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Yoga Blocks

Beginner or experienced practitioner, yoga blocks can help you deepen your poses, and improve your balance. This is a list of high quality foam blocks from Amazon, at super affordable prices, sold separately or in sets with yoga straps. We also included several bamboo blocks, and dozens of high density EVA blocks. We did the work, so you don’t have to spend time and search them one by one. Sold separately or in sets, there are dozens of blocks for sale at super affordable prices, so take a look. This is the only curated list of the best yoga blocks you’ll ever need.

Why would you need Yoga Blocks?

When working on your flexibility, it’s important to find a spot within, but on the edge of your comfort zone where you can relax and breathe deeply. Yoga blocks can help with several poses by providing support. You can place them under each thigh when doing hip flexor stretches or below your ankles with your legs in front.

Yoga blocks are useful even if you are not into yoga per say. Deep stretching after each workout or gymnastic training can also benefit from high density EVA blocks. I remember working on my L-sit by using one and then three separate yoga blocks stacked on top of one another. I’ve seen some people using them for push-ups as well when they want to achieve better balance, and fire up as much muscle fiber as possible.

Regardless of where you are in your fitness or yoga journey, you’ll definitely find use for high density blocks. They are great as a gift as well, so buy one for yourself or surprise some of your friends who are into fitness by buying them a set of yoga blocks and straps.

As for material, we’d recommend high density EVA blocks, but you can definitely purchase cork blocks, or bamboo blocks if you want to push yourself further. Bamboo blocks force you to control the weight and avoid relaxing half-way through a stretch (pressing your weight, as you allow gravity to pull you down, against a bamboo block, doesn’t feel comfortable at all, so you’ll have to be more disciplined). So you should start with either cork or foam blocks first, and then see what suits you the best.

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