The Focus T25 Review – Everything You Need To Know About Focus T25 Workout

The Focus T25 workout created quite a stir in many fitness circles. If you’ve heard about Beachbody and their products you are already familiar with what it is – a dvd workout program designed to give you a great looking body.

Focus T25 workout review

If, on the other hand, you’ve done some of their workouts over the last couple of years, as I did with the Insanity Workout and the Insanity Asylum, it is justifiable to have big expectations for this one as well.

We decided to make this Focus T25 workout review as to give you the most detailed information about the Focus T25 workout and set your expectations straight. Hence this review is slightly different from other Focus T25 review out there.

Namely, I’ve finished the Insanity workout, went for an on and off relationship with it for a while, then completed the Insanity Asylum.

So writing the Focus T25 review from my perspective would have been wrong for couple of reasons. First, any results I would have witnessed could have been easily contributed to my previous investment in fitness, and second I will never get to know the full scope of what the Focus T25 workout is capable of.

And here steps Bojan, the co-editor of this site, who decided to took the challenge and write about it in this Focus t25 workout review. He was out of shape for couple of years back, not overweight per say, but lacking muscle definition and wanting to burn some fat tissue, not familiar with any of the Beachbody exercises no matter how hard I tried to persuade him. Long story short, being the perfect lab rat for this Focus T25 review, he stepped in.

And as to add more weight to this Focus T25 review, he will write about his whole experience, and me, being the fitness addict and having tried all of the exercises in the Focus t25 workout, will just add my occasional comment as to compare the Focus T25 workout with the rest I’ve completed.

How and why I started with the Focus T25 workout


The Focus T25 workout… So where do we start? If you’ve read the introduction by Slavko, you might guess how fun this trial was. After a while of going back and forth, he convinced me to try it out. Not that I was skeptical or anything of the like (seeing the results he got from Insanity and Insanity Asylum), but knowing how hard those workouts were I never really seemed to harness the will power.

That and not having time were my go-to excuses whenever he would bring the subject of fitness up. Now that I’ve never tried Insanity is not entirely true. He probably don’t even know this, but I’ve once put one DVD and did the warm up after which I decided to abandon exercise altogether. To say it was hard would be a huge understatement.

He tried convincing me on a couple of occasions, reassuring me that I would reach my fitness goals – achieving less body fat percentage by losing weight, adding some muscle mass and definition, and overall an improved physical condition – but weighting that on one side of the scale against how hard the process was going to be, I somehow never seemed convinced enough.

And when the Focus T25 workout came out, he couldn’t say it better, I was the perfect lab rat for this Focus T25 review.

What does the media say about the Focus T25 workout

Focus T25 workout - media coverage

By the way they Focus t25 workout marketed you can tell that it distinctly differs from the other ones in the line. Whereas Insanity was introduced in the lines of working out hard, this is more about working out smart.

The biggest asset, and something Slavko was very skeptical about at the very beginning, was the time needed for each workout – only 25 minutes. And this was the biggest leverage for making people buy it when you think about it.

It also was something that made more experienced fitness guys like Slavko disregard the Focus T25 workout altogether at the very beginning.

Another thing that makes the Focus T25 workout different is how many days per week you are about to invest. While both Insanity and even more so Insanity Asylum Require 6 days per week, here you will work out only for 5. That is, if you don’t count stretching on Sunday – which cannot be really thought of as a workout.

What else caught my eye was the fact that the Focus t25 workout was divided into phases, which were said to provide progress as you go along. Unlike Insanity, here you start slow and build up from there.

Slavko bought the Focus T25 workout and decided to set a date.

He said that he will go over each of the workouts once and see how they compare to the other programs, and judging on the experience he had with those programs as well as being a fitness coach for a while, he would guess on what kind of results I should expect.

Shaun T – the person behind the Focus T25 workout

Shaun T - Focus T25 review

If infomercials haven’t drilled this information into you yet, let me do that in a second. Shaun T is the person behind the Insanity workout as well as The Insanity Asylum Vol.1 and Vol.2, Hip hop abs, etc… He has a degree in sports science and a minor in theatre and dance. Choreographer, dancer and a fitness trainer for quite a long time, it is fair to say that he is up to the task.

It is said that Shaun T made the Focus T25 workout for Carl Daikeler, the CEO of Beachbody, creating a program which will allow for staying in great shape while coping with busy schedule.

He also invited over Tania, from the Insanity workout program, who was post pregnancy, having given birth to her son couple of months prior to the workouts with the test groups started taking place. Her transformation with the Focus T25 workout is something that created quite a buzz in the fitness community.

Over the years I learned to appreciate Shaun T quite a lot, having done both Insanity and  Insanity Asylum. He is an incredible motivator, being able to push me through hell when I did the Asylum.

Having said that, I will try every workout of his that comes out in the future, and this makes me slightly biased towards his products, but I will try to hold my enthusiasm in check and not make this Focus T25 review look like a sales letter. Instead I will try giving you the most informed opinion on why the focus t25 workout either suits you or not. I hope Bojan will do the same.

Focus T25 review – what should you expect?

Focus T25 Review - What should you expect

Before continuing with Bojan’s thoughts about his experience, let me share with you what I’ve told him after going over the exercises myself.

First of all it was apparent that the Focus T25 workout was fairly easier in comparison with Insanity. Not to mention Insanity Asylum. If not trying to race against the clock and go all out on every set, I was somewhere in my comfort zone.

This meant that business wise, Beachbody decided to target a slightly different demographic – people who wanted results, but were afraid of punishing themselves with insane amount of exercise day after day.

It is really interesting to know that all you have to do today is only 25 minutes of working out. With Insanity, especially the second month videos, it was a constant struggle, knowing that I will be in agony for a whole hour. I learned to love it though, but some people seemed less pleased with that and ended up feeling frustrated, eventually giving up.

Here, in the Focus T25 workout, you have only 25 minutes, and unlike Insanity or Asylum you can do modifications.

Another great thing about the Focus T25 workout is that it can satisfy a larger demographic as well – fitness beginners can easily progress to a rather formidable level, while fitness veterans can also get what they want if they simply push themselves as hard as possible (these exercises are, the majority of them, bodyweight exercises meaning that you use your own body as to supply the resistance. And instead of counting reps, you do as many as you can in 30 seconds or one minute. Here is where those who want a challenge can push themselves- just try to do one more rep every time).

Having this said, the Focus T25 workout is not for everybody. If you decide to do handful of repetitions of one exercise in 30 seconds and expect results I hate to break it to you but it won’t happen.

This requires mental power and willingness to break a sweat. As long as you are sweating and giving your best you are golden.

tania - focus t25 reviewAnother thing that is great is that here you also have Tania from the Insanity workouts (little do people know that she helped Shaun create some of his workouts), and she does modifications to almost every exercise. While this wasn’t that much important to Bojan since he tried to keep up with the rest of the crew, it might be for someone who is quite overweight or have struggled with an injury in the past.

Which brings me to another point – while advocating the Insanity workout, many people complained about the level of intensity thus fearing injuries. Here this problem is addressed very nicely. Not only that the warm-ups start slower and then build up in progression, but Tania is modifying each exercise, so the chance of injury is almost non-existent.

You will find her modifications very useful, especially with the one arm planks.

Buy the FOCUS T25 workout

What is in the box?


Focus t25 workout review - in the boxYou will get the 10 workouts from the calendars (alpha and beta phase) as well as a bonus one from phase beta. Also you will be given the Focus T25 nutrition guide and the Focus T25 calendar. Along with these you will also find a resistance band (a 15 pounds one) which can nicely substitute the dumbbells. Though I prefer dumbbells over a band. There is also the quick start review which is there as a formality. Anyway…

Focus T25 calendar

The schedule in the Focus T25 workout is really simple. You have this calendar for month one (the alpha phase) telling you which workout you do each day. Every Saturday is rest, Sunday for stretching (though this is so easy it is really a treat to your body and not an exercise at all).

Fridays are, as I mentioned earlier, intended for double takes – two videos back to back. This is of course if you feel you can make it, and while it adds quite a lot to overall results, you can really decide to follow up on them maybe every other week (kinda what I did). Then for the beta phase you simply put the beta calendar and that’s pretty much it.

You will also notice that the Focus T25 calendar for the schedule has two boxes under every workout. The one is for “nailed it” and the other for “barely made it”. Checking them without subjective excuses will allow for better understanding of your progress. In retrospect it pays out quite a lot.

