Foam Roller for Physical Therapy, Myofascial Release & Exercise for Muscles with Soft Deep-Tissue Massage – Best for Stretching, Tension Release, Cramp Relief, Pilates & Yoga – 13″ x 5″, Orange

Being a bit of a CrossFit fanatic, I put my body through a serious grinder four to five days a week. It’s not a rocket science that when muscles are overworked in such a way, massage is an essential part of the recovery process. The Abco Tech Foam Roller for physical therapy is one of the best models in its category, and there is a number of features making it hard to compete against.

This model has been ranked fairly high on different lists around the internet, and I finally got my hands on it so I can write a detailed review. Needless to say, it is one of the best products that we have tested here at Lifestyle Updated.

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Abco Tech Foam Roller for physical therapy – Review

I have never been disciplined in that way and in all the years that I have been exercising, I have had a sports massage only a few times, and that’s before I discovered foam rollers for muscle tension relief. I’ve been using them for years, both in the gym and at home, and they worked wonders for me. The Abco Tech foam roller is the last one I have tried, and I am more than pleased to give you my verdict.

The first thing I liked about the Abco Tech foam roller was its firmness. In other words, it wasn’t too soft or too firm, but just about strong enough to give a pleasant and pain-free massage. First, I tried it on my back and neck, and it took me about just a few minutes to start feeling my muscles relaxing and my knots loosening up. I’m not a huge fan of soft rollers so naturally this one was a love at first sight.

Incredible quality and solid design

I also tested it on my buttock and hamstring on a day when they were particularly sore, and it worked like magic. It also gets your blood flow going, and leaves you with a sense of a totally relaxed and refreshed body, just as a regular massage would. Its texture with the palm, tip and finger zone provides a feeling of a real-hand massage with varied pressure. I cannot say that the model is revolutionary by any stretch of the imagination, but it is definitely the best design in its class.

The material looks solid and of good-quality, and after several weeks of usage the foam hasn’t shown any sign of peeling. In the past, I was always using the foam roller with the protection nylon on top, because of the issue of peeling and damaging the foam. This one is definitely in a league of its own.

Sweat and odor repellant

Another thing that I find particularly appealing in Abco Tech Foam Roller for physical therapy is that, unlike some of the other rollers I have used, the foam doesn’t seem to have soaked in sweat or other odors. Also, it is very easy to clean – just use a damp towel and a soft detergent and it’s as good as new.

This will go hand in hand with how durable the model actually is. I’ve used a number of softer rollers in the past, but all eventually gave up on me after several months. If you are using yours at home, it will definitely last a while longer, but this one will outlast most of the other models regardless of usage.


The Abco Tech Foam Roller for physical therapy is also very light and compact, only 13” to 5”, so you can easily pack your Abco Tech foam roller and make sure you don’t miss on your massage even when you are traveling.

It’s a smaller size model that you can store easily anywhere in your home, which is especially important for me because I have a smaller apartment with not a lot of room for storage. My husband is always reactive when I bring home another piece of fitness gear, but this one he loves.


At the price it comes, the Abco Tech Foam Roller for physical therapy is a great value for the money and I definitely recommend it. It is far better than most of the others in this class. Portable, durable, designed to actually give you a deep massage, sweat and odor repellent… It has all the features and qualities that you’d look for in a sturdy and firm model.

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