Why Aesthetics Matter – my Exploration of Interior Design

In the realm of interior design, aesthetics transcend mere visual appeal, molding our living spaces into sanctuaries of comfort and personal expression. My recent foray into this artistic domain, marked by the acquisition of a bespoke solid wood dining table and the collaboration with a skilled carpenter for custom-made millwork, has illuminated my perception.

Interior décor, when done right, is a repository of factors that influence wellbeing. Uniting functional needs with aesthetic preferences, it highlights our values and makes our live easier. Put in other terms, the interior layout is the UI of our live, and the furniture inside a well-chosen set of elements that improves our everyday “user experience”.

The Vital Role of Aesthetics in Interior Design

Aesthetics, in its essence, is an amalgamation of form, color, texture, and space that coalesce to create an environment that is not only pleasing to the eye but also conducive to our personal wellbeing. It’s a symphony of elements that, when harmoniously combined, evoke emotions and transform mere rooms into reflections of our inner selves.

To quote Oscar Wild, “Aesthetics, like sensual selection, make life lovely and wonderful, fill it with new forms, and give it progress, variety and change”.

I recently spoke with Alireza Yavari, a friend of mine who founded SENTIENT furniture, a design and manufacturing startup, in the heart of Brookly, New York. He believes that beauty makes life worth living, and it is therefore our obligation to ingrain the aesthetic in everything that we create. To him, artistic qualities are not mere ornamentation but something more fundamental, perhaps on an equal footing with function itself.

Custom Furniture: Marrying Functionality with Personal Style

Custom made solid wood dining table

Custom furniture stands at the crossroads of functionality and personal style. As I selected my dining table, the choice of solid wood was not just for its timeless elegance but also for its enduring strength. Each piece of furniture we choose or commission is a declaration of our lifestyle, a physical manifestation of our unique needs and aesthetic inclinations. This is why bespoke services are gaining popularity, outcompeting retail solutions.

As an opponent of throwaway culture, I want my possessions to stand the test of time. A task much more easily achieved when negotiated with a skilled craftsman, who understands your unique needs and preferences, and is ready to factor them squarely when creating the design concept.

The role of Interior décor in elevating mood and wellbeing

The hues and tones that drape our walls and furnishings are more than just a palette; they are the architects of mood and ambiance. Delving into color theory, one uncovers the subtle yet profound impact colors have on our psyche. From the calming azure of a serene bedroom to the vibrant yellows of a lively living room, each color we choose is a stroke on the canvas of our daily experiences. When I ordered my solid wood dining table, I insisted on rich tones and deep hues, with a bit of an expressive grain pattern – qualities most commonly found in American black walnut, which is a very attractive domestic hardwood.

According to Helen Roche, an inspiring young woman from Lakewood High School in Ohio whose essay on color was published in the New York Times, “Just as we consume food”, she wrote, “we consume color at an even greater rate, constantly digesting the different tonalities that paint our world.”

She explains the study by Harold Wohlfarth, detailed in the 1982 edition of the International Journal of Biosocial Research, which involved the transformation of a classroom, originally painted in orange and white, to various shades of blue. Following these changes, every student exhibited lower blood pressure, reduced respiration rates, and slower pulse rates, indicating an overall increase in calmness after the renovation of the room.

This is why working with talented designers who have a deep grasp of color theory is essential to every ambitions project, and indeed a necessity for our psychological health.

Furniture as an Extension of Personal Values

In today’s world, where sustainability is not just a choice but a necessity, selecting furniture becomes an exercise in expressing our values. Opting for eco-friendly solutions is not just about making a statement; it’s about making a difference. Each eco-conscious choice in our homes is a step towards a more sustainable and responsible lifestyle.

It does sound outlandish for many, but grassroots’ movements can indeed create an oasis. Starting to care about the environment and starting to make an effort on an individual basis can rapidly reflect on the level of society.

Custom-Made Millwork

Custom-made millwork

Creating bespoke storage solutions through custom-made millwork can be an artistic and practical endeavor. Working alongside a carpenter, I witnessed how skilled craftsmanship could transform wood into functional art, each piece tailored to fit both the spatial needs and the aesthetic ethos of my home.

We have an obligation to use space judicially, tailoring our life around maximum utilization. The less we leave unused, the more responsible our way of living becomes. Retail solutions are often cumbersome and ineffective in achieving this ideal, not to mention nearly as expensive and not quite as durable.

I’ve learned firsthand how custom storage can transform my lifestyle, giving me freedom and efficacy like I never thought possible before. When it comes to lifestyle improvements, there aren’t many investments that can compete with bespoke storage solutions, as these invite order and ease of access, to all that we possess or hope to purchase. And just imagine – the entire project can be appreciated on the aesthetic level as well, enriching our life even further.

Embrace all the practical and aesthetic improvements of your space

The infusion of aesthetics in interior design is more than an exercise in beautification; it’s a journey towards creating spaces that resonate with our identities and values. As I sit at my solid wood dining table, surrounded by the bespoke elegance of my home, I invite you to ponder how your living space can not only reflect but also enhance your life’s narrative.

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