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Many people are unaware of the fact that our basic metabolism is responsible for most of the caloric expenditure throughout the day. The rest is ascribed to activities such as walking and moving around, and only a tiny portion goes to exercise. Pedometers, therefore, allow you to measure and track your walking activity throughout the day, so you can know exactly how many calories are burned. We curated a list of the best pedometers for sale, where you can find step trackers with dozens of other features to help your weight loss journey. Take a look at these quality yet affordable pedometers.

Why would you need Pedometers?

Buying a pedometer is a lifestyle investment. People often say that what gets measured gets improved, and we at Lifestyle Updated cannot agree more. Detailed tracking can motivate you to change certain habits and patterns, and definitely re-examine your lifestyle.

A workout session, even without fitness technology, is fairly easy to track. You know how much time you’ve spent sweating, and how many repetitions and sets you’ve completed. The walking activity, on the other hand, is much harder to track. We are unable to perceive distance and even less so to take an accurate guesstimate of how many steps were taken. Pedometers, therefore, open a gateway of possibilities. Where you can measure your walks, compare one day against another, and set goals for the week, a single session, or track patterns.

The list above includes pedometers with dozens of features, among which heart rate monitors, caloric measurements, distance in miles, kilometers and average speed etc. Many allow for Bluetooth connectivity, have a waterproof surface, and offer elegant and clean design.

You can chose a single item from the list, click to read the full description (or review where we have one) and then be redirected to Amazon where you can learn more and make the purchase. Shipping is, for many of the items, free in US, UK as well as Canada. We are only curating the best pedometers the products, so you don’t have to search and spend hours by yourself.

These are definitely the best pedometers you’ll find on Amazon, with dozens of pedometers for sale updated regularly. Order one, start measuring, and get creative with tracking your numbers. You’ll start losing weight and feel more energetic, without an obvious lifestyle change, and definitely without demanding and exhausting workouts.

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