Focus T25 review – the Alpha phase

Focus T25 Review - The Alpha phase

The Focus T25 workout is divided into three phases. And I can easily see Beachbody turning this into longer series. They did so with the Insanity when Asylum and Asylum Vol.2 followed. This on the other hand, building more of a foundation for fitness novices, can stretch for much further.

There are three phases, each building onto the previous one.

Phase alpha is consisted of five workouts, and over the course of the first month it serves as a preparation and building a solid foundation for your fitness progress. The workouts are still pretty hard, but it never leaves you wasted like Slavko complained when he first started Insanity.

I used to go to the gym way back, and it always seemed like a huge waste of time, going back and forth, deciding what to wear each day etc. The relief here was that the Focus T25 workouts took exactly 25 minutes, and that was it. No additional sets, no “do this additional video for better results” nothing. Just 25 minutes. Except of course the optional double take every Friday, where it is advised to complete two videos back to back.

Sometimes I followed through on this and other times not (mostly at the beginning) but it worked out great at the end. Besides, you are doing this in the comfort of your own home. Which brings me to another important point- you do not need so much space as it is required for Insanity, and definitely far less space than you need for the Asylum. This was a BIG plus for me.

And the workouts kinda flew really fast.

What I suspect helps in this time perception is the music. And it should, considering the fact that they’ve spend quarter of a million dollars just for the music alone (Don’t take my word for it though; it might only be a rumor). It slowly builds up, in a way dictating the dynamic and tempo of the exercises, helping you push more and more providing additional focus. And then all of the sudden it is all over.

What I especially liked here was the cast size – handful of people, great camera angles, allowing you to pay better attention to form.

What I didn’t like was the fact that there is no rest. This actually makes the Focus T25 workout really hard considering the 25 minutes it takes to do it.

Granted, you have exercises designed to lower your heart rate here and there, but overall it is all intensity all the time. You will be surprised how much sweat will come out of you in only 25 minutes.

What is interesting in this phase is that you are faced with a huge lifestyle change (working out and eating healthy by following the nutrition plan), and yet you are not overwhelmed whatsoever.

I guess this is due to the fact that Focus T25 has you working out 25 minutes per day, not making you fatigue, not creating any major food cravings, leaving room for more stress and energy to be put into healthy choices and habits. Not to mention that your schedule will not take any hit at all. Another thing I liked a lot.

Focus T25 Alpha phase review – the results

Focus T25 review - Alpha phase schedule

By the end of this phase the Focus T25 workout started working as I hoped, yet without the frustration of feeling exhausted and fatigue as I expected.

The first week was hard mostly in the sense of trying to catch breath, taking breaks more than I expected, and getting used to some soreness due to years of inactivity. Then I guess my body adapted, and I felt like a different person.

What strike me the most was that almost every part of my body felt tighter, and I felt my energy levels to be greatly increased. Also, my conditioning improved quite a lot and I felt like I can do things I wasn’t able for quite a while.

By the second week I was sleeping like a baby (not that I had any problems before though) and was quite alert throughout the day. I guess that’s what exercise does to you.

Following the nutrition guide for the most part and having completed the first two weeks, I decided to check on my progress.

Measurements showed positive reassurance – Almost 8 pounds lost, and judging on muscle definition, I guess it was all fat tissue. The most noticeable results showed around the waist area, and thighs. Though the chest felt more flat, and arms quite more defined.

By the end of the first month, alpha phase, I’ve lost 5 additional pounds and seemed to have even more of a muscle definition. What I noticed the most was my physical conditioning which was by now greatly improved. I guess I could have done some of the Insanity videos with ease now.

Focus T25 Alpha phase review – The workouts

I will jump in here for a second and try to comment on the videos from a somewhat more experienced point of view. Here is what I think each of them does:


It is interesting how the cardio starts slow here and then gradually builds up. It mainly focuses on the lower part of the body, preparing your calves and quads for what is about to come.

What is interesting is that it targets the lower abs as well, which probably provides for the biggest weight loss around the abdomen area that is to come. The moves are not that much complex but it will wear you down nonetheless.

Ab intervals

This is a great ab workout and it will probably leave you sore in your abdomen for days the first time you try it and even afterwards.

What is great here is that Shaun T combines specific abdominal exercises with cardio centered ones. This burns quite a lot of fat in that specific area, and builds even stronger and denser muscle. Your lower abs are targeted a lot again.

Lower focus

As the name implies, this focuses on your lower part of the body, mainly your thighs, making this exercise slightly harder than the previous two. It is to blame for the drop in pants size you will be quick to notice. A lot of specific and almost static exercises which are centered around your thighs and butt.

Speed 1.0

You will notice that this Focus T25 workout review hardly touched the subject of performance. Bojan doesn’t pay that much attention to that probably. I however, being obsessed with fitness, do. And speed 1.0 is probably the first video in this phase that is centered more towards athleticism than specific body sculpting exercises.

The lot of leg work causes you to be light on your feet, improving your speed, jumping power, agility, balance… This also provides for a lot of cardio and even better results in the lower part of your body.

Total body circuit

This Focus t25 workout is unlike the others since it introduces you to the exercises and then they repeat themselves adding more intensity. It is a circuit progression type of training, similar to the Insanity Asylum.

It also introduces some more complex movements, like the shoulder tap push-up, the plank walk followed by a jump into a squat position, as well as the spider lunge which will target your oblique abs.

We can say that this workout is centered more upon the upper body when compared to the others and it is a perfect introduction to the beta phase.

Focus T25 review – The Beta phase

Focus T25 Review - The Beta phase


By now it showed very clearly that alpha phase was not only a foundation and preparation for improved overall shape, but also a lifestyle redesign. I was eating healthier, having more energy, feeling stronger and more confident. I kinda started loving fitness and waiting for those 25 minutes in the day where I will now push myself harder.

And beta phase is exactly that – pushing harder.

Focus T25 Beta phase review – the workouts

First of all the workouts shift gear, centering quite more upon core strength. One of the videos – dynamic core- requires so many ab contractions that you feel the switch in intensity from the alpha phase right away.

The speed video requires way more leg work and ups the ante quite a bit too.

But what made this phase even more interesting was adding the resistance. I used 12 pound dumbbells, and these two workouts – Rip’t circuit and upper focus – have increased my upper body strength by quite a lot. I also started to notice more muscle definition, especially in the shoulders and arms.

Slavko mentioned that he recognized more exercises from the asylum workouts in some form, so I guess that added to the aspect of strength. Even the cardio video – core cardio – tackles strength quite noticeably.

As for speed, I noticed being even lighter on my feet and my coordination, balance in space, and control over the whole body as a whole have increased exponentially.

The warm-ups are also getting noticeably harder, making you able to jump right into the hard part more easily. Needless to say, every move becomes more dynamic while lot of new ones are being introduced.

What is also noticeable at first is that the music is slightly more dynamic, and the speed 2.0 video will have you dancing like you wouldn’t believe. I was also surprised when I heard flute during the core cardio video – I guess that rumor about Beachbody having spent all that money on music was not out of nowhere.

I especially liked the upper focus video exercises, and this video actually challenges your strength by introducing as complex exercises as the chest fly with your legs raised.

What I didn’t like were the modifications. If they made sense a lot during alpha phase, here they seemed very easy and rather funny. Anyway…

Focus T25 Beta phase review – the results

Focus T25 review - Beta phase schedule

By the time week two was under way the abs were showing quite a lot, and if I flexed them I could already see nice blocks separating and even see the line where the lower ones are going to appear separated too. I noticed that there was no fat around my thighs any more, and both the hamstrings and quats were lot more defined.

At this moment I felt not only encouraged, but even had great results to show. I went for a weekend away with a group of friends (I think it was right after the second week) and they all were amazed by my transformation. Little did they know that I was only half way from the real results.

This brings me to another point – in a conversation I once had with Slavko, he complained about not being able to go over the Asylum workout videos while he was away on a vacation. With the Focus T25 workout though this is not that big of a deal, since you don’t need a lot of space and they all last for 25 minutes.

12 pound dumbbells are not that big of equipment if you think about it. And we are talking beta phase here. Alpha doesn’t even need any additional equipement. Besides, instead of dumbbells you can take the band with you and still have an equally challenging workout.

