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Doorway pull up bars

If you are not interested in visiting the gym, but still want to experience a solid resistance workout, doorway pull up bars are exactly what you need. No need to use screws and spend several hours mounting them – just attach the doorway pull up bar on the frame and you are ready to go. The list below includes the best doorway pull up bars for sale, among which you’ll notice portable and extendable bars, as well as fixed setups with several exercise options aside from the traditional pull up.

Why would you need Doorway pull up bars?

The pull up is probably the king-move of bodyweight exercises. It works your upper chest, your laterals, shoulders, biceps, triceps, and core. Performed correctly, it will engage your entire upper body, in what is known as a full range of motion.

The pull up is hard to perform though. So take your time and don’t give up. The best way to get there is to start with a simple hang. Just loose up your back and get used to hanging from the pull up bar. Then, try holding yourself for ten seconds at a time at the peak. Finally, before attempting the pull-up, try and perform a negative pull-up first, as you lower your body, counting evenly.

The most important thing to look for though, when buying a doorway pull up bar, is safety. We made sure to pick items with outstanding quality, so you don’t have to double check. Grip comfort is also important, as the bar should be neither thin nor excessively thick.

The great thing about doorway pull up bars is that they are portable, easily removable, and quite affordable. You can also benefit the empty space from both sides of the door, as you bend your legs backwards for the pull-up, and extend them forwards for the L-sit pull up. You can also perform knee raises, and work on your core as well.

Many people confuse portable pull up bars with doorway pull up bars, so we’ve included both in this list. The prices are affordable, and the quality outstanding.

The list features multi grip pull up bars, as well as doorway pull up bars for kids, entire sets with resistance bands included, and the occasional doorway dip bar.

Take a look, read the description for each item separately, and feel confident when making up your mind. We selected the best doorway pull up bars, and spent days on the process, so you don’t have to remain confused over which one is better. Once you select the item and read the description (or one of our reviews), you’ll be redirected to Amazon where you can learn more about the product.

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