Hand Strength – Power Eggs – Egg Balls – Hand, Finger and Grip Strengthening, Therapy Stress Balls, Relieves Joint Pain – Set of 3 (Soft,Medium,Firm)

If you are looking for a way to train your forearms and hand grip strength in isolation, these power eggs – egg balls will provide plenty of opportunity. They are 100% rubber, with a size of 1.75 inches to 2.5 inches, offering 3 different levels of resistance (yellow, red and blue). Although they look cute and resemble toys more so than any fitness gear, they are much better than traditional hand strengtheners, offering dozens of angles for you to work on your forearms.

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Hand Strength – Power Eggs – Egg Balls Review

Now this is a product I jumped to the opportunity to review, mostly because of the fact that hand grip strengtheners have never made sense to me. Setting my eyes on these Power Eggs for the first time, I was surprised that they looked nothing like your average hand gripper, which made me even more curious. It was time to face my prejudices.

I have to say, the first thing that attracted me to this product was their egg-shape. They do look like toys in all those bright colors, but boy oh boy was I in for a surprise when I finally tried them. It was a completely different level of a hand exercise, which I’d never actually realized I needed before I put my hands on these resistant little things. It also worked for releasing all that stress that’s been piling up throughout the entire day – it worked like magic!

Different levels of resistance

The Power Eggs come in three different levels of resistance, one for each different color: soft (yellow), medium (red) and hard (blue). Being a woman and quite a strong one as I like to think, I went for the red one, and it was an instant match. I have quite stiff wrist joints and forearms due to weightlifting, and squeezing the egg balls felt like a miracle relaxant. The following two weeks I alternated between the medium and hard resistance Power Eggs and I was amazed not only by the difference they made in terms of my joint and muscle soreness, by also by the effect they had on my hand grip (which is oh so important for my deadlifts).

Size and material

The Power Eggs are just large enough to fit the palm of your hand (the size is 1.75’’ x 2.5’’), which means that you can put them in your pocket and take them with you everywhere you go. They are made of 100% rubber which is safe for your health and the environment, and they are water resistant which makes keeping them clean rather easy.

The texture feels satisfying on the touch, and it will provide a non-slippery grip even if you have sweaty hands after a long session.


The Hand strength – power eggs – egg balls are an excellent way to relieve hand, lower and upper arm stiffness and joint pain. Also, they are great for improving grip and strength of the fingers and hands, while at the same time serving as a vent for your accumulated stress. You’ll genuinely feel more relaxed after several minutes of Power Egg – therapy. If you bring one of these to the office, and practice for at least one minute in between tasks, you’ll feel much more energized to tackle the next one. At least that’s how I felt for the first week bringing these in my purse.

What you get for the price

You get a pack of 3 Power Balls (all three levels of resistance) at a very affordable price. They come with a 100% money back guarantee if, by any chance, the product doesn’t live up to your expectations. The price, needless to say, for a quality pack like this one, is more than affordable.


The Hand strength – power eggs – egg balls hand strengtheners are an excellent item that will help you work on your grip strength. They will alleviate some of the writs soreness, provide more grip control, and make your forearms chiseled. These muscle groups are very hard to tackle in isolation, and traditional hand strengtheners do a poor job in keeping you engaged due to their one-dimensional form. These will have you occupied for months on end. Quality made and nicely separated in terms of resistance, they are definitely worth the price. Highly recommended!

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