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GHS Handmaster Plus Hand Exerciser

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GHS is spearheading the conscious movement towards health and injury prevention for musicians around the world. The GHS Handmaster Plus(tm) stands alone as the leading product for hand muscle strengthening and balancing. The Handmaster Plus hand exerciser provides musicians a complete hand and finger workout that is both convenient and easy to use. Why are musicians especially subject to lower arm pain? 9 muscles close the hand and, equally, 9 muscles open the hand. These muscles attach to and therefore directly influence the balance of the hand, wrist and elbow. Musicians, through repetition, inherently overdevelop the 9 muscles that close the hand, causing hand, wrist and elbow imbalance. Muscle imbalance leads to poor performance, overuse and injury. Muscles, joints and tendons are healthiest when regularly exercised through full, natural ranges of motion, resulting in optimum blood flow . The challenge of maintaining hand, wrist and elbow health is constant to all musicians. This challenge boils downs to ensuring that the 9 muscles that close the hand remain in optimum balance with the 9 muscles that open the hand. When all muscle groups are exercised regularly, maximum balance and blood flow results, allowing the musician to attain their maximum performance and reduce their risk of future injury . The Handmaster plus hand and finger exerciser concentrate on both strengthening the flexor (squeezing) muscles PLUS the extensor (opening) muscles of the hand. This exercise strengthens all nineteen muscles of the hand in one simple, continuous motion. The Handmaster plus exerciser produces a strong balanced hand with the benefit of also being a wrist, forearm and fingers exerciser. Thus, the performance potential and stamina of all types of musicians are increased and future injury potential is decreased.

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