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Becoming Aware and Why It’s So Important

The emotional quality of our lives is dictated mostly by our perception and how we decide to interpret things that are going on both outside, as well as within ourselves. But in order for our interpretation to match reality and what is really taking place, it is necessary to get in touch with ourselves- to feel …


Experiences vs Possessions – New Study On Positive Anticipation

A decade having passed since American psychologists Leaf Van Boven and Thomas Gilovich published their research on experiences versus possessions, there is now another study that is once again putting this subject under a lens. Their study allowed people to understand that shopping for experiences buys a lot more …


tony horton p90

The new P90 – Workout for Everyone and A Perfect Gift

Being recognized as a fitness dude within my circle of people, I often times have to answer the most obvious of questions about healthy diet and exercise. Over time, experience piles up, and if you listen carefully enough I might even pass as a guru. Never liked that, but who am I to protest anyway. …


fridge - healthy food

How To Develop Healthy Eating Habits in 2 Steps

Being bound by biological needs food accounts for most of the processes happening inside our body. And it can both serve as a fuel or toxin depending the way you leverage it.

Translated in vernacular it can keep you young, making your body function like it is supposed to, providing infinite health benefits and …

fitness nutrition

What Should You Know When You Strive For Improvement in Fitness

We all try, more or less, to improve our fitness level. To change our routine in fitness, add diversity, add myriad of exercises and approaches in the pursuit of the next level in fitness.

And while we relentlessly try to do that, we are, in fact, ignorant to an extent about what our body needs. And I’m not …