PALEOETHICS PE Sport Surge Natural High Performance Paleo Friendly Pre Workout Energizer, Natural Citrus Flavor, 4.62 Ounce (30 Servings)

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ALL-NATURAL ENERGY – Surge uses no fillers or heavily processed substances. In fact, our energizing ingredients only come from all-natural sources. Our Surge Pre-workout blend contains no added sugars which helps sustain your energy over longer periods of time meaning you can keep up the intensity for the duration of your workout. *
INCREASED MENTAL FOCUS – Surge Pre-workout uses only natural ingredients which are designed to increase your mental focus. Sure does not contain and caffeine or additional processed additives. Because we have no additional additives you won’t experience symptoms other preworkouts may give you such as anxiety, distracting thoughts, or a racing mind. *

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Ask any athlete and they will tell you that proper preparation before, during and after you workout is key to optimizing your performance. Many other pre-workouts contain processed sugars which gives you a quick energy boost but does not provide the key ingredients needed to sustain your energy long term.

Surge Pre-Workout formula has everything you need to boost your body’s natural energy reserves without the addition of any crash-inducing ingredients like caffeine or synthetic additives.

Our specially formulated Surge blend features green tea extract. This helps to naturally increase the rate of your bodies metabolism which helps give you sustained energy to make it through the rest of your day.

Surge is a no-nonsense formula containing energizing ingredients that come exclusively from all-natural sources, without the addition of any fillers or heavily processed substances. This translates to a healthier boost in energy without unpleasant side effects, no jitters, bloating or restless nights; just the clean energy you need to perform.

As the official sports nutrition sponsor of the CrossFit Games, our aim is to help you achieve your health and fitness goals by delivering an exceptionally nutritious range of high-performance supplements suitable for any lifestyle. Our promise to you is that you get what you see – no gimmicks, outrageous claims, or hard-to-pronounce ingredients; just pure, healthy and effective supplements.

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*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
GET PUMPED: This pre workout has natural caffeine that leaves out jitters & caffeine crash along with ginseng & bee pollen that helps speed up metabolism. Surge keto pre-workout is a nutritional supplement powder – a healthy way to break a sweat.
PALEO PERFECT: Make it through a workout with a zero sugar herbal pre-workout. Clean, paleo friendly ingredients like beet root powder, guarana seed, green tea & more stimulate the body naturally & is a great source of antioxidants that feel great.
FUEL WORKOUTS: Get pumped and geared up for your next high octane workout with this pre workout powder that can be added to protein shakes and other goodies that fuel the fire for a full workout.
PALEOTHICS PE SPORT: Surge uses natural ingredients in our protein powders and in our organic green powders without additives or artificial flavors. Our mission is to keep our products pure, healthy & effective.
NO GIMMICKS: Stay on the health grind with Paleoethics if you like feeling the burn and have enjoyed Julian Bakery, Vega, Cellucor C4, Optimum Nutrition, Performix, Nitraflex, Isopure, Muscletech, Garden of Life, Athletic Green & OneBrand Nutrition.

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