Let me jump in here for a second and say that the beta phase adds quite more strength work from what I’ve noticed. And like Bojan have said it also introduces a lot of complex movements that tackle others aspects of your overall fitness, such as flexibility, agility, explosiveness and power above all. Speed and coordination are also addressed quite a lot too.

I find this phase to be perfect for those who are already in great shape and would like to spend the minimum time on maintaining it or even improving some aspects of it.

It provides muscle contractions, especially in the abs (the dynamic core video is somewhat derived from the Asylum Vol.2 program- a lot of burn in a short period of time without doing any traditional ab workouts) every time you do it. This translates into breaking plateaus and constantly seeing progress.

Buy the FOCUS T25 workoutGet Focus t25 in the UK

Focus T25 review – the final results


The focus t25 workout is indeed divided into three phases. However, having in mind that the third one – the gamma phase – is purchased separately and is optional in case you want to go even further, it is concluded that the Focus T25 workout is really just the alpha and beta phases. Therefore, this Focus T25 review covers the results I got from two months out of which one was the alpha phase, and the other beta.

Focus T25 Review - The Gamma phaseThe gamma phase is really – as Slavko says – a ticket to the Insanity Asylum and elite training, so I will leave it to him to go over the workouts in another review. I will try it myself too, but since I finished the beta phase I was doing videos here and there as to keep in shape, so I might give it a week or two as to prepare to step into gamma.

Here are the results after two months with Focus T25:

  • Lost over 22 pounds.

    Now I really have to buy some new pants. Many of the people I know noticed this and some have even said that I look different not only in my body, but my face as well.

  • Six-pack.

    I have a six-pack and I still lift up my shirt just to make sure it is there – this is awesome.

  • My legs are all muscle.

    I guess this is where I notice the biggest change, and probably why pants refuse to fit, but are loose instead.

  • Increased muscle definition in the arms.

    I never imagined having such muscle definition in my arms, especially shoulders, and chest too. And albeit my back is not that muscular it is 100 percent different from what it was before.

  • I look like an athlete, I feel like an athlete.

    I can do almost anything with my body. Two days back I went playing basketball with some high school friends of mine, and to say that I was physically superior would be an understatement. Writing this down brings such a smile on my face even now.

  • I started loving fitness.

    Being a competitive swimmer when I was young was very fun. All these years have passed and I really forgot how fun physical exercise can be. I had a love and hate relationship with fitness for quite a while, but now it has become a part of who I am.

  • I eat better, I sleep better, have tons of energy.

    There is no way I’m skipping exercise for two days in a row . Now I usually do beta videos (mostly upper focus, dynamic core and core cardio here and there), but mix in some alpha here and there just for the fun.

Focus T25 nutrition guide

Focus T25 review - nutrition guideAs with all Beachbody programs, what they try to sell is not a set of exercises, but rather a complete approach towards being healthy and looking and performing great.

Same deal here. In the package you will receive a nutrition guide featuring principles of healthy diet tuned to meet your goals, as well as meal recipes which will help you make better food choices.

The recipes are exactly 25, made with 5 ingredients and in a very short time.

The carbs and protein and fat ratio is similar as with the Insanity program, meaning that roughly 40 percent of your meals are consisted of carbs, the other 40 of protein and the rest are fats.

You are also given the calorie quiz, which helps you determine how many calories per day you should eat. Note that I never counted calories, but simply followed the principles outlined into this book.

What is also great about the Focus T25 nutrition guide is that it lists 25 healthy foods that you should have at home at any time.

There also are three common questions which they address into this nutrition guide, such as: What if I notice food cravings, what if it is really late and I feel like I’m hungry, and what if I want to do a double charged workout in terms of intensity.

Co-editing this site I’ve learned a lot about nutrition myself, but it was still interesting to flip through the nutrition guide.

Focus T25 workout vs The Insanity

The Focus T25 workout vs The Insanity workout

Many people are trying to compare these two workouts, so I feel it’s important to give my two cents on the matter. Shaun T himself has said that these workouts should be seen as two completely different entities.

You see, The Insanity workout is for someone who has the mental readiness to do whatever it takes to get to great results. It is for someone ready to “die” during each workout, and it is understandably harder.

However, the Focus T25 workout, albeit not wearing you down that much can still provide for similar (will tell you to what extent different) results. Here are the points where they differ:

  • The Focus T25 workout lasts only 25 minutes while The Insanity workout can go up to an hour.
  • The Focus T25 workout builds up every workout down from zero, while Insanity starts with high intensity right away.
  • The Focus T25 workout guides you slowly through fitness, allowing for modifications, while with Insanity it is drooling over the floor every single time.
  • The Insanity workout is harder, but due to the length of the workouts can cause catabolic effects (too much stress to the body) which in turn allow for only small amount of muscle gain (that’s why it will burn every ounce of body fat you have on you), while The Focus T25 workout can add some bulk too.
  • In the Focus T25 workout there is more leg work and interesting dance moves, as well as more strength based exercises. The Insanity though is the king of cardio.
  • In the Focus T25 workout there is weight or resistance added into the equation, while the Insanity workout is only about using your own body weight.
  • Both last for two months, and both cost pretty much the same, though with the Focus T25 workout you get a band as a bonus included into the package.

Where can you buy the Focus T25 workout from?

There are couple of places from where you can purchase the focus t25 workout, and here is what I think about it:

The official Beachbody page (For US citizens) or (UK citizens) is where I got my copy from, and having the option to pay three monthly payments of 39 dollars plus the 19 dollars shipping is quite convenient. Buying from there you also get the 30 day money back guarantee.

Buy the FOCUS T25 workoutGet Focus t25 in the UK

You can also consider buying it from Amazon where you can choose between new or used packages. Some of the Focus T25 reviews over there mentioned package arriving was not complete, but knowing Amazon it is probably not big of a deal, they usually take care of things like that.
There is no money back guarantee though.

You can also find forums and places online where people who bought it and never finished it (for any reason whatsoever) are selling the workout. This is easier with programs like The Insanity since more people used them, and will be somewhat hard to find copies from Focus T25 on sale because it is relatively new.

Sometimes you can find a nice bargain, but there are a lot of scammers as well.

No matter where you decide to buy Focus T25 from, it is up to you to make it work.

Final words from this Focus T25 review


Even though fitness addicts like Slavko say that this is not that hard, I struggled quite a lot at the beginning. Beta phase was also painful at the start. So the Focus T25 workout is not for everybody. It requires quite a lot of will power despite the fact that you have only 25 minutes per day.

The lack of frustration and mental struggle associated with workout programs like the Insanity workout made it easier to enjoy the ride and focus more on nutrition and leading an overall healthy lifestyle. I look way better, I feel a lot better and my physical readiness is off the charts.

I will definitely continue doing the Focus T25 workout since I’m hooked now, and it seems that the results continue to improve. I owe it to Slavko for convincing me to take the challenge.

If I have to describe Focus T25 using a sentence I will probably say that it is a gradual progression that gives you ripped looks and pro level of athleticism for only 25 minutes per day.

Buy the FOCUS T25 workout

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  1. Jenny

    Thanks for this great t25 review guys! I already started the program and so far I love it. I did Aerobic in the past, but the cardio here is really hard to compare. 25 minutes of pure focus and pushing as far as I can.
    I have one question though. Is it really that important to follow the nutrition guide? Doing some exercise prior to Focus T25 workout I already changed my diet and now eat healthy. What do you think?
    Once again, thanks for this great review.

    • Slavko Desik

      Hi Jenny,
      To answer your question- no, you don’t need to follow the nutrition guide. Follow the principles of healthy eating though, and you will be fine.
      Take care, and drop as a line or two as to share your experience with the program.

  2. Donniecia

    I just started Tuesday! I can barely lift my arms, but I love the convenience! Thanks for the review.

    • Slavko Desik

      I think Bojan never took pictures. Though I will check with him again. As for myself, I have some, but the results on those are mostly from doing Insanity:Asylum.

      Edit: Note that I haven’t completed the program. This focus T25 workout review only covers the results Bojan got with it. In this comment section, from now on, he will be answering any questions that you guys might have that are more specific.


  3. Tinka

    Insane focus t25 review. I was concerned when I got this that it would be extreme like Insanity, but they had a person doing a lower impact which made it easier for me to hang in there. Otherwise, I would not have been able to make it thru the entire 25 minutes.

