The Insanity Asylum Review – Everything You Need to Know

If you are into the fitness world, an exercises junkie, or broadly speaking a fitness aficionado you’ve probably heard about “Insanity: The Asylum” workout program.

insanity asylum review

Knowing that it comes from Beachbody – the company behind already proven names such is the Insanity workout, the P90X workout, Hip-Hop abs, the Piyo workout, Cize workout, Insanity Max 30, etc.- it is somewhat of a reassurance as towards what to expect.

And the expectations, at least from my point of view, were massive.

For one considering the brand names behind it (both the Beachbody company and one of the best coaches in the world- Shaun T), as well as the selling line, at least for me, that this is the hardest (let me stress that again – THE HARDEST) workout put on DVD ever (an adjective previously attributed to the Insanity workout program – created by Shaun T, the creator of the Focus T25 workout as well. ).

Also, have in mind that you can now stream Asylum with the new Beachbody On Demand streaming service, which allows for streaming of workouts anytime, anywhere. You can read more in this Beachbody on Demand review.

Long story short, I took the challenge, completed the workout, and now want to lay things down for you.

Me being a HUGE fitness junkie, will without doubt reflect my enthusiasm and excitement about Insanity: The Asylum workout, which will in some cases make this Insanity Asylum review sound like a sales letter; but I will try to make this Insanity Asylum review both as much detailed and as much unbiased as I can as to make you guys see for yourself what this workout is really all about.

This Insanity Asylum review goes in over more than 6000 words, and by the end of it I’m convinced that you will be presented with all the details you need to know about the program, as well as whether or not this is the right thing for you.

What is Insanity The Asylum workout?

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Right before starting with this Insanity Asylum review and scrutinizing down to the basics, let’s get familiar with what the media says.

It is a workout program designed for serious fat loss and muscle definition, done in 30 days, in the comfort of your own home, making you look great, as well as perform better in any physical activity or sport you can think of through working out in the athletic matrix – doing compound and demanding athletic movements, high intensity cardio, some resistance training using weights and a lot of resistance training using your own body weight.

At its core, this is as close as it gets to describing the program in simple terms. However rather obliquely at that – it doesn’t do justice to the complexity of it.

Hopefully, this Insanity Asylum review will shed some light on understanding the workout in its entirety.

What to expect from the Insanity Asylum workout?

The note of skepticism becomes quite understandable when you see the time on the wall- only 30 days. But to those who completed the Insanity workout program, the concept which Shaun T promotes is already clear.

Be ASSURED that you will get the results in the period of 30 days.

However, sparing you from the flowery prose, I will say that this is not possible if you do not watch a close eye on your diet (more on that later), or follow the schedule, hitting play without pausing the videos while they run and pushing yourself to your limits.

This being said, and assuming that you are in for the game, here is what you can expect in terms of results:

  • Dramatically decreased body fat percentage. And I cannot stress dramatically enough. I completed the Insanity workout, and it drained all the fat tissue there was. Seeing that it can go even lower was a surprise for me. Your thighs and butt will lose a lot of fat, abdomen too, oblique’s, as well as shoulders and arms.
  • Incredibly defined arms and shoulders. You will bulk up some, but it will mostly come down to muscle definition- every bit of muscle showing like a separate part. This, during the first two weeks made me smile from one ear to another. It really looks amazing.The next two weeks the effect is even better, since the muscles start to recover and grow.
  • Abs, abs, abs – Especially lower ones. The Insanity workout gave me some great abs, and this removed whatever remaining fat tissue there was. Not one “traditional” abs exercise, yet you will notice somewhat of a muscle growth in the abdominal section.
  • Thighs and calves will be all muscle. These were the areas I lost the most amount of fat tissue from. And the muscle is everywhere. Everywhere. My thighs have dropped in size, and it feels great.
  • Your back will be in great shape. For the first time in my life I realized how many muscle groups there were on the back. And they will all show up a little and drain the surrounding fat tissue, making your back lean like never before. This is another area in which Insanity Asylum workout is superior when compared to Insanity.
  • A great butt workout without feeling the work. The Insanity workout drains a lot of fat around your thighs and butt area, but it falls short in comparison with the Insanity Asylum workout. Not only will the fat tissue melt away, but you will notice some serious muscle tightening. I for one was surprised when couple of days I had trouble sitting down due to soreness of the muscles.
  • Cardio off the roof. After finishing the Insanity workout I thought that I was in the best shape in my life. Running the 5k, the time was showing 22 minutes. Well, guess what? I shaved 2 minutes off. The Insanity Asylum workout program will turn you into a fitness machine. After this one, you can do anything. Let me emphasize that again- ANYTHING!
  • Some great coordination and speed, which makes for superb agility. You will look like an athlete, move like an athlete, feel like an athlete. Performance at its best. I feel like I can challenge anyone in almost anything now. The feeling is great.
  • Insanity The Asylum workout will bulk you up. This goes mostly for the guys, since these workouts being based on resistance coming from your own body weight aim more towards muscle definition. Besides, food and hormonal structure play a huge role with such exercises, so the bulk up will be mostly for guys only. Serious lean muscle gain.
  • The best shape of your life- guaranteed! I haven’t tried the Insanity Asylum workout program vol. 2 yet (notice the ambition in that yet), and unless Shaun T comes up with something slightly more crazy, this is the go to workout program if you are “one of those”; you know, fitness junkies, self-torture enthusiasts, “go-to-the-extreme” type of people.
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The difference between the Insanity Workout and Insanity The Asylum workout

