Osmo Nutrition Acute Recovery

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We’re sorry to break it to you, but almost all of us are guilty of improperly recovering from our rides and exercise. Yes, even those of us who have been consuming recovery formulas have been doing it wrong. However, it wasn’t until the advent of Osmo Nutrition Acute Recovery that we even had the option of doing it right, so don’t beat yourself up, too much. Like Osmo’s Active Hydration, its Acute Recovery takes a highly intuitive and specialized approach to post-exercise recovery. Essentially, Acute Recovery is focused on transitioning to the recovery state as quickly as possible. Why? Well, Osmo refers to the first 30 minutes following exercise as the ‘golden window’ to begin muscle fiber repair and to facilitate the adaptations that your training focuses on. Optimizing this window means that Acute Recovery halts the body’s exercise-induced stressors and kick-starts the recovery process upon consumption. Once the recovery process is underway, Acute Recovery operates along three components: Stopping the body’s catabolic response, consuming protein for muscle repair, and restoring the body’s glycogen stores. Coincidentally, components one and two are intertwined through protein, and this is where we start to see Acute Recovery’s variance to the rest of the market. Instead of following the practice of including only one form of protein, Acute Recovery features two — whey isolate and micellar casein. Both proteins work to halt the catabolic response (the breakdown of complex molecules to form simpler ones, or more simply put, potential muscle loss) and to introduce the essential nutrients for muscle repair. So, why two proteins? Well, both proteins have varied release times of amino acids, with whey isolate being absorbed quickly and micellar casein being absorbed more slowly. As a result, the body benefits from this staggering by accordingly having access to protein for several hours.

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