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Forskolin is an herbal supplement that is increasingly being used for dropping weight through an increased metabolism and appetite suppression. Also, its benefits are known to extend beyond weight-loss – it is used for heart health, asthma and prevention of a number of chronic diseases. So, if you are in need of a good forskolin supplement to help you drop excess weight and cleanse your body, let us recommend the pure Forskolin extract + cleanse combo by NutriGood Labs that comes in a complete pack for total rejuvenation of your body.

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Pure Forskolin extract + Cleanse Combo by NutriGood Labs Review

Being one of the most popular weight loss formulas around, the Forskolin extract has generated a lot of buzz. The package I’m reviewing below is the pure Forskolin extract + cleanse combo which adds a fine cleanse formula along the Forskolin bottle, in order to support the weight loss process.

Both formulas are natural, vegetarian, and GMO-free, and support healthy weight loss by increasing your metabolic rate, breaking down stored fat tissue, suppressing appetite, cleansing the stomach and colon, strengthening the immune system and alleviating bloating. Below is a detailed review including the ingredients and my final verdict, after using both of these formulas for one month and a half.

What do you get and how does Pure Forskolin work?

The pure Forskolin tablets are used as a weight-loss supplement. You get safe and effective diet pills that block fat, increase metabolism, boost energy and improve your mood. At least that is what their marketing claims. But we will talk more about that in a second.

Moving on, Colleus Forskohlii is an extract that has been proven to deliver desired results without any side effects. It is documented to naturally burns fat by breaking down fat tissue stored throughout the body.

The natural cleanse on the other hand will help you rejuvenate your entire system.  Digested food built-up can make us bloated and prevent effective absorption of nutrients and vitamins, and the complete cleanse formula included in the pack can help cleanse the body of all built-up unwanted waste by putting into effect its powerful natural ingredients like Cape Aloe, Senna Leaves and Cascara Sagrada.

Ingredients of the Forskolin extract

The formula of the Forskolin is packed with plenty of exotic fruits and plants (mostly in the form of powder), and it contains:

  • 40% forskolin root powder
  • Cranberries extract (11%)
  • Garlic Extract (1.2%),
  • Traces of Black Walnut Hull Powder
  • Traces of Apple Pectin Powder
  • Traces of Carrot Juice Powder
  • Echinacea Angustifolia Powder
  • Papaya Fruit Powder
  • Pau D’Arco Powder
  • Cloves Powder
  • Wood Betany Powder
  • Butternut Bark Powder
  • Wormwood Powder
  • Oregon Grape Root (10 to 1 extract)
  • Blueberry Leaf extracts (22%)
  • Golden Thread extracts (20%)
  • Goldenseal extracts (5%)

In a nutshell

To review what you get, the pure Forskolin extract + cleanse combo by NutriGood Labs contains Forskolin pills with 40% forskolin extract, known to be excellent for weight-loss because it blocks fat and suppresses appetite. It is also known to not only decrease the body fat mass, but also to increase the lean body mass (muscles mass) over the course of a balanced weight-loss program.

It is also important to note that both capsule formulas are GMO-free and vegetarian!

You get 90 Forskolin extract capsules, and 60 capsules for cleanse.

Part of Forskolin’s efficiency, when it comes to losing weight, lies in the ability to act as an appetite suppressant. Appetite suppressants work by lowering your caloric intake on the long run. And taken together with the complete cleanser, the formula promises to help you become thinner and even improve your overall mood. So how do I rate it?

Does the Forskolin extract by NutriGood Labs work?

Here is the rub… being 100% natural, I decided to take one pack for myself and actually try it out. Now to introduce you to the setup of my experiment, allow me to note that I’m not the type of audience for this product. Most of the demographics are comprised of people trying to lose weight in the double digits, so I, as a fitness fanatic, am not the right person for the test.

Nevertheless, I was using this product without significant alterations to my diet and workout regimen (except two weeks of rest due to a shoulder injury), and managed to drop 6 pounds in one month and a half. Now this may sound like a trivial number, and something to scoff at, but I’m already in very decent shape (If you watched some of my videos, you can hopefully tell).

My guess, however, is that the appetite suppressant worked far better than everything else in the combo. But I might be mistaken. All in all, I did notice a reduction in my calorie intake, as my meals got lighter. I wasn’t having these carb cravings that I usually have during weeks of keeping up with a regular, but nonetheless disciplined routine.

So if you have double digits to lose, I think that this baby will definitely help you achieve your goal.

As for the cleanse combo, I cannot emphasize it better without saying that this is one of the best products available on the market. To think that they have put it in a combo pack just for the sake of adding something else into the mix blows my mind. My stomach never felt better, and being a cardio fan I can now perform jumping stunts and some crazy exercises ad infinitum.

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