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PERFORMIX Pro Gainer+ Multi-Phase Mass Gainer, Time-Release Glutamine, Muscle Growth, Recover, Rebuild, Recharge, (Double Chocolate Brownie, 2 lb)

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Multi-Phase Mass Gainer+ Time-Release Glutamine Muscle Growth Recover, Rebuild, And Recharge Diversified Carbohydrate Blend Size Matters, But It Should Be Quality Over Quantity. When Putting On Mass, You Look To Build Colossal Muscle And Impressive Strength, While Maintaining A Lean And Fit Body Composition. We Combine An Abundance Of Quality Protein With A Multi-Phase Carbohydrate Blend Along With Creatine, Leucine And Time-Release Glutamine For A Formula Ideal For Explosive Growth. They Work
Muscle Growth: Build Mass With Our Optimally Designed Macronutrient Profile, Containing An Abundance Of Protein And Carbohydrates, Combined With Creatine And Leucine. This Formula Provides You With The

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When putting on mass, you aim to build colossal muscle and impressive strength while maintaining a lean and fit body composition. PRO GAINER+ combines quality protein with a multi-phase carbohydrate blend plus creatine, leucine and time-release glutamine to fuel explosive growth. PRO GAINER’s formula provides the perfect macronutrient profile for putting on massive amounts of lean muscle while promoting muscle recovery during the most demanding training regimens.
-Supports muscle growth
-Aids recovery after exercise
Every PERFORMIX supplement is driven by our TERRA Intelligent DosingTM technology. We use bioavailability enhancers, maximizing every single molecule’s potential. Our mission is to outperform, outlast and outdo. TERRA Coating is an innovative Multi-Coating Matrix (MCM) technology that targets extended release functionality. This offers an advanced delayed release coating system designed with multiple release points to help maximize ingredient performance.
MUSCLE GROWTH: Build mass with our optimally designed macronutrient profile, including an abundance of protein and carbohydrates, combined with creatine and leucine.
RECOVER, REBUILD, RECHARGE: Time-release glutamine beads help you repair muscle, support endurance and aid recovery from challenging training as you continue to gain mass.
MULTI-PHASE CARBOHYDRATE BLEND: Our multiphase blend of carbohydrates combines fast-digesting high-glycemic carbs with low-glycemic whole-food sourced carbs. This means you get the benefits of quickly absorbing carbs for immediate muscle-building and recovery along with the advantages of a longer absorbing plant-based carb source.
PRODUCT USAGE: Mix 2 scoops with 16oz of cold water after vigorous activity, as needed, to fuel muscle gains.
MADE IN U.S.A: Manufactured in a FDA registered facility. All PERFORMIXTM products are produced in facilities using cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practice) standards and pass rigorous testing.

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