Mike Tyson’s Squat Routine – Fun & Intense Squat Workout

Working the lower part of your body can be especially tiresome if you are determined to work out at home. Aside from squat repetitions and plyometric moves, there is hardly anything interesting you can do in order to have fun.

Squat Routine

The video that follows is a rare exception. It is one of the workouts from the Fitness Updated library, and this is the first time we are sharing it outside of the paid platform.

Once you learn the concept, and the instructions in order to keep proper form, you can replicate this video anywhere you like, without necessarily having to look for guidance.

It will work your thighs like nothing ever will, and help you lose thing fat rather fast. I recommend doing this once per week, but if you progress fast enough, you can complete it for an additional session after two or three days.

The origin of this workout and what it is for

This workout – and it might be just a rumor – was invented by Mike Tyson. While he was in prison, and trying for ways to stay fit, he came up with a very intense squat sequence.

So here is the outline. You are placing ten stacks of cards in front of you, starting with one, then two, three and so forth until you reach the last stack of ten cards.

Starting from one end of the line, you are going to step right next to the first stack and squat in order to pick the card. Then you take a step forward, placing yourself right next to the second stack of cards. You will now squat in order to drop the card you have in your hand, and then come up empty handed.

Then you will complete three additional squats, picking all of the cards that are now in that stack- one card per squat.

After you complete this, you are stepping forward again, dropping the cards you now have in hand. Again, you are going to drop them one by one.

This process continues until you pick and drop every single card on your way to the last stack. After the session is over, you will have successfully completed more than 280 squats.

So what is the purpose of this workout?

Squat Routine

First of all, by making this session different from traditional ways of training, you will have more fun. This is of great help when tackling demanding and boring routines.

Another thing that’s important is that you will have a way of measuring your progress each and every time you are doing this session.

It is a great lower body workout session without having to jump around the room and disturb neighbours. And this is especially useful when you are into a hotel room or traveling for weeks on end.

Other than this, you will train your legs till failure, increasing endurance, strength, and stressing the muscle more than with any other traditional bodyweight session.

You will define your hamstrings and quads, and lose fat from your lower abdomen as well. If you are a fan of challenging bodyweight routines like Insanity, P90X and the whole workout library of Beachbody on Demand, then you are going to LOVE this one.

For now, don’t think about any of that, and try to have fun while diversifying your lower body workout session. It will hurt tomorrow, so try to stay within your level of comfort for now, and complete only as many repetitions as you can.

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