Evlution Nutrition Z Matrix Nighttime Recovery and Sleep Support (30 Servings)

$16.98 (as of August 25, 2017, 5:51 PM)

Engineered To Support Growth, Strength And A Restful Sleep

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NIGHTTIME REPAIR AND RECOVERY FORMULA ZINC (30MG) Supports protein synthesis, hormone levels, and immune functions. MAGNESIUM ASPARTAME (450MG) Highly absorbable form of magnesium that supports muscle and nerve function, energy metabolism and protein synthesis. VITAMIN B6 (11MG) Enhances the absorption of Zinc and Magnesium as well as supporting protein and carbohydrate metabolism. FOLIC ACID (100MG) Supports use and synthesis of proteins as well as supporting DNA synthesis. VITAMIN D3 (500IU) Supports protein synthesis, neuromuscluar function and bone health. L-THEANINE (200MG) Amino Acid derived from tea that supports relaxation, focus and stress reduction. BIOPERINE (5MG) Extracted from the Black Pepper Fruit, Bioperine supports bioavailability and nutrient uptake.
One bottle contains 120 Capsules with 7 active ingredients to help restful sleep without the tossing and turning.
Z-Matrix is designed to help to increase endurance, muscle healing, growth, performance and restful sleep.
May increase anabolic output along with strength in advanced athletes.

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