Portzon Python Power Twister

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The Portzon Power Twister is a very simple yet impressively effective tool for training almost every part of your upper body. Through different levels of resistance you’ll be able to work on your chest, shoulders, biceps and triceps, and activate every supporting muscle all the way down through your core, in order to achieve maximum muscle burn and growth.

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Portzon Power Twister Review

If you are trying to develop upper body strength, the Portzon Power Twister bar is a relatively affordable and specialized piece of equipment to help you achieve that goal.  It is an excellent tool for increasing strength and developing size in your back, chest, wrists and forearms, biceps, triceps and shoulder muscles. It is particularly beneficial for developing your grip strength which is especially important, as the grip is usually the most important element for managing lifting and carrying loads. Moreover, at low resistance levels, the Portzon Power Twister is also a great tool for speeding up any recovery process connected to the upper body.


The Portzon Powet Twister is a super useful piece of fitness equipment consisting of a bar with handles on both ends and a resistance spring in between. It can be used for upper body workouts including arm, shoulder and chest exercises by exerting force to the handles and bending the bar. Bending can be done in a U or inverted U shape. Depending on whether you are pushing downward or pulling upward, you decide which muscle groups you are utilizing and therefore toning.

Main features

The Portzon Power Twister is a useful toning and strengthening tool for building upper body muscles and strength. The dual spring steel ensures maximum safety when exercising and eliminates the possibility of injury by breaking. The provided wrist straps are an additional safety feature, while the rubber padded handles ensure added security by preventing sliding or slipping injuries. Due to its size and portability, it is a perfect tool for home use and travel.

Use the Portzon Power Twister for:

The Portzon Power Twister can be used for a variety of upper body exercises. You can strengthen your chest, back, shoulders and arms in several very simple movements.

Chest exercises

You can exercise your chest by bending the Portzon Power Twister inwards, while exerting effort throughout the motion. You can achieve a maximum resistance of 132 pounds (60 kilos) which is more than impressive. This amount of resistance is usually achieved by lifting heavy weights or using specialized machines half the size of your room. Considering the angular position of the bar while twisting, and the fact that you’ll be trying to maintain a steady line of motion, you’ll be activating most of you upper body muscles, and not just your chest.

Reject Blaster

Do curls with biceps and forearms. Compared to dumbbells, the Portzon Power Twister ensures full resistance all the way throughout the range of motion and during the entire length of exercise. At no point can your arms rest, unlike with dumbbells.

Back and Shoulder

Hold the Portzon Power Twister overhead and flex your back shoulders by squeezing the device in the direction of your middle back. You’ll be activating more muscle groups than you can imagine.

Weighing only 3.3 pounds, the Portzon Power Twister is an excellent portable piece of equipment for building upper body strength whether you are home, at work or travelling. Needless to say, you’ll be getting a lot of fitness at a quite affordable price, so if you make up your mind, make sure to act fast before they run out of stock.

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