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Foam Wedges

Yoga beginners often shy away from weight bearing poses, unable to master balance and flexibility in one controlled movement. Foam wedges, therefore, can help facilitate progress, where the transition goes smoothly and without risk of an injury. Though most common for yoga practice, there are other training wheels as well, and for the purpose of simplicity, we included yoga wheels and balance pads in addition to the best foam wedges on the market. You’ll find dozens of affordable foam wedges for sale, as well as yoga wheels and balance pads of different size and color. Do note that we created this list with extra care, so all of the products are top quality.

Why would you need Foam Wedges?

Foam wedges are very useful for certain poses where you need to transfer the weight to your arms, and avoid wrist discomfort. If you are working at a computer, like I am, you’ll be surprised by how week your wrists are, and how certain poses feel particularly uncomfortable. Nine out of ten, this is due to a carpal tunnel syndrome which causes wrist pain, making you shy away from particular poses, which although meat to help, are causing you even more pain.

Foam wedges improve support and posture, while reducing stress. And that is what Yoga is ultimately about. You cannot really progress with balance and flexibility, if your wrists are lagging behind, or you feel uncomfortable when holding your body in certain positions.

The best foam wedges are durable, dense, and follow certain geometric specifications. We created the list by searching for these products, considering ratings, and reading reviews. Most of the items are super-affordable, as you can notice when browsing through the list.

After selecting one product, you can read the full description , after which you will be redirected to Amazon for learning more about the product and maybe making a purchase. They handle shipping, customer care and service, so our only job is to let you know about the best products from the category. And we are planning to do a great job!

If you are serious about progressing with yoga, we at Lifestyle Updated strongly recommend the purchase of one foam wedge, and one yoga wheel. Even if you think that you don’t need them at this moment, it’s better to have then in reach, as opposed to ordering them once the exercise comes on your schedule.

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