  4. High Intensity Workouts

    Hey there,

    I just wanted to stop by to mention that this is above and beyond one of the best and most comprehensive reviews that I have read to date. I have not yet done the Focus T25 program, but as an Insanity graduate, I found the comparison between the 2 programs to be very informative and useful.

    This gives me food for thought about whether I should run through Insanity again or save some serious time with T25.

    Thanks for sharing.

      • Daniel

        Hi ,
        I’m in the last half of insanity which is going well my body is heaps stronger , I have ordered asylum to follow & was wondering ( if I survive that ) do you think that T25 would be enough to maintain form as an everyday program ?
        Daniel :-)

  5. Darlyn

    Wow, Extreamly thorough review of the focus t25 workout. My question:

    I am 43 y/o female, exercising 5 days a week, exercises varies between step aerobi, elliptical for an hour, or some strength training machines. Do you think Focus T25 is something I can do as a 43 year old?

    • Slavko Desik

      Definitely Darlyn. The modifications are there in case you need to cope with overwhelming intensity. Though this type of training allows you to progress dramatically in how far you can push yourself.

  6. Louis

    I really appreciate your comprehensive focus t25 review. I am not following the meal plan — in fact, I just signed up to receive meals delivered from a weight-loss company — Anyway — thanks again for such a great review.

  7. Reed

    Hi slavko!

    Great job on this focus t25 workout review! I really enjoyed reading it. I’m thinking about starting it, but I’m a smoker. Do you think it can be a problem? Need your advice.

    Take care,


    • Slavko Desik

      Hi Reed,
      While I was coaching people with the Insanity program, smoking was really a big concern. And as much as Focus T25 is lighter in terms of intensity, this might be a problem as well.
      Though I noticed an interesting phenomenon with people doing Insanity who were smoking at the time. Most of them said that their urge for smoking had somewhat diminished. I don’t know why is this the case, but couple of people have reported the same thing.

      Anyway, it depends on how much you really smoke.

      Have a great day

    • Simon

      Hi, I saw this post and just had to comment, I have completed the insanity programme and I am a smoker I tried to give up whilst exercising but it failed I do however smoke less. I still stick to my insanity programme and I am physically fit. If you try to stop smoking whilst trying to complete any type of programme your more likely not to complete the programme. Do one thing first then you are likely to succeed at both. (I’ve gone from 40 smokes a day to five a day and still weening myself. I’ve found this has help me to complete the programme and cut down soon to stop :-) hope this helps smokers out there. I agree also with the other comment your urge to smoke does deminish somewhat. We all get there in the end. Good luck

  8. Nicky


    There is a chance I may be able to start with the focus t25 workout, but I’m not sure if I can follow the diet plan. Do you think it’s crucial for the end results?


    • Slavko Desik

      Hi Nicky,
      The diet plan is for those who are unfamiliar with healthy way of eating. You can make sure to eat healthy and have the exact same results regardless of whether you follow the diet plan or not. Make sure to follow the basic principles though (types of food, protein-carbs-fats ratio etc.)

      Take care

  9. Niang

    This review was very informative! I have really been trying to reach my fitness goals and I really want to start with the focus t25 workout. This may be a dumb question but while doing this program are you still supposed to do other forms of exercise, like I usually run a couple times a week, would I still need to do this? Sorry if that’s a dumb question I just want to have all my facts straight before I start.


    • Slavko Desik

      Hi Niang,
      No, doing the workouts is enough. Sometimes it is even counterproductive to do additional exercise, since it stresses the muscles when they should in fact rest. It might also create a catabolic effect, which is counterproductive to weight loss.

      Have a great day

      • Sean

        What about combining T25 with a weight training regiment? I am interested in starting T25 but don’t want to lose the gains i’ve made in the gym over the last 6 months. Lately I only do cardio 1-2 times a week other than a quick warm up before lifting for 1-2 hours.

        The plan would be to do T25 in the morning (ideally fasted cardio) and weight training later afternoon. typically focusing on 1-2 muscle groups per day.

        And is it just me or does it seem that from a basic comparison of nutrition facts that a shakeology drink can be substituted with a whey isolate protein shake and multivitamin combo? I’m still on a broke college kid budget and can’t afford all these shakes and supplements as well as buy fresh produce regularly.

        Great article, very insightful! Hope to hear from you soon!

  10. Tom

    So i started the workout about two weeks ago and i even learned things in this focus t25 review that i didn’t know I just have one question, i have about 14% body fat all really in my stomach/belly area, will that disappear as i finish the t25 workout?

  11. Lee

    This review is amazing! I watched the infomercial once, and have been saying I will buy it ever since. I know this sounds like a lie, but I figured I would try to find a real review, and base it off of that. Plus, my beachbody coach/ friend is doing it and loves it. Anyway, I am buying this today.

    With finishing insanity about a year ago, I think I can do this. :)

    -Good Luck to Everyone!

  12. Lee

    Thanks Slavko!
    Now I’m waiting the five to seven days for it to arrive. :-) I’m excited….but nervous. I will keep u guys updated!
    -Aggie Lee

  13. Sharee

    I love the review…just what I needed!!! I have a question for you,
    I’m 43 year old woman, 5’5 1/2, 207lbs ( gained over 20lbs in 3months…stress from my moms hospitalization and now her full time caretaker). I have just started Atkins, bought a treadmill (its being shipped as we speak and just joined a running club) and would love to lose 20lbs before my first run ( undiagnosed knee issues). Do you suggest this program to jump start my fitness program? I just want to feel better before 2013 ends…Help!?!

    • Slavko Desik

      Hi Sharee,
      From how you describe things, it seems as though you are a good candidate for this program. The knee issues, if by any chance activate themselves, can be easily controlled by doing the modified versions of each workout.

  14. dan

    Hi, the guys are using weights (or resistance bands) for some exercises later in the program. Is there somewhere a recomendation what weight should be used? For example 5kg for men and 2kg for women? thanks

    • Slavko Desik

      Hi Dan,

      Bojan himself used 6kg, but it all depends. If you want more mass, you can easily up the ante and go for higher, say 10 (I would never recommend more than this since it becomes hard to do the workouts properly, and the whole cardio concept is less effective).

      However, bear in mind that lighter weights and more repetitions can cause you to lose more weight and have more muscle definition, than say heavier weights and less repetitions.

      Find the middle and you are golden.

  15. Kenya

    This was a good review, very helpful. Thank you!
    I just purchased Focus T25 last night. I’ve got a lot of weight to lose (about 80 lbs). During the ordering process, they offer other beachbody products and I was curious as to whether they were worth the investment. I was most curious about the Shakeology meal replacement shakes they offer. It’s a bit expensive but sounds like it would provide a good, healthy, meal for the start of each day. Is it worth buying? Has anyone had a good experience in drinking the Shakeology drink and was it beneficial?


    • Slavko Desik

      Hi Kenya,
      The Shakeology meal is great if you know what you are spending your money for- a healthy meal replacement. Many people hope for wonders to happen once they start using Shakeology. I, myself, used it for a while, and aside for giving me more energy than usual throughout the day, there is nothing magical about it. What I aimed for then was pragmatism- not having to worry about whether or not I eat healthy once per day. If you eat very healthy, and enjoy preparing your meals, then this is not a necessity per se. Otherwise it will help a lot.

      Take care, and good luck with Focus T25 :)

  16. Suzie King

    Hi Slavko

    Please can you help me. I started my weight loss and body sculpt journey with Weight Watchers then took up running and Insanity.
    I completed month 1 of Insanity exactly as stated but kept to the WW diet regime. So have lost 22lb and nearly three dress sizes.
    However when I started Month 2 of Insanity my energy levels went through the floor and I gave up 1 month ago as I just couldn’t finish the hour long set.
    I am still running twice a week roughly 5-7 miles at a time, I am still at WW and now have joined the gym mainly for weights.
    However I would like to go back to Shaun T as I miss it and still have weight to lose. Please can you let me know in your opinion whether I should go back to Month 1 will that help me lose additional weight? Whether I should get T25 instead or whether even having taken a months break I should go into Month 2 and ‘Push through it’

    • Slavko Desik

      Hi Suzie, and sorry for the late reply.

