XMark Functional Trainer Cable Machine with Dual 200 lb Weight Stacks, 19 Adjustments, and an Upgraded Accessory Package, and an Optional Bench

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Ever dreamt of a total body workout machine with all the bells and whistles? Well, this is it – the XMark Functional Trainer Cable Machine, or more accurately the model XM-7626 multifunctional cable machine is an item unlike any other. It comes with a garden variety of options, plus an improved accessory package and an optional XM-7630 adjustable bench making it the equivalent of an entire gym setup replaced with a single station for your ultimate home gym experience.

This is without competition the most versatile piece of equipment that will transform your home into a professional looking gym environment. It offers a variety of adjustable options to suit all family members, regardless of their built, height or age. If you want strength training progression and no limits to workout intensity, this is your ultimate body sculpting arena.

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XMark Functional Trainer Cable Machine Review

When I sit down to write a product review, I’m usually putting my hands on a smaller and rather simpler item. This time however I was asked to look at this giant piece of equipment and complete a series of exercises before getting back with my final impression.

The XMark Functional Trainer cable machine with dual weight stacks and additional adjustments is undoubtedly a dream-come-true fitness powerhouse. I’ve been no stranger to professional gyms all around the country, but this is a piece of equipment you’ll never come across. And rightfully so – it is a premium model designed primarily for home gyms and small private commercial gyms (think closed circles like private clubs and athletic programs).

I gave my best to examine every feature and test few dozens of exercises, and there is no component of this machine that’ll ever create friction or prevent you from enjoying a seamless workout experience. It looks premium and it feels premium as well.

The XM-7626 package

With its dual 200 pounds weight stack, adjustable pulleys with 19 unique settings and accessories that you can add or remove, the XM-7626 offers limitless training opportunities. Handles are spaced at 60 inches apart, which allows for the use of a bench (which in turn allows for greater variety of exercises that can be performed on the machine).

This package includes several high end accessories:  a pair of hand straps, a pair of strap handles, a short bar and a knurled long bar, a leg extension leg curl strap and an ankle strap. Judging by the quality, I’d say that you’ll find these items separately selling at rather steep prices.

In addition to the standard accessories that come with the XM-7626, you also get an XMark triple chrome-plated triangle, a triceps rope and single grip handles.

To complete your home gym, you can additionally order the XM-7630 incline/decline bench with a back pad adjustable to 7 different positions and an ergonomic 3-position seat.

Sturdy structure and commercial gym quality

The stability and sturdiness of the XMark Functional Trainer Cable Machine is ensured by the 11-gauge 2×3 inch steel frame with a baked-powder coat finish that greatly increases the resistance to scratches and damage.

It is a solidly built piece of equipment that can safely resist the weight-loaded workouts it has been built for. It offers gym quality, quiet and smooth movement of plates, sturdy cables and handles, great finish and esthetic appeal. Judging by these criteria, the price tag, although steep, still makes for a good investment and you’ll get an excellent value for the money.

Upper body sculpting

The XMark Functional Trainer Cable Machine, with its pull up rig and pulley system, is the ultimate piece of equipment for isolated targeting and sculpting of various muscle groups. Besides pull-downs, push-downs and rows, you can also do pull-ups and chin-ups on the split-grip pull up bar. Which taken all together is everything you’ll need in order to build, define and sculpt your upper body.

Specifications of the XMark Functional Trainer Cable Machine

  • Assembled Dimensions – 65”W x 43.5”L x 83”H
  • Space between weight stacks – 48 inches
  • Stacks – Dual 200 pounds stacks
  • Space between pulleys – 60 inches
  • Range of cables –81 inches from pulleys (excellent range!)
  • Plate weights – 10 pounds each at 1 inch thick
  • Triceps rope – 23 inches long
  • Long straps – 17 inches long.
  • Short straps – 8 inches long
  • Long bar – 42 inches long
  • Adjustment range – exactly 19 adjustment slots, all of which spaced at 3.5 inches apart

Assembly is needed. All parts are included and well organized for easy and straightforward assembly, but you’ll need to spend some time working your way around this monumental weight training station.


Although the price might seem like a lot to invest all at once, make no mistake – this is the Ultimate weight training station that will completely change the face of your home gym. In fact, you won’t need a home gym after installing this magnificent weight tower. It targets almost every muscle group in what is a garden variety of possible exercises for fast progression. If you want premium, if you want durable, and if you want options, look no further and don’t hesitate to order this magnificent machine.

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