Stop Delaying, Make The First Step

Stop Delaying, Make The First Step.

Why people always lean towards what seems to be the easier path? The easier approach? Why’s that? Why not take the high road?

That’s a question that I and many of my friends are thinking about. Why let life pass by or just let it flow in a boring linear direction. Why not spend some time to differently direct things in life, even if that means taking some “off-road” approach.
Harder doesn’t necessarily have to mean bad. It can even be sort of fun.

But even so, we all, kind of want to let things flow by themselves. Why not get in there and try to rearrange something? And make no mistake – that will pay off big time later.

Everything great started by leaving the comfort of your familiar, leaving the everyday routine, even if it’s just for a second.

Changing the mindset provide the first step and vice versa

Changing the mindset allows people to engage themselves into something different, and rather unfamiliar.

All of that resulting into new way of thinking, new idea, new views. And all of the sudden you may notice your perception towards certain things in life changing, you may experience something worth seeking.

But it’s that first step that can mess things up. Or to be more exact, not taking the first step. Whether it’s general lethargy, fair amount of fear from the unknown, not wanting to let go of the comfort that comes along with the already familiar… You name it, chances are that these are the most common reasons.

And while I’m writing something that I sincerely hope will resonate with some of you, the thing is that it’s your own “Ah-ha!” moment that must provoke the action. At least that’s how I start things up.

But how to start that first step, if the first step is what moves the whole thing up? It’s the classic “chicken or the egg” situation. And here is where you tilt things in your favor.

Just let yourself have that “Ah-ha!” moment, that instant when you see things from a little bit different angle, when you escape even for a second from that narrow perspective. Then, the first step just seems like the logical and even natural thing to do.

I remember when I proposed to my wife. The moment I felt certain about our relationship, where it was going, and where I wanted to take it, I instantly realized that I want to start the process that leads to a happy marriage. The first step was to visualize everything, to set a loosely defined time-frame in my mind, and to think about the proposal. Soon enough I was visiting jewelry storefronts and browsing e-commerce shops with beautiful moissanite engagement rings. The proposal came soon after, then the planning for the wedding, the new home, and the ceremony. Now we live together as husband and wife, enjoying our union.

And how to do this? Well, focus on your goals, and let yourself drift a little bit from the ordinary. Go and seek some inspiration from people that you personally admire. Ones that worked things up in an inspiring way. And then it will most likely just come to you too.

Before you know, the first step will be already behind you, and you’ve started to walk the walk. But this time in quite different fashion.

This post is quite short in order to maybe provoke such a response for some, but in its short form the message is quite clear – do not procrastinate, but start now. Stop reading for a while, and start doing things.

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