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Reaction Balls

If you are training for agility and speed, reaction balls are probably one of the best and cheapest equipment to consider. Training with a reaction ball is engaging, fun, and makes competition no sweat. Reaction balls improve hand eye coordination, control over acceleration, reaction time and speed. We’ve put together a huge list of the best reaction balls on Amazon, along with similar speed and agility equipment. You’ll find dozens of deals of reaction balls for sale so act fast (no pun intended) when you stumble upon a very affordable item, and get it at a supper affordable price over at Amazon.

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Why would you need Reaction Balls?

Training with a reaction ball is a very demanding process. You’ll notice as much of a mental fatigue as you do physical. And that’s partially the beauty of it. Few exercises and equipment can allow you to train your body and mind at the same time, while enjoying the process. The standard reaction ball is great for speed and practicing coordination and response time. It will elevate your agility capabilities to an entirely new level. And you can train in different ways as well…

For example, you can position yourself into a semi squat, lengthening the arms in front of you and dropping the ball from a knee high position. Then, react to the ball, and jump forward with your legs still into the semi squat, regardless of which direction it goes. Try to catch it, or at least follow the movement.

Do this exercise for a couple of times, and up the ante by increasing the height from where you drop the ball. Reaction balls are very unpredictable in their trajectory, so you can expect to be confused and react poorly. The more you try though, the better it gets.

Another exercise you can try with reaction balls is bouncing them against the wall, and reacting accordingly. You can also throw the ball about 10 feet in front of you, with a soft throw, and accelerate towards it right before it hits the ground. Then you’ll have to react fast and combine your acceleration with coordination and body control. This is one of the best ways to improve your reaction.

The list features a lot of reaction balls for sale, so take your time to browse through. All of them are available on Amazon, to where you’ll be redirected after reading the full description (or review where we have one). Learn more about the shipping and handling on Amazon. Many of the reaction balls you’ll find on the list ship for free to the US, UK, and Canada.

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