TDS Super Seated Row Unit Built with Industrial Grade Pillow Block Bearings, Deluxe Padding and 4 Way Hand Grips Price: $579.95 (as of 21/09/2022 19:35 PST- Details)

Training your back, shoulders and core was never easier. The TDS Super Seated Row Unit will allow you to isolate a very specific movement that targets several muscle groups at once, for a strong, carved, and powerful upper body. This machine is one of the best on the market when it comes to design, sturdiness and durability, so make sure to read our review below and find out more about it.

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TDS Super Seated Row Unit Review          

The seated machine row is a great alternative to exercises that require barbells, such as the bent over barbell row. They provide for isolated movements targeting and strengthening back muscles. If you are experiencing back pain or just want to strengthen your back in the hope of preventing future injuries, the TDS Super Seated Row Unit is an ideal piece of equipment for your home gym.

Product features

The TDS Super Seated Row Unit is a heavy-duty steel tube construction (2 x 2 inches). It is designed for use with both standard and Olympic plates. The machine comes with 4-way adjustable hand grips to suit people of different heights and features thick and soft adjustable seat and chest pads, including thick foam foot pads for added comfort. It is constructed for full range of motion rowing with 1 or 2-hand options.

How to use the Super Seated Row Unit?

Sit down on the TDS Super Seated Row Unit and grab the handles with a neutral grip (palms facing each other). Keep your back straight. Pull the handles back until your torso and legs reach a 90-degree position. Lean back slightly and push your chest forward before contracting and squeezing the shoulder blades in order to pull the handles toward your abs. Squeeze for 1 second. Maintaining your form, slowly extend your arms and return the handles to their starting position. Finally, you’ll just repeat for a number of times and then rest.

However, if you have noticed a level of muscular imbalance and have found yourself pulling to one side, the 1-arm pulling option enables you to perform seated rows one side at the time, thus placing greater emphasis on core development and stabilization, as well as equalizing strength between your right and left side of the body.

There is also an option to change your grip and target different muscles using the same motion.

Things to pay attention to while using the TDS Super Seated Row Unit 

Don’t use partial range of motion – each repetition should involve fully extended arms below your torso and end with the handles against your torso with squeezed shoulder blades.

Don’t jerk your body – each rep should be controlled and slow. As the contraction is the hardest part, be careful not to jerk the entire body to get the contraction. If this happens, reduce the number of reps, or perhaps buy a different set of weights.

Make sure to squeeze the shoulder blades – exercises are all about the correct contraction. In seated rows, the contraction comes from squeezing the shoulder blades and tensing your back muscles as you pull. This contraction won’t happen without you squeezing the shoulder blades.


If you want a piece of equipment that is relatively affordable, yet allows you to train your back, shoulders, arms and chest like you otherwise cannot by yourself, the TDS Super Seated Row Unit is one of the best on the market. It is sturdy, nicely balanced, reliable and most of all durable.

The angular positioning is spot on, and the adjustable options will accommodate almost every built and body height. If you wanted to buy yourself a machine rower but cannot settle for the fixed resistance, the TDS Super Seated Row Unit is a welcomed alternative. I highly recommend it!

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