9 Tips To Have A Great Glutes Workout

The summer season is just around the corner, so what better time to shape up your glutes so you can look good in your bikinis and shorts!  If you follow the social media accounts of celebrities, like J.Lo and Beyonce, you’ll be more than inspired to do your glutes workout and have a similar result of round booties like them. 

Strong glues aren’t just about looking great while sporting a sexy two-piece bikini. Building muscles in your hips and glutes allows you to improve your power and stability. It gives you the freedom to participate in any kind of sports, without getting physically exhausted and drained easily. The muscle groups in your glutes will improve your performance and reduce any risk of injuries, too. Use a COBA Board now and get on with your booty workout.

But, before anything else, here are some helpful tips and tricks for you to obtain great results from a great glutes workout:

Activate Muscles On Your Glutes

Unfortunately, your daily activities don’t often require you to use or contract your glutes. They’re one of the largest muscles in the human physique, so building this muscle group will give you the benefits of staying powerful and strong.

9 Tips To Have A Great Glutes Workout Lifestyle Updated

One of the essential tips when doing any glute workout is to prime these muscle areas first. Execute some glute activation exercises, like glute kickbacks, flutter kicks on the floor, and stability ball hip thrusts. These are intense, but will eventually activate your glutes for a more effective workout. When the glutes are all fired up, you’ll be able to tolerate more intense and challenging glutes workouts.

Use Mind-Muscle Connection

Throughout your entire glutes workout, ensure to have a strong mind and muscle connection. This will help you stay aware of your behind and focus on working those muscles consistently throughout your workout. Each rep and movement should be performed to squeeze precisely at the moment of the exercise’s focused action. 

In every glutes workout, you should be aware of when the movement’s peak is as it’s the crucial time to squeeze your glutes the most. When your muscles exert the most effort, the muscle will be formed exactly during that critical time. Breakdown of muscles is essential in a training session as they usually rebuild and recover during breaks and pauses. 

Execute Various Feet Placements

Although it’s important to keep your toes forward, it’s not harmful to place them out at an angle too.

9 Tips To Have A Great Glutes Workout Lifestyle Updated

This allows a variety of foot placement, which works with different muscles on your legs also. This variety of foot placements is suitable for squats and deadlift workouts. You can make lunges in different feet positions, like diagonal lunges and curtsies. Even a one-legged exercise also benefits your glutes and leg muscles.

Fuel Your Muscles

Working out intensely will drain your energy and burn a lot of calories. Ensure to be replenished by incorporating a high-protein diet into your lifestyle. This will help your muscles to develop. Your body will require dietary and caloric support for it to proceed in building muscles. Include nutritious foods in your diet, especially those that can help aid in muscle building. Research on some healthy guidelines as to which foods and nutrients are needed for your gluteal muscle development.

Use Various Reps And Weights

When doing repetitive workouts far too long, chances are it won’t lead to positive results anymore. Your body will be accustomed to specific weights and repetitions. It’s essential to explore and switch things up. Challenge and surprise your body constantly by doing different workouts in various reps and using different weights.

9 Tips To Have A Great Glutes Workout Lifestyle Updated

This tip will be good for your mental state, too, as it will not bore you, unlike when doing the same old routine all the time. You’ll enjoy all the more doing a variety of exercises, which includes squats, lunges, and deadlifts. With different reps and weights involved, each workout will remain a surprise and a challenge. 

Incorporate Cardio To Your Glutes Workout

A combination of two workouts always results in more effective outcomes. Combining glutes with a cardio workout is great. Instead of doing a usual run on the treadmill, what about mixing it with some glutes workout, like walking lunges on an incline. This will surely give you the burn as your leg and glutes muscles start to work excessively.

9 Tips To Have A Great Glutes Workout Lifestyle Updated

If you’re working out from home, you can skip the idea of using a treadmill and research exercise videos on YouTube that combine cardio and glutes workouts.

Consider Mixing Plyometric Workouts 

Another effective workout combination is incorporating plyometric exercises into your glutes workouts. This will tighten and tone your bums and make your heart rate go up, like what cardio workouts do. Although this combo could potentially be enough as your main workout, it can also work as your pre-exhaust exercise.

Athletes can use plyometrics to break the monotony of training and improve their strength and explosiveness while working to become more agile. Studies show that improvements in agility can occur in as little as 6 weeks of plyometric training.

Miller, M. G., Herniman, J. J., Ricard, M. D., Cheatham, C. C., & Michael, T. J. (2006). The effects of a 6-week plyometric training program on agility. Journal of sports science & medicine, 5(3), 459–465.

Add Resistance

If you want a shortcut from doing hundreds of bodyweight squats, but want to get fantastic results, you can add some resistance. Using weights or resistance bands while doing your squats, lunges, and deadlifts will make you reap better results. 

9 Tips To Have A Great Glutes Workout Lifestyle Updated

Maximize the effect of resistance by incorporating it into your glutes workout regularly. If it’s too advanced for you, you can reduce the amount of weight or resistance level. Go at your own pace, but always create a challenge to push those muscle fibers to their maximum potential.

Stay Consistent

Last but not the least, consistency is key. Working out for a day or a week won’t give you the results you want. You can’t have a toned and rounded bum by giving up right away. Monitor your progress consistently as you commit to your glutes workout routine daily. 

Like any muscle group in your body, it also takes time for your glutes to develop the muscles you’ve been aiming to have. Be consistent with your workouts and diet, and you’ll reap the rewards soon enough.


Now that you’ve gathered all the tips to perform a great glutes workout, turn up your workout music and start your booty blasting exercise. You’ll be surprised to find how practical these tips are. Your body will soon be summer-ready. Embrace your body’s progress and get ready to wear your favorite bikini. 

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