Ultimate Weight Gainer 7 Pounds

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High protein to carb weight gainer
Mixes well in water or milk
Digest quickly

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All Natual Ultimate Weight Gainer. Muscle Feast’s “Ultimate Weight Gainer” is 7 Pounds of the best weight gain product ever put together. There are many Weight Gainer products on the market. The majority of these products use a combination of cheap protein powder and maltodextrin as the primary ingredients. Our product uses a special blend of protein powders; micellar casein and whey protein isolate to ensure a steady flow of protein into the body for several hours. We also use two different forms of carbohydrates in the product; waxy maize and maltodextrin. The combination of these two carbohydrates is beneficial because it will not leave you feeling bloated after you take a full serving of this product. In fact, most people can eat a full course meal within 30 minutes of taking this product. This product is also better than other weight gainers in the market because the protein to carb ratio is a full two times higher than what you will find in other weight gain products. When you look at a Weight Gainer product, the type of protein is very critical. Many companies use inferior proteins like whey concentrate, soy, calcium caseinate and sodium casenaite. The proteins we use are the highest quality proteins available to ensure you get the most nutritional benefit from this product. Each Serving Contains: Unflavored Profile • 573 Calories Per Serving • 44 grams of Protein • 11.7 grams balanced BCAA! • 9.9 grams of glutamic acid • 20 Servings! • 92 grams of complex carbs • Flavor as desired – try mixing with NesQuik, sport drink, or juice, add bananas or ice cream for additional calories Flavored Profile • 573 Calories Per Serving • 43 grams of Protein • 11.4 grams balanced BCAA! • 9.9 grams of glutamic acid • 20 Servings! • 90 grams of complex carbs • All Natural Flavoring and Sweeters, we use Stevia Reb A 97 for our sweetener
High end proteins
Mixes well in water or milk
Digest quicly
slow and fast acting protein

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