If you are an Insanity workout graduate, the first time you push play you will have that “don’t-I-know-you-from-high-school” face. And yes, the Insanity Asylum workout team has some familiar faces, especially the girls who you must recognize from the previous workouts.

  • Other than that the setting is entirely different, this time an indoor practice and soccer field, as opposed to the old school type gymnasium in which the previous workouts were being filmed.
  • The style of filming and editing is similar, only this time there is more camera movement along the field, following Shaun T as he goes from one member of the crew to another. The similarities, in a way, end here.
  • The crew, this time, is more shredded. The Insanity Asylum workout gives you the feeling that you are among the elite as soon as you see the guys and gals you are going to train with.
  • The music is way more motivating, Shaun T manages to talk, explain the moves, work out like a mad man, go and fix form and posture on his team members, get in front of the camera and inspire you to dig deeper. Although the atmosphere is better which makes you feel like you are part of the team, you will see Shaun T yelling at you, acting more like your high school football coach which is, at least for me, great.
  • The crew is made of neither models nor athletes; and this is a thing that The Insanity workout and The Insanity Asylum workout share; these people, as you will find out during the videos, are your average Joe and Jane, which makes the whole experience more tangible and more achievable perception wise.

Comparing the workouts

    • The Insanity Asylum fitness program focuses on more hard-to-perform moves. If the Insanity workout was nothing fancy when it comes to compound movements and relied on repetition above anything else while stressing the max interval training concept, Insanity The Asylum workout is wearing you down ten times faster.
    • The cardio element is somewhat different. Insanity forces the max interval training concept which is, in its core, a track and field methodology of training.
    • There is no “high intensity-rest-high intensity again” scenario. It is “do-this-exercise-right-rinse-and-repeat-for-a-minute” type of training. And here is the selling line – for some of the workouts there are no breaks! None, nada, zero… Maybe a couple of seconds as for you to take a sip of water, but that’s it. The rest, in the videos it does occur, is minimal, and usually followed by some incredibly demanding compound movements.
    • There aren’t many cardio centered exercises, and when they occur, they are usually meant for giving you time to rest- or as Shaun T says- an effective rest.
    • The exercises are compound in nine out of ten cases, meaning they target more muscle groups at once, focusing on form which all by itself promotes agility, speed, power… The cardio part is due to the repetition, but it is not cardio alone as every exercise focuses both on cardio and some other aspect like agility, power, strength.Most of the exercises you will recognize from Insanity workout, only this time there is another muscle group added into the mix, making the movement more compound, harder, targeting even more muscle groups at a time.The majority of the moves though are new, and having this said I recommend that you watch some of the videos before you get geared up and push the play button. What I did was scrolling over the video that I was about to be doing that particular day. This, I did for the duration of the whole first week. After that you get the hang of it, and you can do them without even watching into the screen so often.
    • Also there is the newly integrated strength aspect of the workouts, together with the equipment included in the package. One of the DVDs, titled “strength” will introduce you to resistance training at its best. The Insanity Asylum workout, albeit being meant for melting the fat, will give you more muscle than Insanity workout ever could.Insanity The Asylum workout combines cross-training with the max cardio element as well as with some yoga poses and a lot of athletic moves.
insanity asylum workout equipment
  • Another difference is the price. For the Insanity Asylum workout program for something over 100$ (still depends on where you buy from) you buy a lot of fitness, as opposed to the Insanity workout where you have to pay additional 50 bucks (still, it depends where you buy from). Another perk for the Insanity Asylum workout buyers is the fact that you get the agility ladder and jump rope included in the package. Now that’s a deal sweetener if you ask me. Nothing more a fitness junkie could ask for.

