Tail Safe Core Training Ab Mat – Patented No-Contact Tailbone Protecting Design – Durable Sit-Up Mat – Abdominal Mat for Safe, Comfortable, and Easy Sit-Ups – for CrossFit and workouts

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The Tail Safe ab mat is the ultimate workout mat for doing floor-based core strength exercises, while keeping you safe by avoiding tailbone contact and aligning the pelvis during sit-ups. The lower lumbar curve supports the spine and keeps the pelvis in perfect alignment, while the patented “TearDrop” Void Technology takes all contact away from the tailbone and sacrum. Tail Safe is made to give you the most comfortable, safe, effective sit-up possible!

The Tail Safe ab mat is good for many other workouts besides sit-ups, including:
•Leg Raises
•Bicycle Kicks
•Reverse Planks
•Russian Twists
•Mountain Climbers
•Knee Tucks
•Flutter Kicks
•Seated Leg Lifts
•Side Planks
•Stretching (and physical therapy or rehabilitation exercises)
•and many more!

Tail Safe‘s patented design offers a true suspended void for your tailbone to effectively protect it during workouts! Revolutionize your workout routine and avoid painful tailbone contact.

Tail Safe‘s durable design is made from a single piece of foam that is easily cleanable and is built to last, unlike many other cheap upholstered ab mats. The Tail Safe workout mat is designed with a no-slip base to be used on any hard surface, and will not move out from beneath you. It’s the perfect supportive sit up solution! Tail Safe‘s portable design guarantees you can achieve the perfect sit-up at home, the office, the gym, or anywhere in-between.
100% RISK FREE MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – Tail Safe is the ultimate Ab Mat with a patented design to avoid tailbone contact. Buy with confidence with a 100% Money Back Guarantee! Tail Safe is made with a single piece of durable foam that is easily cleanable and is built to last – we’re confident you’ll love it and want to give you the confidence to try it!
NO CONTACT = NO MORE TAILBONE PAIN! – With the Tail Safe Ab Mat, you aren’t painfully resting on your tailbone. Our patented design is one-of-a-kind to give you the best possible range of motion for sit-up exercises! Experience the safest, most comfortable sit-up you’ve ever done! Tail Safe is a great fit for all body types, whether you’re a beginner or a CrossFit expert!
A BETTER, MORE EFFECTIVE SIT-UP – Tail Safe is designed to enhance your sit-up routine and enable you to meet your fitness goals. Tail Safe’s patented design fully avoids tailbone contact and ensures you properly work your core when doing sit-ups. Tail Safe offers more extension with a deeper negative angle and more flexion in abdominal contraction.
GREAT FOR YOUR FULL WORKOUT ROUTINE – Tail Safe is also the perfect mat for many other core-enhancing workouts, including Crunches, Russian Twists, Planks (and Reverse Plank Holds), V-ups, Leg Raises, Bicycle Kicks, Mountain Climbers, and many more! Other great uses include stretching and physical therapy or rehabilitation exercises!
EASY TO USE, COMFORTABLE, AND PORTABLE – The Tail Safe workout mat is comfortable and easy to use in your daily workout routine. The non-slip base of the Tail Safe will stay put on any surface, and is easy to take anywhere you go, so you can work out at home, the office, the gym, or anywhere in between.

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