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Silk Eye Bags

If your living gets made in front of a computer screen, you probably want to protect your eyes as much as you can. But while genetics, distance and brightness play a huge role, there is another aspect to keeping your eyes healthy – relaxation. A century back, Dr. Bates wrote a revolutionary book on how to deal with eye strain, and preserve your eyesight. The gist? Learning how to relax those eyeballs. Using silk eye bags is probably the single best thing you can do in order to fight eye strain. We’ve put together a list of the best silk eye bags on Amazon, with dozens of silk eye bags for sale. Take a look, and invest in your eyes. It will definitely pay off!

Why would you need Silk Eye Bags?

Dr. Bates wrote a revolutionary book almost a century back, where he tried to deal with eye strain by using several techniques. The easiest one to practice, and arguably the most effective of the pack, is called palming – where you cover your face by using your palms, so that no light is able to penetrate to your eyes. Then you close the eyelids, and rest in complete darkness for about a minute or two.

Practicing this exercise several times throughout the day is said to bring massive improvement in dealing with eye strain, and help your eyes relax after a demanding task.

But using your palms in order to practice the technique gets tiresome and soon enough you’ll start to skip the necessary sessions. Instead, you’ll want to look at silk eye bags for a solution. Very affordable and comfortable against the face, these will help you relax your eyes after a strenuous session at work. Just put the bag on and enjoy a minute or two of total eye relaxation.

We’ve included soft and 3D silk eye bags, and for those of you who have face geometry with eyeballs protruded, I would definitely recommend the latter.

Most of these silk eye bags are breathable, and some are even enhanced with aromatherapy of different scents.

You’ll be redirected to Amazon in order to learn more about the products and maybe make a purchase, so all customer care and service goes through the sellers on Amazon. Expect free shipping for many of these items, to US, UK and Canada. Order one for yourself and another for a friend or loved one who is having troubles dealing with eye strain. We have listed dozens of silk eye bags for sale, so feel free to go to Amazon and order several at once.

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