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Treadmill Lubricants

If you want your treadmill up and running (no pun intended) for years to an end, some maintenance is usually required. But aside from using the right type of shoes, and making sure you never eat or drink while on it (who does that, right?), you’ll have to use treadmill lubricants every once in a while. The best treadmill lubricants are silicone based, available in both liquid and spray. We took time to compare the best treadmill lubricants for sale, providing a list of products so you don’t have to perform an extensive search. Have a look.

Why would you need Treadmill Lubricants?

Treadmill lubrication is a maintenance activity many owners forget to practice. The conveyor belt, according to manufacturer guidelines, should be lubricated at different time intervals. Some treadmills require more and some less frequent lubrication.

But since you are here and already browsing through treadmill lubricants for sale, let’s first go over the basic maintenance steps, shall we?

Treadmill maintenance apart from using treadmill lubricants

  1. First of all, you’ll have to make sure that the treadmill is placed on a perfectly level floor. This is mainly to prevent the motor and belt from going out of balance. If there is need to balance the treadmill in order to adjust for the uneven floor, make sure you do so.
  2. Then, as part of your daily maintenance (if you are running that often, of course), you should use a clean and dry cloth in order to wipe off the sweat from the running belt as well as the electronic platform.
  3. If you want to remove stains or minerals piled from days of sweating, just use water and never soap, furniture polish or any other cleaning solvents.
  4. Use a vacuum cleaner to clean underneath the treadmill, and to clean the entire deck area as well. Dust particles can easily accumulate and pile below the belt and around the motor.
  5. Make sure to always unplug the cable, avoiding being electrocuted.

Treadmill lubricants, as manufacturers usually describe, should be applied on both sides, right below the conveyor belt.

You should pull the treadmill belt away from the deck and apply lubricant while holding the belt with the other hand. Spray is easier to apply, but you can use liquid as well. Most manufacturers state that 100% silicon lubricants are the best solution.

The lubrication should be applied towards the center, from both sides, until you use roughly around 1-oz of the liquid.

We compiled a list of the best treadmill lubricants available, in both silicon oil and spray. You’ll find dry was as well, lubricating grease, treadmill lubricant kits, and pump dispensers. Payment and processing goes through Amazon, and there is free shipping for many of the products in US, Canada and the UK. Visit Amazon to learn more.

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