The squeeze page affiliate model

The model I’m about to describe sits on top of affiliate earnings. That being said, you will earn money by sending people to buy a product.

What is the product, you ask? A bottle of pills or capsules, or a spray or cream or some other product… Any kind will do. And before this starts to sound rather odd, here is a set of examples to help you create a picture of what we are talking about.

  • Testosterone boosting pills
  • Diet pills
  • Hair loss spray
  • Anti-skin marks cream

It turns out that companies that sell these make insanely huge amounts of money. They have a marketing approach developed, and know how to convert those that show even the slightest of interest and curiosity.


And this is where the model is starting to take shape.

You will refer people to a page that sells such a product and earn around 40$ per each sale. Best thing of all is that there are a large number of companies that give you this amount of money even if the visitor ends up ordering a free sample of the product.

Yup, you heard right – if you send someone to a page that offers free samples of some of these products, and he makes an order, you end up receiving around 40$.

And to answer your question before you even ask – yes, the companies that pay you are still earning. How?

Well, once a person goes the length to order a free sample, they have marketing tactics implemented thanks to a LOT of trial and error, in order to make sure that he continues buying. The 40$ they usually give you, are their loss once or twice or even several times. But, even if one person continues buying, they earn their money back, and then some.

All in all, this model made them millions, so yes – it pays them to give you money for free. Most affiliate networks run these offers nowadays.

So, here is the step-by-step approach

You look for something that pays such a high commission. Say an anti skin marks cream.

  • After a person comes to a single squeeze page that gathers e-mails. He then receives a valuable pdf digital resource (short e-book) that teaches him how to deal with the problem at hand- in this instance skin marks.
  • The writing part is in fact creating this resource. The more severe the problem the longer the resource, though keep in mind that people usually don’t want to read. Keep it 10 or so pages long and you are golden.
  • Editing with graphic design is a plus, but there are many free templates to find on the net. Microsoft Word can be just about enough though.
  • The resource should aim to give tips and tactics that are free and natural. So you will go with diet tweaks, natural homemade remedies. The internet is full with such information, just take an hour and sort some of them out.
  • At the end of the resource, you will also point that natural products -such as the one you are hoping to send them to- also help a lot. Then, simply include a link to the URL that gives the free sample, and tell them they’d be getting the product for free.
  • Be sure to mention that it is a natural product, one that doesn’t have side effects. You are not going to lie about this, for most of these products are safe to use and they either help notably or very little. Either way- no harm, especially since they come for free.
  • Then, after a day, send them an e-mail with one or two additional natural tips. Again, remind them of the free sample.
  • Then, another mail after two or three days. The same routine- more useful tips, and a reminder of the free sample stating that they have nothing to lose.

The conversion rate, following this method, is not exactly high, but enough to make you decent revenue. The more people come and leave the mail address, the more people receive the resource, which in turn ups the count on opened e-mails, and then conversions.

But how do you send people to the squeeze page?

Simple – Fb advertising or something even cheaper – Bing ads. If even one in 100 people makes an order, you get paid around 40$. And 40$ will help you bring additional 1000 or more people to visit the squeeze page.



After a very short time, you achieve exponential growth, and soon earn north of a thousand. Fun, right?

Well, it is.

This model also depends on the ability to make a good copy (the resource), optimize the squeeze page even more, and tailor your e-mails so you boost conversions. It also requires of you to figure out the small parts of the puzzle such as setting up a squeeze page, signing up for a mail service…

The advanced guide that we are offering, along with my notes, will help you achieve all of that and then some.

If you find this method interesting and profitable, you won’t believe what the advanced guide has inside. Building an online empire takes knowledge and time and the advanced guide will speed things up more than I can describe in words.

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