Ab Shredder From Asylum Vol. 2

This is a review from the mini-series we are currently publishing, of the Ab Shredder workout from Asylum Vol. 2, a Beachbody release. The goal of this series is to familiarize you further with different workout videos from the Beachbody programs, so you can combine them better when creating customized schedules within the Beachbody on Demand platform.

Insanity Asylum Volume 2

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If you were to ask me, this is the mother of all ab workouts. Shaun T has done an amazing job when creating the sequences, incorporating within all principles of ab training.

  • Ab workouts, by a rule of thumb, should be rather short
  • They should target the core from multiple angles
  • They should target the core in a variety of intensity degrees
  • Both speed and power should be combined
  • They should incorporate an additional muscle group, if not more, in order to lighten the load otherwise carried by the abs alone
  • They should be fun, or otherwise most people would dread doing them
  • Some amount of rest and stretch should be also incorporated

If you look closely at Ab Shredder, it is the perfect ticket, since it achieves all of the above.

The obliques, the lower abs, upper abs… all of these are experiencing tremendous amount of stress, all the while supporting muscle groups take off the load when necessary. Laterals, shoulders, thighs… all chip in for the fun.

In addition, you are doing a slight amount of cardio, but also some serious power moves as well. The workout lasts slightly less than 20 minutes, including rest periods as well as stretching at the end.

And there are three options to go about Ab Shredder:

  • Finish as you can, once- usually for intermediate or beginner levels.
  • Finish the workout without a single stop, while keeping correct form, again once- Intermediate and more advanced level.
  • Finish the workout once, keeping correct form, without a stop, and doing it all over again as much as you can, trying to make it to the end- advanced level.
  • Two complete, non-stop takes, correct form throughout- you’ve got to be kidding me.

This, right here, is your ab workout for years to come. Doesn’t require a lot of space, no extra jumping involved, you can do it even without equipment (use your imaginary ladder)… Short and fun, it will put the most targeted stress on your abs, making them grow, while burning fat tissue overall and making your abdominal section lean. You will also notice a huge boost in performance and tremendous increase in core strength.

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