      Insanity is, without doubt, going to bring better results in terms of weight loss. However, since you can handle both cardio and resistance training, you can try Focus T25 as opposed to month one of Insanity. To tell you the truth, even though Insanity is harder, it is better doing T25 and pushing as hard as you can, keeping correct form, than going over month one or two from Insanity and barely doing the exercises right.

      Personally, I would advise anyone to go with Insanity if he can handle the intensity and has the time. But many people are far from objective, never going out of their comfort zone while working out, while still expecting results. Therefore, I always advise to go with something that will make you work smart, instead of working hard. However, you can push very far with Focus T25 as well if you have the discipline.

      Hope this helps

  17. Hristina Andonoska

    Hey guys thanks for this great and inspiring review….I have finished alpha phase, and today (this Tuesday is my Monday :D) I started beta phase…but I haven’t lost as much weight as others :S…for five weeks, only 1 kg, and 2 cm on my thighs and stomach…my legs are slimmer too…but I don’t follow the nutrition guide (cos I don’t have one hah)…is that the problem or may I continue “my nutrition plan” (starving some days) which includes milk (with honey, cinnamom and flax seed-I don’t have that much time for eating early in the morning since my working hours are 7 am), yogurt, soup (just the fluid), cucumber with yogurt, cashews (yeah and i do cheat sometimes..maybe this is the reason), apples, tangerines etc…..

    • Slavko Desik

      Hi Hristina,

      Look for the results in the mirror and see if the cloths fit better, forget about the scale. Muscle weights the same as fat, but it’s denser, hence occupying less volume, and giving you a better, more defined look.

      As for the diet- starving is wrong, very wrong. That way, you make the metabolism to slow down. Also, the muscles need nutrients in order to recuperate. Multitude of other processes in the body as well. Having a great looking body, without all this is impossible.

      You don’t necessarily have to follow the nutrition guide, but try to incorporate the basic principles into your own diet.

      Hope this helps

  18. Chris

    Hi Slavko,

    First off, this is a phenomenal review…it was a joy to read.
    I just have one simple question that I’d like to ask. Is there a lot of jumping or running in place with this workout? I live on the 3rd floor and don’t want to disturb my neighbors beneath me.

    If there is jumping, will the modified exercise shown by Tania provide an alternative? I guess that’s two questions… :-)



    • Slavko Desik

      Hi Chris,

      There is a lot of jumping. The idea is to get as much intensity into 25 minutes as possible. And plyometrics- jumping, thus helps a lot.

      The modifications are really not going to provide for the same effect if you think about it. Not if you are at a better level already.

  19. Sam


    I’ve made the decision to buy T25. I have a couple of questions:

    I have bursitis in my right elbow. Will I be able to do all of the exercises? Also I have cerebral palsy (very mild) in my right side of my body. Will that be an issue? One last question: Will the exercises disturb my downstairs neighbors? Is there alot of jumping up and down?

    Thank you,


    • Slavko Desik

      Hi Sam,
      As for the jumping, yes, there is lots of it.
      Your other question I cannot really answer, since I’m not exactly qualified. You can consult your physician, and show him the infomercial- it pretty much describes most of the exercises.


  20. Reebs

    Great review!

    I had completed Insanity last year and have been having difficulty getting back in to a healthy regimen. So I started T25 this week. But because its less intense Im wondering if it will have the same affect? I want to lose the weight I accumulated, gain tone and definition and overall strength. Thanks for your help.

    • Slavko Desik

      Hey Reebs,

      While it cannot provide for the same burn as Insanity, you can still try and push yourself further. What I’ve found recently is that by doing so you activate your fast twitch muscles and hence achieve more of a muscle growth.

      As far as body fat percentage- Insanity will always get you lower. Nonetheless, applying intensity, pushing hard, while paying attention to form (there are some more complex exercises here in the beta phase) will make you see great results.

      Take care and enjoy Focus T25

  21. Catherine


    I’m 55, 5′ 1″ and need to lose 80 pounds. I have never liked to exercise. However, I have had periods where I worked out until I lost interest or became too busy to work out. Once, about 25 years ago, I pushed myself, got into the habit and got very fit (lost approximately 20 – 30 pounds). I always maintained a healthy, attractive weight. However, in the last ten years, I have steadily gained weight. I have never been as heavy as I am now nor needed to lose as much weight. I have bad knees and lately my wrists are bothering me. I’m concerned about the jumping and pushups/planks. I have never been so overweight and literally dream everyday of getting my (once awesome) figure back. My doctor recommends exercise, Do you think I’ll be able to complete T25, even beginning with the modified exercises?

    Thanks in advance for your reply.


    • Slavko Desik

      Hi Catherine,

      Out of what you described, Focus T25 seems to be the perfect match for you. It’s all about being dedicated and showing up day in and day out. The results will come.

      Take care

  22. Gabrielle

    I am on my 3rd week, 4th day into T25. I am considerably lean to begin with, eat healthy, watch caloric intake, and do herbalife shakes at least once a day. I decided to do T25 mainly because I wanted the abs, and to lose fat in my butt & thigh region. Although I feel great, body is tight, I have yet to lose an inch on my arms, waist, or thigh area. My jeans have become tighter actually! My legs are bulky and I am considering take days off during the week and just running instead. I thought muscle was to be lean-er than fat? HELP! I want looser pants not tighter pants!
    Do I stop t25? Lose the fat and then build or continue t25 in hopes that I someday lose inches on my legs

    • Hills

      Hi Gabrielle I have the same issues as you and have stopped T25 and reluctantly gone back to Insanity (out of fear!!!)
      I’m hoping you’re gonna tell me you’ve continued with T25 and its working or that someone will answer your question…….

    • Slavko Desik

      Hi Gabrielle,
      Kudos for being dedicated! That your body is tighter overall, but you are still waiting to lose inches, two things come to mind. On the one hand, it can be possible that while you are gaining some muscle (with people who are new to exercise this usually happens earlier in the workouts) fat tissue is still not being burned enough. Although this doesn’t sound very likely to me since being so far in the program, you should have seen at least some stages of fat loss.

      Which brings me to your diet and intensity of the workouts. Diet wise, I’m interested if you felt hungry or underfed at the beginning- since starting with exercise and eating healthy one usually does. If you never did, you should then maybe cut some calories off your diet. Again, this is only me saying things that come fro the top of my head.
      As for intensity, try to go faster and push more when the pure cardio aspects of the workouts come.

      If you can,drop as a line so we know how are things going.

      Hope this helps,
      Take care and enjoy the journey

  23. Biljana

    Hey guys, excellent review! I’ve been out of shape for a year or two and gained 10 kilos so I am thinking of starting with T25 asap! I’been also following a rather vegetarian (and vegan at times) diet plan…any tips or recommendations? Thanks.

    • Shell

      I’m vegetarian too and am very interested in the response. Just ordered my set and can’t wait to get started, never done anything like it before.

    • Slavko Desik

      As long as you are eating healthy, mostly paleo diet, every workout will have the effect it was designed to.

      Enjoy the program and drop us a line to let us know how are things going.

  24. Laurie

    Hello! Thanks for the excellent review. I am really considering purchasing. My only question is … Do you recommend ordering with the Gamma workout too? I don’t see a review for that one here. Please let me know. Thanks.

    • Slavko Desik

      Hi Laurie,

      My advice is to buy the program without the gamma version first. And why am I telling you this? Since the gamma version (albeit being different in many respects) is an extension to the original two months program. It goes so that if you like the program, you will enjoy the gamma version too. But if you find Focus T25, out of any reason whatsoever, to be not suitable for you, then you just return the program. That is, since I still don’t know if they have the same deal for the gamma phase.

      I’m thinking about doing a review of the gamma phase, but am now currently with the Asylum Vol. 2 (review coming soon). Go with the original program, and then if you feel like it, order gamma.

      Have a great day :)

  25. Hristina Andonoska

    Hello everyone…and happy new year :)

    I am in my second week of gamma…I love the exercises, I sweat a lot, cos of the weights, it’s not just the cardio :P, and I feel great…I have to get ripped during this phase, this is the plan (hihihi).
    I’m still not loosing weight, but that’s cos I’m not eating right….and i know that, but don’t want to admit it…nevemind…I am a size down so far, stomach, thighs and legs, are slimmer, upper body (this is for the girls, breasts are intact, just firmer) is firmer, a lot….and you do have more energy…I was starving during alpha, eating alot during beta, and still eating (I promise to stop) during gamma…but if I stop eating toooooo much carbs, the scale will go down, I know that…(just wanted to share my thoughts with you)…looking forward to the review though and write sth about P90X3, I wanna try these after gamma (if there isn’t any delta or so :P)
    bye bye for now :)

  26. Daniel

    Hi Slavko ,
    Just dropping you a line I am an Insanity graduate which I loved however I didn’t get all I wanted so I am doing Asylum now . I also purchased T25 for my wife who struggled with Insanity & I am doing that of an arvo . This month I am not working so have the time to dedicate to both programs so far so good . Any thoughts on doing both?

