it is not just this trivial thing centered entirely upon itself. Fitness has the power to influence other areas of life and help you in the quest of transforming your life and strengthening your personal growth. It will help you surpass any transition in your life a lot more easily.

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