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Men's Shoes

Men’s shoes have evolved throughout the years, with companies releasing innovative models one season after another. And having in mind the weight of an average man, a pair of men’s shoes has to endure a lot of beating. Models, therefore, focus on structural integrity, before even designing for comfort. We’ve hand-selected a wide array of hot new releases along with iconic models that have been selling on the market for years. From running shoes and tennis shoes, to weight lifting shoes, fitness and cross fit shoes, and hiking shoes with reinforced soles, the selection is quite diverse. You can use the filters on the side, and read the review for each pair.

Men’s shoes – by Lifestyle Updated

Men’s shoes, although not as attractive as their female counterpart, still come in a garden variety of colors and design patterns. The main difference, otherwise, is in their size, but also the added reinforcement and durability since an average man weighs much more than the average women. This translates into a lot of friction for the sole, the contact of the fabric and the sole, and of course the perceived comfort by the one wearing it.

These models, therefore, are designed to endure even more beating, leveraging quality fabrics, stitching, and reinforced soles.

Men’s shoes sizes

The sizes usually vary between 40 and 44 for the European models, and 8 and 11 for the US ones. Smaller and larger shoes are much harder to find, and they are usually out of stock in many of the models that we’ve reviewed, but if you make the habit of frequently checking the model that you fancy, you’ll definitely get the chance to order a pair.

Different brands and models

The selection above includes models from Nike, Puma, Adidas, New Balance, Reebok and Sketchers as well as many others, and we frequently update the list with new models.

You can choose between running shoes, tennis shoes, weightlifting shoes, and of course cross fit or fitness shoes.

Many people make the usual mistake of using running shoes for every type of activity, mostly because they look flashy, with all the bells and whistles. However, running shoes are not designed for doing burpees, lifting heavy weights in the squat position, or climbing uphill on a challenging trail.

It is no accident that different models are advertised for different activities, and most of us learn the easy way or the hard way. While it might seem like a marketing trick, it is relatively easy to spot the difference between one type of men’s shoes and another, so it is best to make an investment in the right pair from the start.

While the current year models are always trendy and popular, do not shy away from older releases since the price can go much lower depending on the brand and model. If one of these models is still on sale a couple of years after its release, then you know it’s a solid piece of footwear to consider.

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