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Regardless of your nutritional choices, vitamins and dietary supplements are always welcomed in promotion of bone health, improved immune system functioning, detoxification, digestion and sustainable weight loss. But shopping for vitamins and minerals can be quite the hustle, especially when you have hundreds of competing brands, supplement cocktails, and different dietary values. The list below, therefore, is hand-picked to recommend some of the best vitamin and dietary supplements on the market, including minerals and herbal supplements as well. If you are struggling with a specific vitamin deficiency, or simply want to boost your metabolism, immune system or sports performance, the list below can be of great interest. Our staff picked and reviewed every single item, so make sure to do you research and due diligence before making up your mind.

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Vitamins and dietary supplements – what you need to know

People often believe that a nicely balanced diet can erase the necessity of taking vitamins and minerals. But is one of the biggest misconceptions. A healthy diet, even if carefully structured, will always lack a certain amount of vitamins. After all, nobody can remain disciplined enough to consume most of the vitamins and minerals through food, yet alone count on meeting the daily recommended value of other supplements like probiotics as well.

What usually happens is a health condition, or a continual sense of tiredness that highlights the need for taking vitamins and dietary supplements. Creams, capsules, gels or powder, it is important to meet your daily recommended values, especially when you have a specific vitamin or mineral prescribed by a doctor.

Vitamins and supplements – brands

If you are not trying to alleviate a certain condition, it rarely makes a difference which brand you decide to choose. We have included many products by some of the most widely-recognized brands on the market, including Centrum, Garden of Life, Lil Critters, Nature Made, Purely Inspired, GNC, Now Foods, BeneFiber, Hydroxy Cut, Vita Fusion, Puritan’s Pride and of course Bronson.

You should carefully check the dietary value of each capsule or gel, as it is far more important when it comes to supplementation. Choose deals that meet your daily recommended intake or slightly surpass it for Vitamins like B6, Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Or minerals like magnesium and Zinc.


If you are not physically active, enjoy sunlight on rather regular basis and keep close to a healthy diet, then, perhaps, a single multivitamin per day might do the job. We have included multivitamins for women and men, and some for children.

The selection also features herbal supplements, antioxidants, weight loss supplements, digestion supplements, and of course probiotics. Use the filter on the side to find good deals and read the short but detailed reviews before making up your mind.

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