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2 Neuro-Grips per box
Solid, Anodized Aeronautics-Grade Aluminum

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Torture Your Core, Develop a Vice-Like Grip, Strengthen Your Wrists, Explode Your Forearms,
Hammer Your Pecs-With the Neuro-Grip Push-Up Challenge!

Strongman and Neuro-Mass author, Jon Bruney, specializes in blitzing the body with special
combinations of grinds, isometrics and explosives. Jon calls them Neuro-Sets. When
performed with proper intensity and in the correct sequence, Neuro-Sets put your system into
neural overdrive-and they explode your strength.

When choosing an exercise for a Neuro-Set, Jon looks for what will place the greatest
possible demand on his muscles-then savagely attacks with every ounce of effort. The concept
is: “what can make this harder?” The practice is: to DO IT.

No surprise, then, that Jon Bruney sought ways to intensify the Granddaddy of all
bodyweight exercises, the push-up. Jon found a suitably primitive device that was up to the
challenge-a nail welded to a piece of pipe. Attempting to stabilize while performing
perfect push-ups with this T-shaped tool, was a Man-Buster alright!

But Jon felt the tool needed improvement. Let’s make it more durable, cooler-looking AND
lighter. Dragon Door has obliged. These solid, one-piece, aeronautics-grade aluminum
Neuro-Grips come in a grip-friendly, anodized finish, are space-age light and will stand up to
years of abuse from the heaviest athlete.

We invite you to take the Neuro-Grip Challenge and reap the rewards!
2 Neuro-Grips per box
Solid, Anodized Aeronautics-Grade Aluminum
Approx 2lb 11oz.

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