15 Cool Things To Open Your Wallet For

Researching for this article, I’ve noticed a strange urge to reach for the credit card. Not sure, but it might have the same effect while reading it. The list that follows includes some pretty cool stuff. Most of which not classifying as necessitates, no matter how hard you are trying to justify your spending habits; though nonetheless, they are going to change a number of things in your life.

shut up and take my money

Naming it “my wish list” didn’t seem right, so I changed the title. A generic all-encompassing introduction slightly bothers me as well, since it is hard to write about them in general- they share so little in common.  But what makes them cool, you ask?

Most of these are startups funded on Kickstarter a year or so back. They inspire with magnificent design, impeccable user experience, and features that you were to find only in sci-fi movies filmed a decade ago at most. They are made with modern-first-world obstacles in mind, easing some aspects of your life, improving your lifestyle.

But pure fun and entertainment are in the mix as well. Having 14 items on the list, not all of them are easy to place in one niche. So it goes that some differ from others in all the possible ways you can think of. Subscription boxes, apps, gadgets… Think colorful, and broad.

To begin with, I live outside the US (and so do the majority of internet users, in case people are wondering). This, needless to say, makes shipping a problem. A dollar’s worth one. So, while I exaggerate with my reaction to pricing, I hope that you will understand (I also do hope for a gift as well – and now you know all my hopes for today). Some items do require savings on the side; others are not expensive at all- depends the way you look at the purchase.

Consider this the Lifestyle Updated’s guide for buying awesomeness.



Let me start by buying you a drink. You can then pour it into this cool cup. And here is what it does.

Vessyl is the cup that knows what’s inside. It detects the liquid, and gives you all the info imaginable. This way, it will track everything you drink throughout the day. Not only does it recognize and measure your liquid intake, but Vessyl turns it into easy to follow data on your mobile app. The ways in which it can be applied are numerous- track your calorie, sugar and caffeine intake; make sure you stay hydrated throughout the day; get help in quitting or reducing bad habits.

It also syncs perfectly with popular activity tracking apps, making the assessments about your drinking habits much more accurate.

As for design and technical characteristics, it is very minimal looking, easy to clean, charging wire-free. Cheers.



If Google ads and remarketing didn’t bother you enough for the holidays, let me do that now. Gramovox is a Bluetooth speaker, with an awe inspiring design. It connects with any Bluetooth device, and streams the vintage organic sound of a gramophone.

I’m not much of an audio fan, but visiting their site wins me over right away. Besides, what else is to know? It’s a very cool looking gramophone, Bluetooth friendly, with awesome sound. Add that to the chart.

The water rower


Row, row, row your boat…

This is the most expensive item on the list and another beast entirely. Besides, it is Kevin Spacey approved, which makes it cool in itself. A rowing machine that doesn’t create noise, suspends all the energy you produce, and feels like you row through water. Needless to say, it is the most amazing buy for your fitness loving self.

Natural and minimal design; portable, a nice fit into your home; the closest you will ever get to rowing outside lakes and river beds. Where is Santa now when I know what to ask for?

Update – if you are interested into rowing machines, definitely make sure to read our comprehensive (massive) guide on how to chose the best rowing machines. We compared some of the most popular models as well, and reviewed them separately.

Skoog 2.0


In a past life I played the violin and was obsessed with music. Now, I’m obsessed with startups and product creation. Skoog does them both.

Unleashing creativity, they put together a new type of musical instrument – one that you can play in endless combinations. The idea is simple – you assign sounds through the app, hence programing your Skoog the way you feel at the time. Then, you play.

The video on their Kickstarter campaign describes it better than I ever will. Have a look.



Another Kickstarter protégé. BitBite measures and tracks your eating habits and everything that you chew. Placed like a Bluetooth headset in your ear, it connects to your app and gives you awesomely designed infographics on every aspect of your eating habits. Tracking quantity, calories, nutrients, patterns…

And like this isn’t enough, the app learns your habits and recommends healthier choices depending on your goals.



An officer pulls you over, and you know you’ve been drinking. How cool would it be if you can tell him the exact numbers without having to use the meter? Or, how about knowing when to stop drinking altogether for the night?

Turns out, DrinkMate does just that. Plugging the device into your smartphone, in less than few seconds, you can start blowing towards it. It will show the exact amount of your BAC (blood alcohol content) right there on your screen. Given its size- smaller than a regular key- and the fact that it charges from your phone only 7 seconds prior to use, this thing is a must have for any person with a driving license.



Cutting through the noise, this is the coolest charging device you will ever come across. The idea behind it is incredible- you take the square device, which is half your smartphone in sizing and just carry it with you anywhere. Prepare for what you are going to read now- it charges itself, creating energy through even the smallest of movement! Now tell me how far your jaw has dropped.

That’s right – Ampy is the world smallest wearable charger. It charges your smartphone by creating energy out of your everyday activities. The more you move the more power you get.

The technical characteristics are something they have the right to brag for, but let me leave you with a single thought before continuing to their site- strapping Ampy to your leg while biking; or my favorite one- strapping it to your dog. Going off the grid starts right here.



