Neleus Men’s Dry Fit Performance Short with Pockets

This stylish retro-looking pair is among the best performing shorts I’ve ever laid my hands on. The size is rather small, so you better make sure to get a higher number than usual, but other than that it is a well-designed, super comfy, and very durable pair of shorts.

Neleus Men’s Dry Fit Performance shorts come with pockets, so they are quite versatile when it comes to other activities. You can use them for jogging, hiking, and walking around the block, and they are quite comfortable to wear on a hot summer day. But let’s see how they perform under several criteria, in the review below.

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Neleus Men’s Dry Fit Performance Shorts with Pockets Review

I dabble in different sports, but I ordered a pair of Neleus Men’s Dry Fit Performance for swimming primarily. Of course, I ended up running and doing all sorts of stuff with them, so I bought two more pairs just to have a backup in case they go out of stock. Needless to say, I was pretty satisfied with the purchase.

They are extra comfortable, excellent price for money and very easy to maintain. If you like your gear to be on the light side, do yourself a favor, and get one pair.

About the size

But first, when ordering the Neleus Men’s Dry Fit performance you may wish to go up a size. I went with my regular size for the first pair, and though they fit well for swimming, I found them a bit restricting for running and hiking, so I went for a bigger size on my next order.

The fabric is extra light and dries fast, which is great whether you decide to swim in them or just sweat, and the inside netting gives a sufficient extra support.

You would like to have them looser if you want to hike or run, just for extra comfort. The fabric is soft and there is no chuffing, which I found extremely relieving. The sawed-in lining also comes handy here. The pockets are deep enough for your keys or phone, and the elastic waist band is not restricting.

The most important feature of the Neleus Men’s Dry Fit Performance Shorts is that they do what they were designed for. They dry really fast and are extra breathable, so they are indeed perfect for outdoor sports.

Range of motion

On the down side, I suspect that the material is not very giving if your choice of sport involves greater range of motion. Kneeling down in them got me a bit weary the material might give in, so I would be careful if wearing them in the gym.

More static movements are definitely ok, and so is repeated motion, but anything that involves complex moves like for example cross-fit, can prove a bit of a challenge.

Ultra stylish

In terms of esthetics, I love that they come in so many colors and color-combinations. At the price they are sold, there is no reason you shouldn’t get a pair for every mood. Another benefit my fellow men would appreciate is that they are very easy to clean, you can basically wash them in the sink and they clean great. This might come especially handy if you go on a hiking trip and need to refresh your gear right there on the spot.

And even if you are not into sports, they are extra comfy for summer just to hang around in them, and quite stylish too for a walk down on the beach. They come in two lengths, so if you have some killer quads to show, go for the shorter variety.

This style will never go out of fashion, so it is safe to say that you’ll be wearing them several years from now as your favorite “retro” shorts.


The Neleus Men’s Dry Fit Performance Shorts with Pockets are one of the best all-round summer shorts that you’ll ever own. The price is extra affordable, so don’t hesitate to buy as many pairs as you fancy. The material is durable and of high quality, so don’t worry about color loss or instant downgrading from the water, salt and sun. I highly recommend them!

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