York Barbell Counter Balanced Smith Machine (Commercial)

$3,895.00 (as of August 20, 2017, 3:20 AM)

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York Barbell meets the challenge of training today’s athletes with itsSTRENGTH TRAINING SERIES (STS). Its modular components allow athletesto perform various exercises at one station, increasing space and timeefficiency. The modular nature of the STS equipment allows strengthcoaches to effectively supervise athletes and ensures fluid movement ofathletes through the weight room.STS is a competitively priced commercial line of equipment perfect forthe High School, Club and College environments. Its full commercialwarranty, incredible functionality and attention to detail make the STSline a favorite among coaches and club owners. All equipment is safe,highly durable, attractive, and space-efficient.Features    * Linear bearings on 1 1/2″, case hardened shaftsensure smooth operation.    * Weight bar angled at 5 degrees.    * Low starting resistance accommodates users of allabilities.    * Walk-through design for easy access.    * Adjustable stops act as range limiters for mostusers.    * Multi-functionality ensures lifting variety.Specifications    * Length: 86 1/4″    * Width: 40 1/4″    * Height: 91 1/2″

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