    • Slavko Desik

      Hey Daniel,
      I’m also an Asylum addict :) Combining it with sports, biking, and everything else when I think about it. Takes time to get into decent shape- condition wise, that is (if you enter straight into the Asylum after being out of shape for a while), but once you are there after a week or so, there is nothing that you cannot do :)
      If you have the energy, I cannot see why not. Though go and see a doctor and make some tests; I for sure must one day.

      Take care

  27. Alexa

    I am on day 5 of T25 and it’s kicking my butt! I like it though. I’m very out if shape and follow the modifier 50% of the time and sometimes have to pause it to catch my breath. Also I’m super uncoordinated and have problems keeping up with some of the moves( mostly the dance like ones or the complicated buildups). I’m wondering if this will get better? I’m worried I won’t be able to follow beta! Did you have trouble keeping up at first?

    • Slavko Desik

      Hi Alexa,
      It’s normal not being able to coordinate all the moves at the beginning. Some people are more agile, and that’s their thing. Don’t worry though- my brother had the same problem when working out with Insanity, but once you get a better hold of the moves and the routines, it all comes into place.

  28. T

    I do the 5/3/1 workout 3x/week. Would it be feasible to do T25 on my off-days? Too much?

  29. christen

    Hey guys, great review!
    I’m definitely considering buying focus t25. I work 12 hour night shifts and its hard to find time to go to the gym, and even after 1-2 hours there I don’t feel I got an incredible workout the way I did when I tried insanity (about 3 years ago), nor the results.

    I do have a couple of questions for you if you don’t mind:

    1.) How loud would you say the program is? What I mean is, I live in an upstairs apartment- are my neighbors going to think I’m seconds from falling through their ceiling or come knocking on my door?
    2.) Approximately how much space would you say is needed to complete the workouts? We do have a small workout room with a tv (if the workout is too loud to do in my living room), but it is pretty filled up with bikes and treadmills, leaving only a small amount of space for floor exercise.

    Thank you guys so much! I really want to make sure I have a place to complete the workouts before I spend the money on the program, that way I have no excuses when it arrives. I definitely have 25 minutes a day, so I’m hoping the other details fall into place as well.

    Thanks again!

  30. Phil Kilbride

    Brilliant review, thank you.

    Can anyone tell me what T25 is like on the knees?

    I tried Insanity but my 37 year old knees were screaming blue murder – very painful and, frustratingly, I had to stop (years and years of football and running have taken their toll).

    Any thoughts would be much appreciated.

    • Slavko Desik

      Hey Phil,
      I cannot say for sure, since I don’t know how much of a problem with your knees you got there. Though, if you do the modifier when there is some pain, I think that you can avoid headaches about the knees completely.

  31. George

    I just purchased the T25 and am excited to use it. I’m thinking of purchasing a workout mat but the one on amazon is about $160.00. Is it recommended to get an exercise mat? I am thinking i will need it for protecting my knees and joints.


  32. Zach

    Hi, I’m 15 years old and i weigh about 248. Do you think that by the end of T25 I will definitely have a 6 pack?

    • Slavko Desik

      Hey Zach,
      Definitely is a strong word since I don’t know about how will power you have in order to follow the schedule, push through the workouts with all you have, stick to a healthy diet. All things considered, I think you will need either one more cycle of the program, or maybe better- the gamma phase afterwards. Still, you say 248, but I cannot guess your body composition, and other things like your conditioning etc.

      Give it a try, it will give you the best progress for the time/energy/money.

  33. Eric

    U failed to respond to 2 key questions. Before and after pix. If u don’t have before ones then what about after ones? Also what was your before and after weights.

    • Slavko

      Hey Eric,
      As for pictures, it’s really up to Bojan, though he doesn’t want to post them online. I respect that, so I cannot ask him to. Weight wise, he was 84 before he started, 73-4 after Focus T25 (kilos).
      Hope this helps

  34. Rosemarie

    Awesome review! I just started today completed day 1 and feeling pretty good. I see in your review that you did not mention the shakeology. Did you not use it? Did you just follow the nutrition guide?


    • Slavko

      Hi Rosemarie,
      I used Shakeology during Insanity, and it was great. Bojan however didn’t use it. There is no reason if you are eating healthy and having enough time to stick with that sort of diet.

  35. Cindy

    Hello, My husband got our family the T25 program for Christmas. Every morning we do it-even before breakfast. We are now in week four, but I have lost only about two pounds. I am 54 and weight 204 lbs. What can I do to help speed up the weight loss so I can do the workout easier?

    • Slavko

      Hi Cindy,
      What about your diet? Are you eating clean enough, and balancing carbs and proteins almost equally? Also, how hard do you push yourself during the workouts? Can you talk while working out? How many breaks do you take? Are you paying attention to form?

      Would like to know some of these so I can give you a better answer.
      Take care

  36. Cha

    I’m 35 and I have rheumatoid arthritis for at least 15 years now, because of my condition I can’t bent my wrists anymore. Will I be restricted in a lot of exercises?

    • Slavko

      Hi Cha,
      Probably, though I cannot say for sure. You can talk to a physician and see if he can help you with this.

      Take care

  37. Michelle

    I just purchased T25 seems like a decent workout and the fact that Shaun talks thru it helps you forget how much longer the workout is if you focus on him..Also having Tanya there to do the modified is super as we all not at the same fitness level. My issue is that I am a bit overweight and all the fitness people on the video look like Barbie and Ken and there are no real size people on their…even if I worked out 3x a day for 365 days my body would never allow for me to look like her so in that aspect I think it stinks.

    • Slavko

      Hi Michele,
      Glad that you like the program. As far as the crew behind Shaun T is concerned- I know how some of them looked before they did Insanity, and Focus T25. Some of them even did Asylum. In the infomercials for these programs, they were clearly far from the shape they are in now. It’s more motivating to put them in the videos I guess; the test group got great results too. I believe that it is better to strive for perfection in order to reach perfection. Just my two cents :)

      Take care and drop us a line from time to time.

  38. Melissa

    Spot on. Phenomenal explanation and insight. T25 is a great workout program! My only additional advice is for people to make sure they are eating enough to compensate for all the calories you burn. Your body needs food and energy to build muscle!

  39. Nicole

    I have to disagree with one point. I did insanity and turbofire programs and still struggle with this. I think the key to keeping any workout tough is to keep that insanity mentality of digging deeper. Going as hard as possible safely. This keeps any workout tough for me anyway.

  40. Angie

    I am 48 year old women and 40-50 pounds overweight. Of course I am not in shape and have not exercised in a long time. I am concern that I will be able to handle. I need to lose the weight for me. I broke my ankle about 2 years ago so it does still give me some problems. Do you think this will work for me? Of course I know I have to put the work in to get results.

    • Slavko

      Hey Angie,
      I cannot see why it wouldn’t. If you can do the exercises ( you mentioned your ankle), then as far as you push hard and eat clean, you will have great results. 40-something pounds seem like a lot to me, but it can be done if you either go over alpha and beta phase again, or up the ante and go with gamma after you complete the program.

  41. Patti

    I am 60 years old. (gosh, that sounds old!) I have not exercised for quite awhile and so obviously I am out of shape, out of breath, and out of strength! UGH! Do you think I would be able to do this T 25 program? I have the beginning stages of arthritis in my hands and wrists but other than that I am “healthy.”

    • Slavko

      Hi Patti,
      The modifications will help where you cannot follow the actual exercise. After a while you will be able to follow the whole workout and progress more. As far as you eat clean and push hard, there is no reason not to see great results.

      Have a great day

  42. Vicki Dott

    Your review was terrific….I was reading the reviews on their website and it was great to read an”unbiased” review…we are going to order right now…thanks for helping make the decision easier:)

    • Slavko Desik

      Hey Claudia,
      You will definitely see results. However it is up to your level of commitment. That is, eating clean, pushing as hard as YOU can during the exercises, having 7-8 hours of rest.

