TRANGO Rock Prodigy Pulley Kit

$36.95 (as of July 21, 2018, 11:48 PM)

Kit Contains: 2 Pulleys
1m 8mm cordelette
2 Eye Bolts

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The Rock Prodigy Pulley Kit allows you to reduce the resistance, or weight, that you exert on each grip during your hangboard workout. That means you can train difficult grip positions even if you can’t hang your full body weight from them. Adjusting resistance is an excellent way to manage and measure progression, and correct choice of resistance reduces the chance of injury while maximizing strength gain. For more information on how resistance can be used in your workout, see the Rock Prodigy Training Center instructions.
MASTER YOUR GRIPS – An accessory to the Rock Prodigy and Rock Prodigy Forge, the Pulley Kit works to counter your body weight, lightening you up to practice those difficult grips you wouldn’t be able to master otherwise
HOW IT WORKS – Eye bolts attach the two pulleys below your training center, on the wall or rack to which it’s affixed; One end of your rope clips to your harness, the other end to your desired weight load; Lessen the weight as you build strength throughout your training cycle
KIT CONTENTS: 2 Pulleys,
1m 8mm cordelette,
2 Eye Bolts

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