Who can do the Insanity Asylum workout program?

Let me spare you from the flowery prose and serve you with the harsh truth. This is the elite right here. This is not, and I repeat, NOT, for everybody.

If you think you can buy Insanity The Asylum workout program and it’s all set, you are wrong. Here, in this program, as Shaun T says, the work doesn’t start until you get tired.

No one says that you must complete all of the moves there are in every video. But if you do not push pass YOUR limits then this is not for you. You see, the Insanity Asylum workout is made in a way that it adjusts to your level of fitness. You push pass YOUR limits and that is always enough as to see results.

  • Healthy hearth is a must. They don’t usually say this, but it’s best if you can go and make a test in order to be at ease when making the purchase. This is way too intense even for the ones that are healthy and fit, yet alone if you have something that requires additional attention.
  • Never try this one if you cannot do some basic exercises. Really, close this tab and forget about it. First you need to be able to at least make 20 pushups and crunches, as well as run at least a mile. I completed the Insanity workout and still had a hard time tackling the Insanity Asylum workout. This is intense people.
    If you match the description of the common couch potato, then give yourself some time to get in shape before trying this one. A week or two of moderate exercise might be just enough.
  • If you have some pain in the joints, then you are also not suited for this exercise yet. In order to benefit from this exercise you must approach it while feeling healthy and well.I had some minor knee injury when I did the Insanity workout, and things got better when I strengthened the muscles on my legs. However, you may not have the same luck, and Insanity The Asylum workout being even more demanding it is better to check and see if you can endure this by trying some moderate exercise first. Taking the compound nature of the movements you can play some type of sport as to really judge your current fitness level.
  • If your lifestyle doesn’t allow it, then this will be very hard for you. Staying awake till morning looking at the screen, or going from one party to another will make sure that you quit Insanity The Asylum workout program way before the 30 day mark.This is also hard if you are having many responsibilities with the kids, your career, a super busy schedule… so first try and think about it. However the length of the videos is somewhat shorter than what you would usually expect from such demanding exercises and the results that it promises.
  • Forget it if you do not intent to eat healthy or do not have the time for a good night’s sleep. This is definitely the hardest workout you will face, thus you will need the most out of your diet and rest.
  • If you plan to do this in a room that is unventilated, or where it’s hot while even standing, then you must first find another space. I did it with the air-conditioner off for couple of times, and I almost fainted. The Insanity workout required for a cooler temperature due to the excess cardio, but it is almost the same with Insanity Asylum workout as well.
  • This is only for the dedicated. If you are looking for excuses all of the time, this is not for you. Save yourself the time and the money. Albeit guiding you through the entire process of healthy diet and every exercises, it requires work; and lots of it too.

Insanity The Asylum workout program will keep you motivated like never before

Staying motivated during almost all fitness endeavors is hard at a number of levels, but when it comes to motivating yourself it feels a lot easier here in the Insanity Asylum workout than it ever was in the Insanity workouts.

I might be the only one noticing this subtle difference, but it seems like Shaun T pays a lot of attention into keeping you motivated and pushing you to dig deeper than ever. The timing of each and every one of his phrases is incredibly well-tuned, that you get the feeling he is addressing you personally throughout the whole workout.

Phrases like “You got more in you than you think you do”, and “c’mon, you don’t give up, you go” will for sure get you fired up to finish that last rep and push yourself pass the barrier.

Change of attitude

What makes the difference in approach between Insanity and Insanity The Asylum workout is the sudden change of attitude, or as Shaun T says- “you are in it to win it”. And the usual affability you might have expected from the Insanity workout is less prominent here – in every one of the Insanity Asylum workouts, whether it’s speed and agility, strength, or vertical plyometric, you will see Shaun T singing a different tune than the one you were used to; for one, he will be more strict, yelling, and challenging you every bit of the way. And you being interested in the Insanity Asylum fitness program, I gather you are all about game, so this will prove a real jewel.

