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Portable pull up bars

Not all of us can afford a designated home gym. Most of us have to do with what we got, and portable pull up bars are definitely the most versatile piece of equipment for strength training and muscle definition. The best portable pull up bars are still relatively affordable, and compared to back machines, much more convenient. The list below includes doorway pull up bars as well, since many people search for them alongside portable pull up bars. You can find dozens of portable pull up bars for sale, so make sure to act fast and save on each deal.

Why would you need Portable pull up bars?

When people start with fitness, they have to learn and ignore the urge for buying the latest and greatest machinery. It goes contrary to what we are doing here, I know, but I feel it’s necessary to point this out. Instead of buying a free stand pull up bar with a dip stand, which can easily cost a lot of money, why not opt out for a portable pull up bar first?

These are much more convenient, and much more affordable. And knowing how many people give up after a while, we not eager about showing you a t-shirt hanger. The portable pull-up bar, even if you decide to switch gears later on, is still a relatively small investment.

There are many moves that you can perform on a simple pull up bar, so ordering one now pays dividends down the road. And even if you are entirely convinced in being able to perform a proper pull up, the learning curve is rather steep – which is to say that you’ll feel like doing nothing for a while and suddenly, boom, a complete and proper pull up.

The first thing you need to do is attach the bar firmly against the doorframe. Then, just get used to hanging down as you feel your back, shoulders, arms and chest engaged. You’ll want to count to ten and get comfortable with the hanging position.

Next on the list is performing a pull up hold. This is different from the hang in the way of being the opposite – the other far end of the pull up move, where you jump and hold your body with chin above the bar.

Finally, you’ll do a negative pull up, where you start from the second position, and slowly lower your body until you hit position number one – the hanging position.

For now, just return to the list above and browse through the best portable pull up bars on the market.

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