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personal Developmet

Personal Development



Putting routine under close scrutiny we can, with somewhat of a certainty, predict various aspects of our lives. We can know, or guess fairly closely, how something is going to pan out if the wheel keeps spinning the same way over and over. …


Our Generation Needs a Frame

I need a frame. A solid frame. A frame that keeps me engaged into routine. A frame that keeps me doing mundane things, over and over if need be. A frame that forces discipline, so I can keep my creative and lateral thinking away from leaking and cluttering every possible aspect of my life. I need a frame. …

fitness and sports

Sports and Fitness

fitness - two sides of the coin

Fitness – The Two Sides of The Coin

A large number of people today, whatever their physical merit, chose to believe that fitness is a fundamental part of their life. And while at a glimpse this may have to do with fitness being trendy and aggressively promulgated at every corner, there is another side of the coin. …

mixing insanity

The Updated Personalized Insanity Workout

After you follow a certain program long enough and are caught in this repetitive cycle of doing it over and over, ideas start to emerge on the surface and you figure out new ways on how to increase its efficiency, re-calibrate it in one way or another, experiment with success. …

healthy Diet

Nutrition and Diet

fridge - healthy food

How To Develop Healthy Eating Habits in 2 Steps

Being bound by biological needs food accounts for most of the processes happening inside our body. And it can both serve as a fuel or toxin depending the way you leverage it.

Translated in vernacular it can keep you young, making your body function like it is supposed to, providing infinite health benefits and …

fitness nutrition

What Should You Know When You Strive For Improvement in Fitness

We all try, more or less, to improve our fitness level. To change our routine in fitness, add diversity, add myriad of exercises and approaches in the pursuit of the next level in fitness.

And while we relentlessly try to do that, we are, in fact, ignorant to an extent about what our body needs. And I’m not …