Besides, you are constantly getting reminded of the fact that you are among the elite – a fact that becomes clearer and clearer every time you push the play button. And for me, sometimes, this alone is enough of a satisfaction. Time and again, during the course of 30 days with the Insanity Asylum workout, my mental wiring conditioned me to believe that there is nothing I cannot do. And passing the flowery prose that this reflects onto other areas of your life is something I only theorized about when it comes to working out.

This is the first time, while doing a workout session, to make clear analogies between pushing hard while the videos roll and pushing hard in other areas in life. And it motivates and inspires beyond anything I can write down here in this Insanity Asylum review. Maybe it’s the adrenaline rush, the hormones being released, or the change you feel by the day… I cannot tell for sure. But one thing is apparent – you feel you are getting the edge.

The team behind the Insanity Asylum workout

  • Shaun T- the creator of Insanity and Insanity The Asylum workout programs

    Shaun T - creator of insanity asylum workoutHis body clearly shows that he knows his craft. But what is more important here is his ability to motivate, his charisma, his clear and detailed instruction throughout the whole program.

    Not only will he show you the proper form of every exercise himself, but he will go from one team member to another and show you variations, correct their form, tell you on what to pay close attention to. What on the other hand also makes him the perfect coach is his knowledge and experience.

    You see, a track and field athlete, with a degree in sports science and a minor in theater and dance, dancer, choreographer, and fitness coach for a very long time, he developed a flawless methodology for bringing you in the best shape of your life.

    Backed up by theoretical knowledge and facts, as well as by some creativity and a lot of practical know-how, I cannot wait to see what will be the next thing he will bring out on the market.

    Another interesting thing – he says that during theInsanity Asylum workout he was in the best shape in his life; even better than with the Insanity. Take one look at him during the Insanity workout and you will see the importance of this statement.

  • The team from Insanity The Asylum workout videos

    The team though is a whole other story. I have grown to like (adore cough…) the team that made the Insanity videos. Staying with them over the course of couple of months (One full take on the workout, and a video here and there afterwards), I thought that there cannot be more charisma and a better atmosphere in another workout program. Ever.

    The thing is – it can. What left the biggest impression on me over the course of the 30 days with the Insanity Asylum workout, besides the AWESOME compound exercises I never knew about, is that the team is having a blast. And with them, you are too.

    They are, as Shaun T repeatedly says, smiling because they love it. He on the other hand is running from one team member to another, talking to them, talking to you, getting down on the ground every time he feels that the peeps are dropping the intensity down a notch.

    The guys are in a great shape. Perfect if you want to challenge yourself and are the competitive type. The girls though are a different story. Alisha, Rachel, Ariel and Mandy are graduates of the Insanity workout, and they are here what Tania Ante Baron (my nemesis from the Insanity workout) was in the Insanity videos – machines. And Shaun T is constantly saying how the girls are bringing it; how they commit and dig deep.

    Alisha is a mother of twins, and Shaun T reminds you of that fact, making you push harder. Similar guy logic lay behind my commitment and constant efforts to up the ante. If these girls can do it, I can do it as well. But I digress…

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The atmosphere in the Insanity The Asylum videos

This is something many Insanity Asylum reviews out there fail to mention, but something that makes a huge difference.

One of the videos is called “Game day”, and the flow of the workouts as well as the chemistry behind the shooting of it make you feel like you are part of the Insanity Asylum workout team. And team Asylum is no joke. The guys are more competitive, the coach trying to motivate you even more. There is one interesting moment when Shaun T is trying to push Alisha to go harder and, with the exercise being a football centered one and Shaun T yelling “push the quarterback, push the quarterback” she turns back to him and tackles him down. I laughed my butt off the first time I saw that.

And it’s like that all of the time – great atmosphere, a lot of chemistry, fun

Other times the camera is taking close shots of team members encouraging one another, rolling on the ground with an ear-to-ear smile on their face. If you ask me, this makes for the perfect surrounding for a workout. A fitness aficionado like myself cannot ask for more.

My thoughts on each of the workouts

Now the core of this Insanity Asylum review, my thoughts on each of the workouts;

If you follow the calendar, there is only one mention of the video Athletic performance assessment, and it is at the very end of the Insanity Asylum workout program. However, Shaun T advices you to go over the video before you start the program as to measure your athletic performance and progress respectively.

