Slavko Desik

Slavko DesikMy story begins seven years ago when I dropped out of college (studying violin at the time) and went to Oahu, Hawaii. Playing the violin was indeed a significant part of my identity, and Hawaii was a place to re-think my life.

Lived there for a while, and returned to Europe with a clear goal to start an online business.

Got in touch with my friend, and together we figured out how to start and run our first website Lifestyle Updated.

I Started learning SEO intensely at the time, and grew Lifestyle Updated to 150,000 visitors per month. We learned affiliate marketing, content marketing and conversion optimization, and focused even more on building and growing internet projects. My partner became a coding wiz and took our ideas to new highs…

But to be honest, we have Beachbody to thank – a company that reinvented fitness and paved the road for video workouts, so they can return once again under the spotlight after being dormant as a trend (remember the last Jane Fonda fitness craze and how long ago it actually was?) Beachbody has also been an inspiration of ours, with the massively successful platform Beachbody on Demand, guiding us to our first big product launch (more on that in a minute).

Then came – a web platform for finding and reviewing handymen in a small Balkan country. Production went amazing, we learned a ton, but it failed to generate revenue. Off to something else…

We created Discovering Macedonia, with a plan to dominate the incoming tourism industry in this country within few years. Currently trying to raise some funds, but vision remains the same regardless.

In between, we launched “The complete beginners guide to online businesses”. Gave it away for free and introduced two additional paid levels as well. Much, much less sales than we expected, but ton of knowledge and finally the obsession with creating products kicked in.

Nowadays, we are releasing our first big product – Fitness Updated – a huge workout platform, combining top-notch production video workouts, nutrition, and some amazing user features and customization options. We plan to take the fitness industry by storm.

Commitment to self-improvement stays constant, and our work operations are steadily expanding. Working with Bojan is fun, and teamwork is maturing with each following project.

Currently, I’m living with my girlfriend, getting ready for our wedding day and putting priorities in place. Also reading tons of books on my nook, working out, meditating, and still enjoying SEO projects and challenges. Product creation turned exciting so I’m slowly taking the grip on that as well.

*2018 edit – Meri is now my wife, and we are enjoying the process of starting a family. Here is an article on moissanite engagement rings where I share some of the moments when I decided to propose to her.

I’ve been also hooked on podcasts for months now, listening intensely to what Sam Harris, Tim Ferriss, and Jordan Peterson have to say. I’m also planning to share my list of books – those that I’ve read in the past, and those I’m currently going through. Maybe throw in a couple of lines on what they represent to me as well.

Fitness Updated launched, we collected a lot of feedback, and now it’s time to restructure some of the features and reveal the product once again to the public. Soon!

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