CytoSport Cytomax Sport Energy Drink

$11.30 (as of March 15, 2018, 12:50 PM)

One 4.5-pound jar of orange flavored energy drink mix
Contains a unique complex carbohydrate blend including amylopectin starches and maltodextrins
Promotes re-hydration, muscle strength, and improved endurance

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Cytomax Exercise and Recovery Drink is ideal for endurance sports because it increases recovery rate, reduces oxygen consumption, reduces perceived exertion and stabilizes power output. Each plastic tub contains 1.5 lb. of powder and is available in a variety of flavors.

Note: Photo depicts 4 containers however, each container is sold separately.

Alpha-L-PolyLactate reduces lactic acid production in your muscles, reducing the “burn” during intense training and minimizing post-exercise muscle soreness
Complex carbohydrates stabilize blood sugar level during exercise to prevent sugar crash
Enhances the ability for high intensity energy production after prolonged exercise (at the end when it counts most)
Ingredients help maintain blood metabolites in the optimal range
Antioxidants prevent exercise-induced free radical damage to muscle cells

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