Showing Up For Your Dreams

showing up for your dreams

Are you? Are you showing up for your dreams? Well it’s time to think about that. Because you now what? Life is going by, day by day, and you may be just losing some precious time.

Couple of days ago I was scanning through some content bookmarked for reading, and I came across this amazing article that raises this question. It got me thinking right away.

I mean we all try and do our walk without questioning, but once you put this idea in your head that maybe there is something more in your life, or something else that you should do, and you are not going for that – well, let’s say you have one of those “a-ha!” moments. The first response to this is very natural- you get the feeling like you want to pack your things and go to some distant place, or just pack your desk and leave that office job.

But probably that is not the change that you should be doing. How come? Well, for one thing, it was your whole perception on things that got you there in the first place. And if you want to live the life you dream for, than the logical thing to do is to change some things perception wise.

Think outside of the box, some may say. But what is really outside of the box, if you don’t know that you are in fact living in a box. What are the borders of your box, your world, your everyday?

What is the routine? Do you want to escape that? Are you ready? All of the sudden these and many other questions arise, and as soon as we know we are head over heels with the unknown, and quite frankly terrified.

But let’s start simpler. First ask yourself this:

Are you putting up with things you are not quite fond of?
If so, what are those?

Chances are there are places, duties, even people, that take a portion of your everyday that only keeps you more and more into that box.

But even though knowing those things, we never quite try and leave them behind. We rather acknowledge them, but do not try to act upon our conclusions.

It’s more of an approval seeking syndrome- our daily routine that is. We keep ourselves busy, and our dreams are under constant surveillance – not letting them resonate from within. But hey, that’s really ok. Try letting yourself wonder without any restrain, and tell me how that goes- I know for me, my head will blow up.

But now jokes aside, we really need something to keep us checked through our life, but not at the expense of not living our dream.

The thing is this: Just try and realize what are the things that you are just showing up for. Without any passion, without desire, without the feeling of purpose. Just try and avoid them as much as you can.

Whether these are places, people, obligations that you occasionally do. You know this one the best. Well, just avoid them, plain simple as that.

It will leave you much room for things that you really want to do, people you really want to be with. Things will quickly fall in the right places, and the puzzle is forming without you ever noticing. The next thing you know is that your life has changed for better, and you are on the way to live the dream.

Here is some homework for you to do right now:

Try and do something today that you believe is closely connected to your dream, or fulfilling your goals.

Even if this is something rudimentary and trivial like typing a query in Google, or reading a thread on Reddit that closely connects to your goal. You can write your goals on a piece of paper, or read motivational quotes in order to lift your spirit and influence your mindset. Every time, for example, when I welcome new clients for fitness and wellness coaching, I have them read motivational workout quotes in order to become more passionate about their goals.

It will spark a chain of connected actions that will in turn get you where you want to be. If not that, it will at least inflame your passion, ergo your dream.

Do not live the life of your neighbor, or the life society tells you to live – choose for yourself what suits you the most, and hold tight to that.

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