Wanna quit bad habits? This will shock you. No, I mean literally shock you. Pavlok is a wristband that sends electromagnetic shocks every time you are doing something you would rather want to stop.

Nail biting, junk food, expressing anger, smoking… you name it. It is synced with an app on your phone, helping you to stay away from bad habits.

So how does it work? Well, it gives you a shock whenever you are doing the bad habit – Aversion therapy, in case you want to Google it. Bottom line – it works with nearly every compulsive behavior and most of the bad habits that come to mind.



Here is a cool one for parents. Wishbone is the world’s smallest and easiest-to-use smart thermometer. It can accurately check body, object or environment temperature. A huge hit on Kickstarter, this is probably one of the best tools for the price. Heck, I would pay double without hesitating.

Wishbone is plugged in your smartphone, and shows the data right away on your screen- Making it easy to use, unlike your ordinary thermometer, even in the dark. You will also be able to track the changes via graphics made out of collected data; temperature fluctuations, over time, so you can help your doctor with more info easily. Oh, and one more thing- it measures within seconds.

It can also be used for measuring the temperature of food, milk and… Anything else really.



This is one of the best things that ever happened to my life. Let me start by saying that Headspace is a meditation app with beautiful design, and splendid user experience. What makes it unique is the content within the app though.

Andy, the guy behind all the lessons and guided practice, spent five years in Tibet as a celibate monk. Bar none, he is the best mentor you will ever have in your life. With methodic approach that cannot be matched, he will guide you into the practice of meditation for only 10 to 20 minutes per day.

Learn how to coexist with difficult emotions, how to cope, how to detach… Learn how to be present in the moment (sounds so underrated until you experience it), how to be aware of your emotions, feelings, patterns of thought. Learn how to let go, break the pattern, and rewire your brain.

It helped me strengthen my relationship; learn how to manage my anxiety, even break away from compulsive behaviors. And I’ve been only doing it on and off for five months.

Beachbody on Demand


While we are in the mindset for subscription based products, have a look at Beachbody on Demand; titled by many influencers – the future of fitness.

In case you are wondering why the name sounds familiar, it is because of ads like the one for P90X and the Insanity workout program. Yup, Beachbody is the company behind all recent fitness trends, including those of legendary coach Tony Horton and Shaun T.

By the looks of it, you might guess I’m slightly biased. And I should be- for some of these programs helped me transform my body into a freaking fitness machine.

So what is Beachbody on Demand?

It is a library of nearly all of their workout programs, which you can access online. Through your laptop, iPad, smartphone… You pay a monthly subscription fee of 12$, and get unlimited access to almost all of their videos, as well as diet schedules and nutrition plans that you can combine with your own supplements like Fit Tea. The user interface is great, and there are many features included that you won’t be able to find elsewhere.

In case you are hesitant, take a peak within their free one month trial period. Or, read our Beachbody on Demand review (we are giving some custom created workout schedules for free download as well).



Activity tracking went huge over the last couple of years. Well, FitBit is the crème de la crème of tracking your fitness and sleep and everything in between. You will be able to track everything that you do, as well as monitor your progress.

The line of products they offer is broad, satisfying every goal and need. It makes fitness a lot of fun and is very stylish as well. The features are numerous, and I’m afraid I cannot cover them here. Check their site, you won’t regret.

If you are interested in a broader range of fitness technology equipment, make sure to browse our curated collection where you’ll find some of the most affordable fitness trackers.



This is it – the coolest thing ever!

Flic is a small button. And that’s about everything in terms of what it is. So what does Flic do, you ask? Allow me – Flic takes photos, navigates, snoozes alarms, plays music, answers phone calls, controls the lights, TV, orders pizza, and on and on this list goes…

Flic comes as a part of an app, installed on your smartphone. You assign action to the button, and once you click it- voila- it is in motion.

So, you set the specific action (or number of actions) and whenever you click flick, they will start. Arriving home, you can turn on the lights, play your favorite show, order pizza, and send messages to friends to come over… All with a single click. The possibilities stretch as far as your imagination does.

Wet Shave Club


Enough thinking outside the box. Let us now focus on what is inside instead. Some time prior to writing this article, my friend, the guy who makes for the other half of Lifestyle Updated, shared a link to a Reddit post.

That’s how I came to learn about Wet Shave Club – an online startup that delivers boxes of grooming equipment right to your door. Their business is an excellent case study of dedication and passion, and their products are equally cool as well.

Style and convenience, both packed into a well-designed box. Simple, elegant, cool.



Quaterly is another in-the-box subscription model that is built on the premise of an incredible idea – you subscribe to a curator, usually a person that is popular and has a large following (entrepreneurs, athletes, artists and the like) and start receiving his curated boxes in your mail.

What is inside the box? Well, each curator has a different style and vision, and he or she is picking the content accordingly. The number and type of items is never the same. Hard core fan? Interested in what influencers and celebrities have to share? Here is the site.

Opening your wallet has never been easier, right?  You are welcome.

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