Anyway, a word or two about it…

  • Insanity Asylum review – Athletic performance assessment video

    This video starts with some cardio warm-up, stretching, and nine exercises where you count repetitions as to track your progress. The exercises are really hard; requiring speed and agility as well as power and explosiveness.

    They target almost every aspect of athletic training so after finishing the program it is nice to try this video alone as to measure your shape as well as train all round.

    Some of the workouts are very creative; such is the agility bear crawl, lateral push-ups, the agility shoulder taps, mountain climber switch kicks… Really great for tracking your athletic ability. My favorite is the X jumps though. It makes you feel like an athlete right away.

  • Insanity Asylum review – Speed and Agility video

    The next video that you do (the first video according to the calendar) is called Speed and agility. It starts with the jump rope or even without it if you don’t have the space or whatever, and builds your pulse up fairly quickly. Even before you step into the agility ladder, you will for sure notice the burn in your thighs and calves, as well as slight shortness of breath.

    Then you step into the ladder and after some work you are already worn down.

    This is only the warm up. Then stretching and right away the fun begins.

    This workout, despite aiming at speed and coordination first and foremost, provides an incredible cardio party, as well as some serious thighs and shoulders burn. A lot of power jumps and their variations, as well as lot of workouts in the high plank position, your abs will have some fun too.

    This workout is the wake-up call people. It makes you immediately aware of what you have gotten yourself into.

  • Insanity Asylum review – Strength video

    For this day the ladder is folded away. But you bring the dumbbells into play. As for the weight, it’s all up to you. I bought 10 pound ones each, and after a while felt the need for heavier load. However, there are lots of exercises done without weight, so you will have the burn for sure. The chest will have such a workout that Insanity was never able to provide for. Your shoulders and biceps as well as triceps will feel the burn too, as well as your thighs. This video, according to me, is to blame about the bulk up you will see after a while.

    As for athletic performance, it gives explosiveness, power, and incredible muscle endurance.

  • Insanity Asylum review – Back to core video

    I hate this video, but I love it. I don’t know, really, my emotions around it are quite contradicted in fact. It seems so easy when you watch it for the first time, but once you start working out, it’s a killer. It will engage your entire core like you never thought possible, and your back (especially lower back) will experience some serious intensity.

    The exercises here are, at least from what I can tell, aimed towards engaging your core from every possible angle, as well as allowing increased range of motion- something that will sky rocket performance. Spoiler alert- you will curse your mouth out during this workout. Trust me J But Shaun T already knows this, so you will hear him saying: “Do not hate me guys, love me- ‘Cause I will make you look good.”

  • Insanity Asylum review – Vertical plyometrics video

    You asked for intensity? Here you go sir and madam- ready set, go. Vertical plyo is a superior cardio workout, incredible plyometric workout, a lot of speed and agility, and some serious strength exercises all packed in one. If you are the fitness aficionado I think you are, then you will love it. It focuses mostly on your legs, thighs especially, and despite the burning sensation you will feel there and on your calves, your abs will have a great workout as well.

    A lot of jumping (let me stress that again- a lot), power movements from below (low squat position) and massively increased explosiveness. I was blown away to see that even during the warm-ups I was feeling pain in my muscles (shortness of breath, sure, it is somewhat expected, but such a muscle workout at such an early phase of the video… it was a surprise).

  • Insanity Asylum review – Relief video

    Some serious stretching, yoga poses, and active recovery. The first time I did this video, I sweat buckets, due to the fact that flexibility is something I still worked on. This video alone provides for most of the increased range in motion you will witness after finishing Insanity The Asylum. It is short, somewhat easier than what you might think, and is there to serve as a form of active rest.
    What lacks though is balance. Granted, there are some exercises focusing on that aspect, but all in all it is more stretching oriented.

  • Insanity Asylum review – Gameday video

    Ladies and gents, this is it – The hardest workout for sure; Cardio, endurance, power, strength, speed, agility, coordination, everything – Elite sports training at its best. This, you have to experience, so I will not be the one spoiling the surprise.

    I gave the word to myself that this Insanity Asylum review will cover everything from the program, but believe me, it is fun to experience this video not knowing everything ahead.

    Hard? -That will be an understatement.

    Lots of sports combined in one session. Only the hardest movements selected for use. So you do the math.

    The other workouts are a slap on the wrist when compared to the combination of the Gameday and Overtime videos.

