Pendulum Therapy: How To Balance Body Energy For Spiritual Healing

Everything in the universe, including the human body, is made of energies. It’s a fundamental principle in physics. When these energies are balanced, you’ll have a deeper connection and understanding of how your body heals itself emotionally and physically. It’s believed having a spiritually balanced body will help you overcome and restore any health problems and negativities that might be disrupting your way of life. If you’re looking into inner growth and spiritual healing, you might consider trying pendulum therapy.

Pendulums And Their Uses

Pendulums have long been used as a divination tool that comes in all sizes and shapes. Different elements can be used in making these including glass, metals, wood, and crystal. The blunt edge of a pendulum is what they believe to be the reason or medium for the body to achieve a meditative state.

Pendulum Therapy How To Balance Body Energy For Spiritual Healing Lifestyle Updated

They’re useful in detecting energetic fields and when chosen correctly, your pendulum can help you in clearing and balancing your body. Moreover, pendulums are known to be effective in stimulating physical and spiritual healing. The tool also locates any blockage of energy (chi) in the body.

Choosing The Right Kind Of Pendulum

Picking isn’t the norm when it comes to the right pendulum. What happens is it’s the pendulum choosing you and not the other way around. The easiest and most effective way to end up with the one appropriate for you is to hold it in your hand as you close your eyes. Pay close attention to any vibrations or changes in the temperature. You’ll know it’s the right pendulum for you as your spiritual thinking guides you through.

If you’re a beginner in spiritual healing and you’re in search of a pendulum for balancing energy points or ‘chakra’ as they call it in Sanskrit, you can consider buying a dowsing pendulum. It’s inexpensive yet also an effective tool for divination. Dowsing pendulums are often used in getting clarity on personal issues such as family matters, career, health, and relationships.

What Is Pendulum Therapy?

There are several ways to balance body energy, and among them is pendulum therapy. Being a weighted object dangling back and forth, the pendulum is supposed to provide responses to questions asked while being in spiritual therapy.

Pendulum Therapy How To Balance Body Energy For Spiritual Healing Lifestyle Updated

With the help of this therapy, the body is said to ward off any illnesses and negativities surrounding it. As a result, you’d be rejuvenated not only in the physical state but also in mind and spirit.

As the therapy helps in detecting negative energies, it also works simultaneously in helping you connect with a higher level of spirituality. It’ll be easier for the body to get rid of any energy blockages as you seek answers to certain questions weighing your energy down.

Utilizing Your Pendulum

Spiritual pendulums are believed to be effective in enhancing life by balancing body energy. Aside from energy guidance, pendulum therapy may also help you in clearing your mind from stress and negative vibrations.

There are several ways to use a pendulum and it depends on how you need it to function for your intended purpose. Some of these are:

  • Chakra balancing

When you intend to balance the body’s energy to ward off negativities, you must hold the pendulum right above your body’s chakra areas. If you can’t hold it yourself, you may ask someone else to do it for you.

Pendulum Therapy How To Balance Body Energy For Spiritual Healing Lifestyle Updated

There are seven main chakra areas: crown, third eye, throat, heart, solar plexus, sacral, and root chakra. It’s recommended to start from the lowest chakra point which is the root chakra, located at the bottom of the spine. The process is simple—whoever’s holding the pendulum should think or set the intention of the chakra healing.

  • Divination

Also known as dowsing, divination is one of the most popular uses of pendulums. In this technique, you’ll ask questions and the pendulum is supposed to provide answers. It’s been used for thousands of years by regular people, shamans, midwives, scientists, and cultural leaders as their way of obtaining wisdom and knowledge. To make it work, make sure to set signals for answers like ‘yes,’ ‘no,’ or ‘maybe.’ When the signals are all set, you can start asking questions, but make sure they’re answerable by yes, no, or maybe. Some people also combine this technique with tarot card readings to get more accurate knowledge.

  • Healing

To make sure your pendulum will be effective for healing, you need to choose appropriate pendulum elements first. If you want to balance or heal feminine energy, go for white gold and silver pendulums. Stones and crystals like Labradorite, Smoky Quartz, Amethyst, and Clear Quartz are also effective for pendulum healing because of their cleansing properties.

Pendulum Therapy How To Balance Body Energy For Spiritual Healing Lifestyle Updated
  • Energy Clearing

To clear energy, you also need to set your purpose just like when balancing chakras. The most suitable pendulums for this intention are crystals like Black Obsidian, Red Jasper, and Black Tourmaline since they all have energy clearing properties. To make it work, the person in need of clearing should lie down. The pendulum is then used to ‘scan’ the body by moving it from the top of the head down to the bottom. Once you’ve assessed which chakra point needs clearing, you may use other kinds of pendulums depending on the type of healing required.

It’s important to note that pendulum therapy isn’t in any way a substitute for treatment or medical advice. 

Final Thoughts

If you’ve been feeling out of focus or spiritually drained lately, it might be because your body energy is already tipping off the balance. If you’re open to trying something alternative yet spiritually rejuvenating, you can consider going for pendulum therapy.

Pendulum Therapy How To Balance Body Energy For Spiritual Healing Lifestyle Updated

Pendulum therapy can be of great help if you want to enhance your way of living. It’s also a good technique to use when balancing body energy. Just be careful in making sure you choose the right pendulum and determine which chakra points of your body need healing and clearing.

Discover a whole new inner journey of growth and connection to your higher self through spiritual healing. Tap into the power of pendulum therapy today and discover how it can help you balance your energy and ward off negativities weighing you down.

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