  43. Kim

    I was thinking of doing the T25, but when I was younger (13) I had cancer and now have a side effect from chemo where my left arm doesn’t fully extend. So doing push ups/pulls ups are not really an option. Would this still work for me? What can I do to modify those type exercises? I would be at the very bottom of the beginner stage. Thanks for your help!

    • Slavko Desik

      Hi Kim,
      This really depends on the results you want to achieve. The upper body development, will require some form of push-ups, or at least some modified exercises where you are in that position. The leg work in the videos should provide for a great cardio session regardless of whether or not you are doing the push-ups, but achieving great results in the general sense of the word- I think push ups are a must.
      Hope this helps

  44. Mar Dol

    Can you build significant amounts of muscle with this program? I am trying this as an alternative to P90x and I’ve got some gains through it. So will T25 give me the same level of muscle development? Thanks. I am asking this because T25 is more on cardio and I’m scared my muscles may shrink.

    • Slavko Desik

      Hey Mar,
      Shrink, I don’t think so. But yes, P90X should provide for more muscle gain. The beta phase can really add up mass, but only if you use heavier dumbbells, The gamma phase also. While not very efficient in the muscle building area as P90X, it will still add up some, and make you even more ripped.

  45. Sharon

    I’m a newly 49yr old female that is very active but with one problem. I have o/a in my left knee and can not bend my knee in a 90 degree angle. Since starting the T25 program-in my 2nd week-my knee is getting much better. I follow Tania-the modified version-. the only problem I have is when Shaun change to a new exercise I have to wait to see the Tania so I modify myself until I can see her version. in yr next videos can you show the modified version first then show the power versions. But overall-Great program. Love It. Thank U Shaun and Thank U Tania-My Modifying Best Friend. ; )

    • Slavko Desik

      Great to hear that Sharon. Soon enough you will be able to learn the movements by heart, and you can do the modified versions without even looking :) Also very glad to hear that the knee is getting better.

  46. Nina

    Can you continue the alpha over and over again until you master it before going on to the Beta phase?

    • Slavko Desik

      Hi Nina,
      Sure, I cannot see why not. If you are not obsessed with the time frame of two months to complete the program, that is. If you are not into shape, you will feel more confident, and enjoy the workouts more this way.

      Take care

  47. Tocarra

    Awesome review i was thinking of doing the T25 i’m only 27 i’m 53 lbs overweight maybe you can help me. I get bored really fast doing the same thing( in workout dvd’s) or maybe it just seems that way because i can’t find time to workout with 3 kids being a house wife. Overall i’m struggling w/carb intake and i’ve tried everything some workouts are too intense for me hopefully this is less intense than billy blanks. My ears are all open to any suggestions! Thanks in advance and god bless you!!!!

    • Slavko Desik

      Hey Tocarra,
      From what I see, you are about to fall in love with Focus T25 for couple of reasons. First, it is fun rather than boring. The sequences, the music, Shaun T himself… This program does a great job motivating you and keeping you interested. Then, as far as intensity goes, you can always do the modified version. Though be sure to always push yourself as much as you can.

      Take care and keep us informed about your progress.

  48. Max

    Hi Slavko:

    In your review you mentioned that you lost 22 lbs. I don’t see where you stated your original height, age and weight. I believe it would be beneficial to the readers if you state this is where I started and this is where I ended based on performing one cycle of the alpha and beta phases.

    People have a tendency to want to compare themselves to others. It just seems to be human nature. For example, if a person that starts off weighing 250 lbs and another person starts off weighing 175 lbs and they both put forth similar efforts. The person weighing 250 lbs will burn more calories all thing being equal.

    A good idea for me was purchasing a heart rate monitor capable of calculating the calories burned based on the height, weight, and age. This way I know the calories going in and being burned while I ate various things during the day.

    Thank you.

    • Slavko Desik

      Hey Max,
      I, personally, only went through the workouts once as to be able to evaluate them better. My friend, and co-editor of this site, Bojan did the program in its entirety, and he went from 84 to I believe 74-3 (will check this for sure with him).
      comparing to others helps in some respects, though every individual is quite different. For one, you might be able to build muscle quicker than me, and by that accelerate the fat burning process. Things like rest, food (types of food mostly, not quantity, mind you), other activities during the day, might make a heart rate monitor obsolete to a point.
      As long as you are eating the best you can, having 7-8 hours of rest, and pushing past YOUR limits, you will achieve maximum results.


  49. Stephanie

    Great, detailed review. Did my first attempt today and it kicked my butt! Can’t wait to keep going. This review inspires me to keep it up! Thanks guys!

  50. Ana

    Great review! I am considering my options and this sounds like the right type of exercise program for me, but I am also wondering, what is your take on online programs like daily burn? it sounds also really fun, and the TV commercial shows before and after photos of people’s transformations, which makes me think that it might work, but I haven’t found any thorough reviews on it; I don’t know important stuff like how much time do I have to invest in order to lose 16 lbs, (how many months, how many hours a day), also, it doesn’t seem like it includes a fitness plan…

    I know you said you were inclined to choose Shaun T.’s programs over others, but since you are a fitness guy and seem to really know what you are talking about, I really would like to know your opinion on programs like that, or even better, an objective review.

    I guess I not only want to lose weight, (I mean, don’t get me wrong, I really want to lose weight, and fast!), but I also want to have fun and not getting bored by doing the same routine over and over again. Any advice?

    • Slavko Desik

      Hey Ana,
      Fitness is a lifestyle, and I hope that most people interested in these programs are ready to adopt it as such. That being said, your concern about boredom is quite solid. If something is to become part of your daily routine, for months ahead, it should be fun and interesting in every sense of the word.
      I prefer these programs partially because of that- not only do they provide for great results, but the combination of people involved, the exercises, the ambient too make for a very interesting journey I never get tired from.

      As for any alternatives, other than Insanity, Asylum, Focus T25, and some glance on P90X, I haven’t tried much. Been preparing for the release of a fitness program myself. It should be finished, I hope, as soon as summer starts. The concept is very similar- workouts in a video format, crew behind me, paying great detail to production. That is filming, audio, providing for a nice and encouraging atmosphere.

      Till then, I cannot recommend something more than I recommend this. Or Insanity and Asylum if you are ready to invest yourself way more. These programs are designed so to satisfy the user and are thus made with great attention to detail. I don’t know about the one you mentioned, but my general understanding is that most productions usually ship a product before they invest enough into its production. Beachbody (the company behind Focus T25) is a multimillion dollar company, and they can afford to invest both time and talent into the production of these workouts. That’s why, quality wise, there is a huge gap.

      Take care and feel free to ask me anything else.

  51. Kevin

    Is there an age limit to using T25? Any people in their late 50′s or older using the program?

    • Slavko Desik

      Hi Kevin,
      I don’t think there is a limit to it. Though, as every individual is different, you should consult your doctor if you have any major doubts.

  52. Elda

    I should be receiving T25 tomorrow in the mail. I’m extited to start but at the same time quite nervous. My goal is to burn body fat and tone up my body as I am only 120lbs. I am worry that I will end up losing too much weight.
    Any suggestions of how or what to do to reach my goal?

    • Slavko Desik

      Hi Elda,
      As for preventing a lot of fat loss, you can always modify the diet. Eating more calories that you burn (forget about counting them though) will always prevent you from losing more fat tissue. Though I would’t be concerned that much about that. After you lose the excess fat tissue that you have, your body will not be able to go much lower in body fat percentage. Besides, moth two- the beta phase- will make sure you add up some muscle and get ripped.

      Take care

  53. Hristina Andonoska

    Hey Elda, my sis has your weight…she lost body fat, only three lbs of weight and has tighten up a lot…so do not worry….:-D

  54. Ted

    What about the review of the Gamma phase of the workout program that comes with the deluxe edition? Is it necessary? Or should I not bother getting the deluxe edition?

    • Slavko Desik

      Hi Ted,
      It depends on your expectations really. The gamma phase, from what I can tell, is a ticket to a more serious training regimen. If you are ready to step into this type of ‘torture’ then by all means go ahead. It is a preparation for something like Insanity: the Asylum- the hardest program from Beachbody made thus far.

