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Treadmill Motors

Treadmill motors are most likely the biggest and most expensive replacement treadmill owners have to make. Most treadmill motors can easily endure thousands of miles before having to be checked and repaired, and complete replacement is likely only after a couple of years of heavy use. The good news is that most of them are reasonably affordable, and you only have to buy once. After comparing reviews, user feedback and ratings, we created a list of the best treadmill motors for sale. You can also find treadmill motor control boards, incline motors and thermal cutoff switches.

Why would you need Treadmill Motors?

After talking with many people who own a treadmill, I now understand that most cases where treadmill motor replacements are necessary are those where proper maintenance weren’t practiced regularly.

If you are disciplined about taking care of your treadmill, you’ll never have to look through treadmill motor catalogues like this one. But what is, exactly, proper maintenance?

Out of all motor damage scenarios, most frequent are the ones where the floor under the treadmill wasn’t even. This can easily create stress, by throwing the motor and the belt out of balance. Fast forward few years later, and you’ll have to phone the repairman.

The most important thing, therefore, that you have to make sure of, is placing the treadmill evenly. Then, it’s just a matter of daily and weekly maintenance, according to how often you are using it.

Sweat and stains are to be removed with a dry or water-damp towel, and you should use a vacuum cleaner once every week in order to clean the space underneath the treadmill, as well as the deck itself.

If you are disciplined enough to practice this maintenance tasks regularly, on top of ensuring that your treadmill is positioned evenly, you won’t have to worry about a thing. You are already here, looking for treadmill motors, so I’d assume that something went south. Either way, this is to make sure that you have to browse motors just once.

You should also use a silicon based lubricant in order to prevent friction and reduce damage to the motor. Use our filter from the left, and you can find a separate catalogue of these as well.

Many of the treadmill motors here include free shipping in the US, Canada and UK. Do check, however, and make sure to contact the Amazon seller if you have any additional questions. We just made sure to put this list of best treadmill motors together, so you don’t have to spend hours on top of hours, searching for items around the net.

You’ll find the best doctor drive treadmill motors for Proform, Horizon, NordicTrack and many other brands. Have a look.

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