321 STRONG Finger Strengthener Gripper for Guitar

$29.99 (as of December 9, 2018, 1:21 PM) $10.99

Provides perfect amount of tension for strengthening fingers , hands , wrists , and forearms and includes Ebook with TOP TEN finger exercises
Strengthening your grip and fingers is important for musical instruments , workouts at the gym , rock climbing , Fitness , and even typing on a computer
Provides 4 lbs of resistance on each finger

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Provides the perfect amount of tension ( 4 lbs per finger ) for strengthening fingers , hands , wrists , and forearms
Strengthening your grip and fingers is important for so many activities and is easy with our comfortable hand exerciser
One of the best guitar accessories , our finger strength trainer makes great gifts for players of electric , acoustic , and bass guitars alike
Very portable , strengthen and exercise your hands and forearm under your desk at work
The best physical therapy rehabs use this equipment for increased dexterity for occupational therapy , after surgery recovery , carpal tunnel treatment , and as workout grips for arthritis relief

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