      The alpha and beta phases are enough if you ask me. Though, if you want even more results in even less time, go and get the deluxe edition. The thing is, you need to be ready to commit yourself to some ‘torture’ :)

      Take care

  55. Jene

    Randomly stumbled upon this post while looking for a good way to work T25 into marathon training, and just had to comment to tell you that this is, by far, the best and most comprehensive review I’ve seen of this program. I’ve done multiple rounds of Insanity and couldn’t find much that compared the two, in detail. Thank you! I did my first T25 video this morning (Beta – Speed 2.0) and it seems like it will be a good tool for maintaining my fitness level without spending an hour killing myself with Shaun T. I think it’s just what you make of it – the level of intensity that you bring will dictate how well it works for you.

      • Jene

        I’m running the New Jersey Marathon on April 26. It will be number 5 for me, trying to get down to that elusive Boston Qualifying time :)

        I’ve been using Insanity as part of my training plan since 2011, running 3 days per week using the FIRST method, 2 days of Insanity for the HIIT, and two days of weight training. I even kept Pure Cardio in the rotation throughout my pregnancy, though the floor work required modifications and I obviously stopped jumping around like a madwoman. I’m just running out of time for the full hour of Insanity between work and two small children. I’m hoping T25 is my magic solution.

  56. Kelsey

    I just finished my first week. I’ve had to use the modifier quite a bit. Would it be okay to do Alpha twice before going onto Beta? I want to be able to nail it all!

  57. Veronica

    The most thourough and in depth review I have ever seen. Excellent job.
    I have always excercised but I have slack down over last 2 years after having 2 kids back to back and being in my 40′s
    I have been trying for the longest to go back to my old fitness level but I couldn’t decide for a specific work out that could be effective and time efficient. You have convinced me to go with Focus T25. Thanks a bunch
    I did insanity after my first child and only lasted 6 weeks (only could worked out 4 days a week). It was so hard on my knees and my c-section area. Even though I didn’t finish the program, I got the results I was looking forward.
    I never could go back to start Insanity again, it hurt just to think about it.

  58. Jean

    I just received the DVDs and have completed disc two. I am enjoying the workouts and the modifications when needed. My question is, since I started on Saturday, I will be finished for this week on Wednesday–can I just add my favorite for Thursday and Friday and then begin back again on Monday?

  59. sara

    I just started today and did Alpha cardio today. I had to follow the modifier most of the time – what can I do to improve my performance?

  60. Aggie Lee

    Okay, this may sound odd, but I need your help!

    I have done T25 on and off for a while. I finally got to the point where I did week 1 and 2 straight and then I took 2 weeks off. Then I did week 3 in 4 days. I have not started week 4…. sigh (Its been 2 weeks.)
    If I go full blast now until the end, and eat considerably healthy… Is it possible to have a great body at the end??? :/

  61. Mike

    Great review! I am a 27 year old male and I am in my fourth week of the T25 alpha phase. I plan on going all the way through gamma. I currently weigh 207 pounds and I’m 5′ 7″. In addition, I’m on the paleo diet. I lost about 8 pounds or so since I first started the program. My goal is to get to about 160-170, even 180 would be huge, but I essentially just want to lose all the fat and have a flat stomach with a toned upper body. You think this program can take me there?

  62. Ali

    I just started T25 today, in the past I have always been fit. However during the past two years I have been really struggling with depression which has lead me to being the heaviest I have ever been. I am really excited to see result, I think that this program being only 25 mins a day will help me to stay on track and not give up. I found that being so out of shape, the first few workouts can leave you so sore that is hard to workout for days, I found recovery compression tights make all the diffrence in the world!!! They are kind of on the expensive side ($75-$150 depending on brand and where you buy them) If I sleep in my revcovery tights, I notice a 90% reduction in sorness the next day which helps me to give more during my work outs. For those out there that are in a similar situation, invenst in a pair of recovery rights (I found two brands in particular, 2XU and SKINS) I prefere the 2XU brand. My recovery tights are worth their weight in gold!

  63. Colleen

    I am from the Caribbean. I need to know if T25 recommends any form of supplements to help you. Beachbody workouts are always recommending supplements but you don’t know this until you buy the workout program

  64. Jim

    I’m 53, male and just finished the Alpha phase this morning. This was a great review and will be very helpful for anyone looking into this program. Since Jan 2013, I have lost 47 pounds by going to the gym, joining Weight Watchers and now T-25. I have serious issues with my shoulders, but am able to keep up with the crew by modifying as needed. I think if you stick with it, you will get results. Now comes Beta, and yes Shaun T is a beast, but for 25 minutes a day, He’s my coach, I’m in his gym and I need to focus.

  65. Adamsrib

    I am 61 with rheumatoid arthritis. I understand Tania (sorry if spelled incorrectly) does the modified version of the workouts on the videos, but wanted to know if even that is good for me. I don’t want to purchase and find out I am doing myself harm. I wish I have maintained exercising after retiring from the Military in 93. Bad me. I need to get back to a healthy bod.y

  66. Denise

    HELP NEEDED: I’m considering starting the T25 program but would like to know if it’s OK for someone with knee problem. I was thinking maybe I could do the modified variations instead.

  67. Jenni

    Thank you for the review! I am looking to lose A LOT of weight over the next year. I am 42 yrs old, 5’5″ and let’s face it, fat. 265lbs fat. I sit at a desk 10hrs a day. I do not exercise. Ever.
    My husband is getting ready to leave on his 2nd deployment, I would like to surprise him with a much smaller me when he returns in June 2015. I don’t have a ton of time to get to the gym and quite frankly, I get very intimidated when I do go. I understand the commitment and the will power it will take, as well as diet changes and all of that; but my question is – is this program right for a very overweight, very out of shape person or should I look at something less intense?
    Thank you

    • Frances

      Hello Jenni! I’m responding to your comment as another overweight mom, and wife! I’m 42 yrs. old as well, and I have a desk job (meaning I spend 8 hrs. a day at my desk). With a very active 5 yr. old I don’t have time to go to the gym, plus I feel intimidated by it as well. I started T25 on March 3rd, and I’m on my 2nd week of the Beta phase. I’ve lost 25 lbs. so far, and 2-3 inches waist, chest, and arms. As an overweight busy mom it helps to be able to do this work out in only 25 minutes, and I follow Tania (the modifier). I’m more flexible, and feel more energized! I can’t wait until I finish Beta to see the final results. I went from a very sedentary, out of shape person to working out 5 days a week, with stretch on Sundays. Walking used to be a chore for me! My body has felt the impact in a very positive way! By the way, I started T25 at a whopping 338 lbs. and I’m down to 313 lbs. I’m 5’10″ and I still have a long way to go, but I’m headed in the right direction. Eating healthy, and working out with T25. Hope this helps! Best of luck, and go for it!!! You can do it!!

  68. Hannah

    Hi! Thank you for your thorough review. I’ve been contemplating whether I should get T25 or not for awhile and your review has sold me. I’m now on week one but I’ve been doing barre pilates for over a year almost 5 times a week. I was hoping I could still do my pilates and do T25 but you’ve mentioned in your previous comment that it could be counterproductive if another workout regimen is combined with this. So, my question is, would it still be okay to do my pilates class and T25? or should I stop pilates for during these 10 weeks of T25? There are some push ups and repetitive weight lifting during the pilates class. Thank you so much in advance for your advice.

  69. JS

    I just finished the Alpha phase and am on day 1 of T25 Beta. I LOVE the program, and I’m getting very good results. My resting heartrate is way down, my strength and endurance are way up, and I’m actually developing ab and upper body strength! I’ve lost weight already, and my clothes feel much looser. I don’t have the carb/junk food cravings that I used to have. There are exercises that I flat out couldn’t do unmodified at the beginning of the program that I can now do easily. The fact that each video is only 25 minutes makes it easy to fit into your day, and that promotes good exercise habits. I find myself looking forward to my next T25 workout! I highly recommend this program to anyone who wants to improve their fitness, including folks who want to use it to “build up” to doing Insanity.

  70. JS

    A tip for anyone who might be interested: The Insanity “Elite Nutrition” guide is available free online as a PDF you can download. I found it recently and printed it out. It has a lot of really good information…similar to the T25 nutrition guide but with much more detail. I’m using the Insanity “Elite Nutrition” recommendations, but am limiting my calories to the number recommended for T25.


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