  • Insanity Asylum review – Overtime video

    Some seriously sick stuff. Especially considering that this one goes after gameday two times during Insanity The Asylum workout program. I went buck wild for this video, counting the days left until I finally hit that play button. Focused mostly on thighs and chest, as well as shoulders and arms, this will drain you all by itself, yet alone put in combination. Here is the selling line- not even Shaun T can do it without taking breaks.

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The Insanity Asylum workout diet plan

Insanity The Asylum workout nutrition guide is a jewel for every fitness addict out there. It is a 14 day’s plan on eating lean and healthy with the intent of building muscle and losing fat tissue.

Shaun T himself says that during the Insanity Asylum workout program he was in the best shape of his life, and he achieved that not only by following the workout program, but also taking into account the principles of diet that are the foundation of this 14 day’s diet plan.

Note this: I didn’t follow the diet plan to the letter, but nonetheless applied almost every principle mentioned in there. And that alone is enough.

You see, Beachbody and Shaun T never said that this is the “secret formula” to a superior diet blueprint, but rather pointed out to the cornerstones of what constitutes a healthy diet overall, and what an athlete should eat as to have more energy while building muscle and loosing fat.

You also get some equations on calculating calorie intake that makes a lot of sense and actually works if you are into the counting calories habit. I for one, am not.

Anyway, his diet plan also includes over 35 recipes and many variations with ingredients and quantity. Also, every recipe is easy to understand, and the book is full with pictures.

Tips for the Insanity Asylum workout program

Most of the stuff you will figure out by yourself through trial and error. But if you want to skip the usual exercise in frustration and fast forward things to the point where you know everything it will take as to complete the Insanity Asylum workout while not worrying over details, here are couple of tips.

  • Wear sneakers. This is a must. Really. All the jumping and leg work-out as well all the plyo power moves will put a lot of stress on the joints and feet. If you chose not to wear any sneakers you might get injured fairly quickly. Also- wearing sneakers ensures that you have the proper joint stability which will in turn allow you to execute the movements “no holds barred”.
  • Have a towel with you. The bigger, the better. The amount of sweat will surprise you.
  • Find a proper room and something to cover the floor with. The minimum you need is a 2x2m space for the Asylum. All the sweating, over time, will probably ruin whatever surface you are working out on. So, it is logical to set up things right at the very start and not worry later on. Besides, make sure that the surface is not slippery. That, in combination with all the sweat coming out of you translates into injury.
  • Proper room temperature. Another must. Make sure that the room is ventilated and somewhere around 18-20 degrees Celsius (This is the temperature I usually workout on). And while temperature is of paramount importance, what is more important is ventilated space and clear air to breathe. Scrap that, and it is in no time that you will start feeling dizzy.
  • Have a bottle of water with you. You must hydrate constantly due to the amount of sweating you will experience. Some whey protein shake or some other nutritional shakes are great if you have in store, but water alone is good enough. I never used anything else besides water during the workouts.
  • Set everything up couple of minutes prior to the start of the video. If the Insanity workout was bringing your pulse up in no time, here it is quicker still. Start with some stretching and jogging or marching in place as to prepare yourself. A minute or two followed by another minute of rest would suffice. This is never advised officially but, over time, I noticed that it will prepare you a lot better than jumping straight into the videos.
  • Pay attention to the ladder. Spend a minute or two as to study the movements and then go slowly through them while paying a close eye on form first and foremost. If you and I resemble even a bit in terms of OCD-like neatness, then chances are that you hate interruptions while working out just as much as I do. In that case the agility ladder will turn a pain in the ass if you do not pay attention to form and only go for speed.Adjusting it every other minute is not my idea of a great workout, so I prefer to keep myself steady and focused while doing the moves. The thing is – even if you go slower, most of the time, you will still not be able to complete the whole minute of the exercise.
  • The Insanity Asylum workout has some elements of cross training. Meaning that it includes weights and resistance other than what your body provides by itself. And this is great at a number of levels as I pointed out above. However, here are couple of tips concerning the resistance part. As all of the Beachbody programs love to modify things out as to better fit the customer, so does Insanity Asylum workout too. Every resistance exercise, every single one has one or several modifications.
  • The chin-up bar is great, but it can be replaced by bands as well as dumbbells – And vice versa. I for one only used the dumbbells.
  • Now about the weight; the thing is to get dumbbells that will make the workout hard to complete on the one hand, while still keeping it possible at the other. If you can do the strength video from Insanity The Asylum workout easily even the first time that means that the weight of the dumbbells is somewhat lower than optimal. If you have big troubles completing the warm-up part of the video though and are ready to throw in the towel even at the start, then it might mean that the load is too heavy.I for one found out, before the program ended, that I picked weight that allowed me to struggle at the beginning of the program, but stay at a plateau (in terms of potential for even bigger increase in performance) the last week.Here is the tip though – if the weight is somewhat lower, instead of buying new dumbbells, try and do more of the exercises that are done by using your own body as to supply the resistance. The shoulders tap push-ups, the rotational jumps with holding a dumbbell… Or just do more repetitions if you can.
  • Never hit the pause button. That way you are only cheating yourself. Do not worry if you have to stop and adjust the ladder, or the jump rope, or just slow down and take a breath or two… As long as the tape is rolling you are good. Just push yourself past YOUR limit, and things will be great. That’s why I love these types of workout programs- they allow you to use your weight, your limits as to create YOUR ideal body. You are controlling the input that will shape the results.
  • Sleep 7.5 to 8 hours per day. The Insanity Asylum workout is an athletic type of training- an elite type of training, and you will need all the strength you can muster. Besides, muscles repair themselves and grow when you rest yourself. So never deprive yourself from sleep. Think of it as one of the key ingredients to seeing results with Insanity Asylum workout. Many Insanity Asylum reviews out there fail to point out this fact.

