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In order to maximize muscle growth you need to consume more calories than your body is burning throughout the day, get more protein than you break down during exercise, train hard and rest properly. Many people, however, focus on the last two factors, while completely ignoring the first. Frustrated over time, many tend to abandon their entire strength training program. The list below tries to remedy that – our staff has hand-picked some of the most affordable yet premium quality weight gainers that supply plenty of amino acids, calories, and proteins. You can use the filters on the side to navigate your way around the list of recommended products, and read the short but detailed reviews of each item.

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Weight gainers – recommended by the Lifestyle Updated

Taking muscle building supplementation is one of the easiest ways to achieve rapid growth. When combined with strenuous exercise, weight gainers can dramatically improve your strength training program, adding more mass than you otherwise can with only a healthy and balanced diet.

The list above features some of the widely-used supplements that professional bodybuilders take in order to maximize their muscle growth, gain weight, and improve their performance.

So what are the best weight gainers on the market, and what should you look for?

Weight gainers – supplements to build muscle

One of the most popular types of supplements is Creatine. The molecule is produced naturally in your body, providing plenty of energy for the general functioning of the muscles and tissues.

Sources from the National Institute of Health indicate that taking a Creatine supplement can dramatically boost muscle creatine contents, sometimes even up to 40%.

The supplement has an amazing safety profile, so it is very safe to use, and has numerous benefits aside from growing muscle tissue. It increases growth hormones production, especially IGF-1, decreases the protein breakdown taking place in your muscles, and also increases the water content inside your muscle cells. But Creatine is not a weight gainer in the strict sense of the word. So what else is on the table?

Whey and casein proteins

If you fail to meet your daily protein intake, perhaps the best weight gainer would be whey protein right after workouts and casein protein before you go to bed.

There are also different weight-gaining supplements that offer protein isolated from soy, chicken, eggs, or beef.

According to some studies, if you add extra protein on the expense of carbs, you will gain more muscle mass. But this is true only if you fail to meet your daily protein intake.

Proper weight gainers

Weight gainers can increase your lean mass if you fail to meet your caloric intake for the day. It is not entirely outlandish for these supplements to contain 1000 calories per serving, delivering half or the amount of protein you are required to consume throughout the entire day.

If you are struggling with meal preparation, timing, and balancing the right macronutrients, then perhaps a weight gaining supplement can dramatically change your game.

Weight gainers are categorized by either high protein or high calorie contents, but we made sure to review each product and write a detailed description of what it has to offer.

The brands featured are GNC, Elite labs, Ayurleaf, Optimum Nutrition, Fitness Labs, Royal sports nutrition, pure nutrition, Dynamize and many others.

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