My fiancé is a fitness machine. He can do his garden variety of impressive stunts, and looks like a freaking roman statue. Me? I am different in many ways. I like to keep duck-tape solutions in my back pocket. If more can be done with less, I’m game.

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fridge - healthy food

Being bound by biological needs food accounts for most of the processes happening inside our body. And it can both serve as a fuel or toxin depending the way you leverage it.

Translated in vernacular it can keep you young, making your body function like it is supposed to, providing infinite health benefits and keeping you away from disease; or, at the opposite end of the spectrum, be the chief cause of certain diseases and conditions.

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fitness nutrition

We all try, more or less, to improve our fitness level. To change our routine in fitness, add diversity, add myriad of exercises and approaches in the pursuit of the next level in fitness.

And while we relentlessly try to do that, we are, in fact, ignorant to an extent about what our body needs. And I’m not speaking about needs in the terms of supplementation, but rather an altogether natural replenishment, and even prevention to some conditions that may occur while we put our body under additional stress.

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how to lose weight and look great

How to lose weight and look great – This is one of the most common questions nowadays.

Now I would spare you from my actual view on this one in terms of whether we should be paying so much attention on something that is probably not that important, or doing it all for the wrong reasons, but since it’s something closely connected to our understanding of lifestyle as a society I feel that you should have the answer to this question.

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