Where to buy the Insanity Asylum workout from

There are couple of places where you can buy Insanity The Asylum workout program, and I will try suggesting few ideas:

1. Beachbody Insanity Asylum workout official web page

*Update – All Beachbody workouts, as of recently, are sold through their subscription model titled Beachbody on Demand. Therefore, I’d recommend the official Beachbody On Demand website.

The cost is $99 for a yearly subscription, but get this – you will also have access to All of their latest programs, All of the popular programs (such as Insanity and P90X), and as if this wasn’t enough – All of Beachbody Future releases!

The subscription to Beachbody on Demand comes with a 30 day money back guarantee as well.

Get Insanity Asylum and all other Beachbody workouts for just $99Get Beachbody On Demand

Final thoughts in this Insanity Asylum review – Why to buy the Insanity Asylum workout

  • First and foremost because it works; It delivers right to your expectations and even more.
  • Secondly, Insanity The Asylum workout lasts for 30 days, and that alone is a huge convenience. It gets easier to be accountable and keep up with your enthusiasm than, let’s say, longer programs like P90X or even The Insanity workout.
  • Another thing is price and what you get for it – for something over 100$ you get the whole set of DVD’s as well as the agility ladder, jump rope, calendar to track the progress, a nutritional guide and a chance to get the Insanity Asylum workout T-shirt- A lot of fitness for the money if you ask me.
  • It is done in the comfort of your own home – again, cannot get any more convenient than that.
  • The nature of the exercises and movements is not that much repetitive, is fun and engaging.
  • The coach and the team are both great. The atmosphere is the best you can imagine for working out and pushing pass your limits.
  • You become one of the elite in fitness. Period.

By now I hope that you made your decision whether this is the right workout for you, and I also hope that this Insanity Asylum review helped you more than some of the others out there.

I personally recommend this workout, because I know that it works, and because I had lot of fun hours with it.

I even think about doing it all over again. Maybe combining it with the The Insanity Workout.

The great thing is that I can do only some of the videos whenever I feel like I need one particular workout – strength, core, speed and agility… (The Strength workout definitely – I started to love cross training).

After doing this workout there is only one thing that I can guarantee you, you will now be able to do any physical activity whatsoever with ease, and finally lose tremendous amount of body fat, while growing and shaping your muscles.

Try the Insanity Asylum program for yourself, and see the picture in the mirror changing by the day while seeing your fitness level improving beyond what you ever thought was possible.

Train like an athlete, feel like an athlete, look like an athlete.

Get Insanity Asylum and all other Beachbody workouts for just $99Get Beachbody On Demand

The comment section is right below, so if there is anything you want to ask feel free to shoot a question. Also, if you tried the Insanity Asylum workout already, please share your experience with it so we may get a better understanding of all the pros and cons.

Share this Insanity Asylum review and let others know what Insanity The Asylum workout is all about, and that you are part of the Insanity Asylum workout team – Because as Shaun T says – they think they know, but they have no idea.

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